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 Real Nightmares by Brad Steiger

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PostSubject: Real Nightmares by Brad Steiger   Sat Nov 05, 2011 6:47 am

Real Nightmares by Brad Steiger
Review by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
with Judy Raderchak - Senior Lead Investigator
HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)

Brad Steiger gained a large following. A following of devoted fans. One of the reasons why he has those fans is because he can explain the unexplained. Not too many people can do that. Brad Steiger has been investigating the unknown all his life. His findings are documented and revealed to the public. His fans are curious and he satisfies their curiosity with his life long research. In this incredible publication called Real Nightmares you find out you are not alone. Those chilly encounters that you call nightmares may be real. Perhaps you stepped into a realm of the unthinkable. What you thought was a dream was a reality on another plane of existence. In this publication you will learn more about HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research) program. What are the conspiracy theorists saying? What is this talk about Ionospheric heating? Can HAARP rip the ionosphere? Can it wipe out communications? Are we truly in danger? Find out more in this publication! Letís shift to Kate Batts Ė the infamous Bell Witch! Find out how the family suffered with sore scalps, by having their hair tugged and yanked by the entity! One of the most aggressive ghosts in recorded paranormal history. You would think I was talking about Hulk Hogan, if I mentioned that the Bell Witch was known for throwing facial blows, punches in the stomach. But, no, I am not talking about a WWE wrestler, I am talking about one of the most dangerous entities ever recorded. I am talking about the Bell Witch! Brad gets into details that will literally blow your mind! Then step into the world of the Mysterious Lady in Black. Did she really live in Cairo, did she join a cult of vampires, was she sacrificed? Did she live on by entering other peoplesí bodies? Did she continue her life as a seductress and vampire, restoring her youth and beauty by taking the blood from her willing lovers? Yes, learn more my curious friends! Then there is more, from Hitlerís Plan to Turn all Europeans into Zombies to The Giant Sacred Rattlesnake of Montezuma to Her Handsome Lover Turned Out to be a Reptilian Alien to She Fell Two Miles and Walked 10 Days Through the Rainforest to Survive! This publication is a multipartite of variant themes to the the mysterious, the paranormal, the unknown and a staggering level of conspiracy thrills! I have always considered Brad Steiger to be an Fortean Investigator, he investigates ALL things paranormal. Where there is darkness, Brad brings knowledgeable enlightment and sheds the needed light to make sense of what we fear as the unknown. Ancient secrets and knowledge was lost to us at the Library of Alexandria, but Brad Steiger has the key to this library. By reading this publication and the many publications of Brad Steiger, you will have the universe reveal some of its most forbidding secrets! A definite must read!
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Real Nightmares by Brad Steiger
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