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 The Story of Suzi Q

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PostSubject: The Story of Suzi Q   Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:39 pm

The Story of Suzi Q
By Apaullo Adalere Robertson

This is a story of a jealous wife. I will call her Suzi Q. This story was related to me by a close friend and I thought I would share this story, because its a bit scary. Something out of the movie 'Fatal Attraction' with Michael Douglas or the movie 'Play Misty for Me' with Clint Eastwood. My friend was married for 10 years to Suzi Q. Suzi Q before the marriage was very angelic and my friend 'Bob" as I will call him, thought that Suzi Q would be the perfect wife. After they were married, he noticed sudden outbursts of yelling. Suzi Q would yell at her 3 year old son Timmy and yell at her new husband Bob, over nothingness.

Bob then noticed that Suzi Q was a very jealous, overbearing woman. During their honeymoon in Hawaii, they went to a Hawaiian banquet and they announced they were having a kissing line. This is where men line up on one side and women line up on another side, a Hawaiian tradition. The women then kiss each man on their cheek, as the women line passes through the men line. Suzi Q got extremely jealous during this traditional kissing line and made a huge scene in front of the crowd, embarrassing Bob.

The next thing Bob noticed during their first year into their marriage was when they had a family BBQ in William Land Park. Their son Timmy was slightly bumped by a car on the road as Timmy was trying to retrieve a ball. Suzi Q made a mad dash to the car, opened up the car door and dragged the woman driver out of her seat by her hair and started wailing on her. Bob had to physically restrain Suzi Q, otherwise Suzi Q would have killed this woman driver.

Another time, Bob and Suzi Q were at Blockbuster Video. A woman co-worker of Bob, told Bob that he had nice legs. Suzi Q asked Bob what the woman said. Suzi Q accused Bob of having an affair with his co-worker and was trying to go back into the store, so she can beat the woman senseless. Bob again had to restrain Suzi Q.

One day, Suzi Q got into an argument with a co-worker. Suzi Q went to her bedroom and started drinking. When Bob came home, he asked his son Timmy what was wrong with Suzi Q. Timmy didn't know, all he knew was that his mom was locked up in the bedroom. When Bob knocked on the door to see what was wrong with Suzi Q, she would not answer the door. Bob knocked and knocked and knocked, concerned with Suzi Q. Suzi Q finally opened the door and in her hand was a meat cleaver, she came out swinging. Bob was saved by Timmy. Timmy placed a wooden chair between his mother and step-father, saving Bob's life. Bob got on the phone and called 911 and Suzi Q with Timmy in tow, ran to her car and sped off into the night.

When Bob would take his 2 dogs for a walk, he would sometimes take off his t-shirt and walk around shirtless. Bob worked out hard and had a great physique. His wife Suzi Q would yell from her front door and tell Bob to put his shirt back on, because she did not want other women to look at him. Bob would again be embarrassed in front of his neighbors as his wife was yelling for him to put his shirt back on. As Bob walked away from the house with his dogs, he would take off his t-shirt in a defiant manner and keep it off. Well...until he returned back to the house, then he threw his t-shirt back on.

Suzi Q would bring home a lot of fast food for Bob to eat and when Bob started gaining a bit of a stomach, his wife laughed, she then said: "No woman will look at you now, you have gained a stomach! I fed you those McDonald burgers for just that reason!"

Finally the last 4 years of their marriage, there was less and less intimacy. Bob slept on the couch and Suzi Q slept in the bedroom. Bob could no longer be with a woman that would yell at him or call him every name in the book...except a child of God. Since there was no intimacy, Suzi Q went on the computer and started texting a man called the Texas Loverboy. Their son Timmy told Bob that mom was chatting with another man and showed Bob the history files of the chat. Bob told Timmy..that he would take care of it. Bob never told Suzi Q about the history files of her chat with the Texas Loverboy. Bob thought this would be a great time to get out of their nightmarish relationship and allow the online relationship to continue. Bob did not want to cheat on his wife first, because she was always threatening to snip off his certain personal part, while he slept, if she ever caught him cheating.

One day Suzi Q told Bob that she was going to visit her relatives in Texas. Bob allowed her to go. When she returned, some days later, he found Suzi Q crying on the couch. Bob asked Suzi Q what was wrong. Suzi Q states that she is pregnant. Bob could have gone OJ Simpson or Scott Peterson on her ----, but decided to maintain self control. Bob merely tells her: "Suzi Q, at this point of time we are officially separated, I will continue to sleep on the couch and you will continue to sleep in the bedroom. No longer can you tell me when to come and go, we are now merely roommates living under the same roof. When you are ready to move out, then move out.

During Suzi Q and Bob's roommate stage, they actually got along. Suzi Q no longer yelled at Bob. When Suzi Q moved to Texas, Bob and Suzi Q hugged and both of them cried. It was a sad moment in their lives.

Suzi Q now yells and screams at her new husband, the Texas Loverboy. Bob when visiting his son Timmy in Texas, will occasionally have a beer with the Texas Loverboy and the Texas Loverboy will complain at the ornery(ness) of his new wife Suzi Q. Bob will look at the Texas Loverboy and say: "It's all yours now!"

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The Story of Suzi Q
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