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 Concord Home Haunted by Suisun Indians

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PostSubject: Concord Home Haunted by Suisun Indians   Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:43 pm

Concord Home Haunted by Suisun Indians
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

I live and breathe pararanormal investigations! I am glad I have my strength and health. I am born to be alive! In fact let's kick this story off with Patrick Hernandez - Born to be Alive! Let's hear it here:

Special Guests - HPI Family Members are:
Special Guests - HPI Family Members are:

September 10, 2011, Saturday: This will be a very interesting investigation. The Berkeley Psychic Institute actually investigated this home and it was determined that this home may be built over Indian burial ground. Now HPI is here. HPI Paranormal Investigators present are: Paul Dale Roberts/HPI General Manager; Crystal Scudder/Lead Investigator of CVP (Central Valley Paranormal); Joey Simeao/CVP; Chris Villett/CVP; Becky Smallwood/CVP; Julie Lemos; Mike Cockerham/Soulseekers; Deanna Bailey; Sherry Andersen/CVP; Nikki Warner; Carolann Castro/Psychic/Lead Investigator Soulseekers; Teri Villarreal/Soulseekers; Judy Raderchak/HPI Senior Lead Investigator/Videographer/Technician; Regina Tellez/HPI Senior Lead Investigator; Chantal Apodaca/Psychic/Senior Lead Investigator/Jennifer Newell/Psychic/Senior Lead Investigator. Riding with me to the investigation were: Chantal, Regina & Judy.

More on the Berkeley Psychic Institute:

More on the Suisun Indians:

The short time that we were here, Judy Lemos took a picture out front of the house and captured a lightning bolt/static electricity with a face type of picture. While I was conducting my briefing, something was lifting Chantalís skirt up and down and brushing her hair. Nikki witnessed Chantalís skirt moving up and down.

The home is absolutely gorgeous and huge. There is plenty of room for my multitude of investigators. We will do 3 Ė 45 minute investigative sessions with an evidence briefing after each session. The groups are: Team HPI with Regina Tellez as the lead investigator and she will cover the back yard and front yard. Team Soulseekers with Carolann Castro as the lead investigator and she has the first floor. Team CVP, the lead is Crystal Scudder and they have the 2nd floor.

Anita Hapeís Initial Briefing (In Her Own Words):
I told the group of the history of this area, there was a company owned town of Cowell. It was a cement foundry and the city of Concord back in the 30s. I told them to clean up their pollutants or move, they in turned moved out of state leaving the town empty. It became a haven for artist types over the years. In 1972 it was levied and a house development was built here. I moved in 1974 and started having paranormal experiences at the get go. I was curious as to what was going on and contacted a friend of mine who was a parapsychologist (Nick Nasareno). He came out and did say that there was a presence in the house but he felt it was a good energy. He thought maybe it was an Indian burial ground that the house was built over. He never followed through with his investigation but many things continued to happen over the years.. I love this house and hope to never leave it. It gives me peace of mind and that is hard to find in this day and age. Whatever is here seems to watch over me and protect me. Through one of the experiences I had I called him DAN and the name has stuckÖ..He will always be here for me.

Pictures from the Investigation:

Soulseeker Group captured no EVPs. K2 meter went off a few times. Carolann felt a cold spot and felt a presence enter the room and then leave the room. At times the investigators felt super hot. Nikki saw a shadow entity behind Carolann. Chantal says that the investigators witnessed 2 smells, one was pungent and the other smell, smelled like gardenias. Chantal had 2 visions during the time the smells were resonating through the room. She visualized a skeleton key and the occupant said she felt this key was the key to her fatherís apartment. Carolann felt a heaviness on her chest and had a difficult time breathing. Chantal had a second vision of blankets. The occupant said that her grandmother made blankets and toys.
HPI Group captured no EVPs. Regina saw a spinning shadow. Nikki became a human diving rod and felt some vertigo. Some of the investigators saw a bright light zoom by and then fizzle out. Teresa says that a force kept pushing her down as she was climbing the stairs, she felt a resistance. Chantal says that this home has a multi-dimensional attribute. Her analogy is that itís like an onion and that you can peel off the layers and enter various time periods. Other investigators felt this too.
CVP Group captured no EVPs. Some of their investigators felt like they were being pulled towards the bathroom. They felt an uneasiness in one of the bedrooms. Some of the investigators felt like they were being pulled in certain directions. Spirit box says ĎKennyí. Kenny does not mean anything to the occupants.
Conclusion for the first session: Many investigators are having personal experiences. Good indication that something is here, but itís not solid evidence. We are capturing unique designer orb pictures, but that is not an indication of the paranormal unless you can get validation from the occupant that they recognize a face in the designer orb or if you can show that the designer orb has intelligent movement.

During this full moon investigation, the mouse for my Toshiba laptop has vanished. I am lost without that mouse..ugh! Anyway, the HPI group used a laser grid and saw strange shadow movements. The occupant's daughter got stuck in a strange odd position and Julie Lemos took pictures of the daughter and caught some strange light anomalies around the daughter. The anomalies were later debunked as a double exposure. Chantal felt her hair pulled. EVPs were captured and the investigators were able to hear some of the responses with their own ears. Drum sounds were heard. The EVPs were from a male and the English language was used. The EVPs captured were 'heavy breathing EVP'; 'no, no EVP'; 'yes EVP' and 'be quiet EVP'. Chantal felt there were some women spirits and they refuse to talk. Conclusion: With the EVPs, this is pretty solid evidence that there is a presence in this home. Wow! We found my mouse, it was hiding in another investigator's bag. Perhaps the ghosts of this house are playing games with me. Weird.

EVP of 2 sticks banging together, with 3 taps. An EVP of an odd sound. Odd moving orbs were captured on video. Nikki felt her shirt tugged on. Jennifer Newell picked up on 'secrets'. With the EVPs captured, it is our best solid evidence that this home is haunted with benevolent entities. This is a Casper haunting.



To Julie Hape for providing: coffee, sodas, Cheetos, graham crackers, homemade chocolate chip cookies, Oreo cookies! Thank you to Judy Raderchak for the Rockstar and the 5 Hour Energy Drink to keep me going! After this tiresome night, I put up Chantal and Regina on my couches, both were exhausted. Sunday morning, they were drinking their coffee and telling my roommate psychic artist Katya Belinsky the whole story of what occurred in Concord. What a fantastic night it was!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Cellular Paranormal Hotline Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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Concord Home Haunted by Suisun Indians
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