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 Is It a Coincidence?: Paranormal Timing

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PostSubject: Is It a Coincidence?: Paranormal Timing   Fri Oct 07, 2011 5:30 pm

Is It a Coincidence?: Paranormal Timing
By: Celebrity Psychic Belinda Bentley

Freddie called HPI Paranormal on October 2, 2011. Paul Dale Roberts forwarded that call to me because he thought it would be right up my alley. I listened to the voice mail and I agreed it was something I was familiar with. A few moments later I was on the phone with Freddie.

A nice young man with a thick Georgian accent was on the line telling me about his recent experiences. Lately while Freddie is reading the Bible he feels energy swirling around him. When he is reading and educating himself about the paranormal he feels elevated and alive. What's strange is in the morning he feels drained, tired, exhausted as if he hadn't rested at all. Then add a few nightmares mixed with really good dreams. He specifically said he has been feeling fatigued regularly for about two weeks.

We talked a bit about the possibilities. Something maybe trying to help him get to the truth on his journey, or something is trying to keep him from the truth while he is educating himself or both maybe happening simultaneously. The fight between good and evil. Another idea is he might be taking in so much information that it is draining. Or he is using so much of his own energy that it drains him. Spirits can use your energy to manifest. So it's possible that this too is happening.

At this point I started picking up a few things psychically. It came through as crystal clear feelings as if I were him. I knew what he was going through. First I mentioned he was opening up his psychic abilities and that he was beginning to use a different part of his brain. That seems to be where some of the energy and fatigue was coming from. Then he confessed he sees auras and he feels that I was right on about him opening up his ability and using a different part of his brain. That really resonated with him. It seemed as if some of his confusion and foggy thinking instantly lifted when I said that. I could hear a change in his voice and how he talked.

Then I picked up on the negative aspect of his learning. I told Freddie, I was picking up on a lot of guilt. Guilt over past actions as well as what he is studying. I felt it was a secret and that he would benefit from going to to seek out groups in his area that can help him harness his gifts without guilt and also to be able to find others to talk to so that his feelings aren't bottled up.

He agrees fully and whole-heartily that he is living in guilt over many of his past actions. The guilt surrounding what he is learning is that he gets excited when he learns something new – so excited that he just has to share what he is learning and tells those close to him. He is told that what he is reading is “Bad.” “It's trouble!” and that he doesn't know what he is getting himself into. The people around him want him to stay in the dark and not educate himself, because they are afraid it's the devils work. They don't want him to have anything to do with anything spiritual outside the Bible and religion. This definitely is pulling on his energy for sure. It also confirmed what I told him about seeking out groups that can help him. A support group, a energy healing group, psychic group anything that is supportive of higher spiritual education. The most important part of a group setting is that he can learn from people that know more than him, a mentor of sorts. This is really what I felt he was seeking all along when he put in that call to HPI.

We ended the conversation with him feeling empowered with practical applications to support him on his journey. I also told him to practice psychic protection and he promised to look into that as well.

At some point he did mention that he does a lot of reading and thinking about October 28, 2011 / 2012. My eyebrows narrowed and I thought what is he talking about? When we got off the phone I had a message from a friend talking about October 28, 2011. Coincidence? Hardly. As a psychic you can imagine every time I do a radio show people ask me about 2012. They want to know what I see. “Nothing.” I've seen an increase in natural disaster leading up to it, but nothing for December 21, 2012. I now find my own prediction interesting in light of what I am reading. My guides have always answered the 2012 question like this:“The calendar is off. Our calendar is not the original calendar and so December 21, 2012 is not really Dec 12, 2012. At this point I have a clear indication of what Freddie was referring to and why it was on his mind. When I read the information presented it made perfect since. I will share with you what I found. states this

According to researchers like Ian Xel Lungold and Dr. Carl Johan Callerman, the true Mayan end date is not Dec.21st, 2012, but Oct.28, 2011. That's a difference of 13 months and three weeks earlier than the more modern or commonly accepted date. Why the difference? The researchers claim that he Dreamspell or 13 lunar-month calender upon which Arguelles and others based their calculations does not take into account the quarterly leap day(Feb.29) introduced into the Gregorian calendar by Pope Gregory in 1582, whereas the true Mayan calendar does. This pushes the end date almost 14 months ahead of schedule to Dec.21st, 2012(as calculated from Aug.of 3115 BC).

Two very interesting things are taking place right now. #1. The comet that seems to be creating earthquakes from what researchers are saying and they speculate it's not a comet#2. Solar flares are happening that are threatening to wipe out electricity on a global scale. Canada did lose power years ago because of solar flares. More information sited below.

Power companies prepare for solar flare shut down 8/6/2011
The scholars are split as to the real end of the Mayan calendar.
MorningMayan's website with 2012 videos.

MorningMayan also made a video about October 28, 2011:

Comet Elenin News:

Elenin Not a Comet, But a Planet That's Creating Earthquakes?

How did we get from energy, the supernatural and psychic ability to 2011/2012 and comets? Coincidence? Fate? Does it mean anything at all? Does it matter? I guess it depends on what people do with the information and what actually happens (not in theory), but what really happens on these dates...

This article is distributed by:
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
916 203 7503

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Is It a Coincidence?: Paranormal Timing
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