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 A Stop at the City of Folsom

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PostSubject: A Stop at the City of Folsom   Sat Nov 05, 2011 5:03 am

A Stop at the City of Folsom
By Paul Dale Roberts/Judy Raderchak

November 4, 2011: On this Friday night, we were seeking adventure. What better place for adventure than the town of Folsom. A town filled with hauntings. On the way to Folsom, Judy and I picked up two more of our paranormal investigators, they are: Regina Tellez and Lisa Steele. While walking the streets of Folsom we came upon Scott Thompson, Head of Security/Maintenance. He works at the Folsom Hotel. The Folsom Hotel has a reputation of being haunted. Let’s hear Scott’s story. Scott tells Judy and I, that he has felt many cold spots in the middle of the basement when there is no one there. He tells us that they have a photo in which an apparition made its appearance amongst the patrons. They have an old mirror from 1885 that was shipped around the Cape of Good Hope in Africa. Through psychometrics, they feel there is an attachment to this mirror. So, what I am saying is that the mirror is haunted.

As we continued our journey in the Old Town of Folsom, we came upon Billy Kyle. Billy is from Portland, Oregon and he is here for political reasons. He is working on ballot initiatives, such as ‘Stop the Death Penalty’. Being a pro-active member of this initiative, he has faced resistance. Some of that resistance are old ladies. Those old ladies believe in ‘stringing them up’ or ‘we should get some rope and hang them in public!’ When I questioned him on what we should do with serial killers, I received some hesitation from him. He wasn’t sure what kind of punishment serial killers should receive. He mentioned rehabilitation, but was somewhat unsure with his statement. Then we worked in the paranormal and Billy had a paranormal experience in Folsom. That experience was witnessing a UFO in Folsom. While at the Folsom Lodge, he had a room on the top floor and he spotted a UFO over the treetops. He describes the UFO as being a bright emerald green, then changing to a bright sapphire blue. Finally it changed to a luminescent white. The UFO flew in S patterns, C patterns and finally blinked out.

The next person we came across is Jenny Arnold-Steiner. Jenny knew who I was, because she once called me, wanting an investigation at her home. She never experienced anything in Folsom, but experienced the paranormal in her Orangevale home. She tells me that an entity followed her from her mother’s home to her home. She saw a silhouette apparition in her home, she became very afraid. The entity actually did a dance for her. After the dance the entity grabbed her ankle and tried to pull her underneath the bed. Another time the black silhouette entity attacked her in her bed and placed a black fuzzy creature on her chest. The creature was irritating her and she became alarmed and wanted it off her chest, the creature finally scurried away. She saw the entity one more time, standing next to her husband. Finally the entity left her home, left her life for good and an investigation was no longer needed.

The last person I interviewed was Anthony DeRose. Anthony works at the Balcony Bistro and said he has witnessed salt shakers moving on the table and falling off the tables. He has also witnessed shadow figures at this establishment.

From the little information I gathered this night, I realize that an investigation of the Old Town of Folsom is warranted. More to come!

Christina Webber

Orangevale Flashlight Communication Video:

2011 Ghost Tour of Sacramento by Judy Raderchak

Orangevale Investigation by Judy Rad

Reveal of the Orangevale Investigation:

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A Stop at the City of Folsom
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