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 The Cat-Like Rakshasas of Dhubri, India

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PostSubject: The Cat-Like Rakshasas of Dhubri, India   Fri Nov 25, 2011 1:52 am

The Cat-Like Rakshasas of Dhubri, India
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Demonologist

Paranormal Cellular Hotline rings. Ringtone: Somebodyís Watching Me by Rockwell.

November 21, 2011
Time: 0100 Hours

Paul: Hello?
Ankal: Hello, is this the paranormal hotline?
Paul: Yes, how can I help you?
Ankal: (Strong accent). I am Ankal, you must help me, I have a demon on me.
Paul: Have you seen this demon?
Ankal: Yes, demon have animal face, like a cat.
Paul: Are you talking about a Rakshasas? Usually they have animal features. One of the Rakshasas, Indian people have seen was the Elephant Faced Demon that inhabited the forest of Lanka, it had a pot belly, elephant head, protruding teeth, horns, long tongue, red eyes and red hair. This creature was able to shapeshift into a bird and fly away, when strangers came to close. Are you talking about this creature?
Ankal: No. I know Rakshasas, this one different, cat face, maybe black panther face, scary cat face.
Paul: You are breaking up, where are you calling from, I noticed your number sequence is long, are you calling me from overseas?
Ankal: Yes, I am calling you from Dhubri, India.
Paul: The only time I talk to people in India, is when my computer needs to be fixed (laughing).
Ankal: (Laughing), my brother used to do that, good on computers.
Paul: Then I may have talked to him. Okay, what is your problem?
Ankal: I see this demon, my wife have miscarriage.
Paul: Well, according to Rakshasas lore, the Rakshasas aka the Night Wanderers are dangerous around pregnant women and can cause a miscarriage. I am sorry to hear this. The Rakshasas are a species of Asuras of the Hindu demon category. They can enter into a personís mouth and cause a lot of harm.
Ankal: My friend tell me, that they can be invisible and the one that I saw in a tree vanished in front of my eyes. I have friend, that died, he was haunted by Rakshasas and I think his Rakshasas attached to me and now I am tormented.
Paul: Rakshasas are very dangerous and they are associated with the King of Rakshasas, the Ravana, that has 10 heads, twenty arms with burning red eyes. Can you give me about an hour and I will go over my demonology notes and give you an answer on how to ward off this evil spirit.
Ankal: Yes, I will call you in one hour.
Telephone rings. 1 hour passes.
Ankal: This is Ankal, you find help for me?
Paul: Do you have a Swami that you can consult, that can pray with you?
Ankal: Yes, my wifeís sister has Swami I can talk to.
Paul: Can you do that Ankal, your case is quite different from my other demonic type of cases. Are you Hindu?
Ankal: Yes, Hindu. I know you should pray to the Maha Deva to ward off any Rakshasas, he is your protector against these entities. Can you do this Ankal and let me know what the Swami tells you?
Ankal: Yes, I will do this, I will see Swami soon.
Paul: Thank you Ankal, letís keep in touch, may Maha Deva watch over you.

Scared Stiff in Roseville - The Video by Judy Raderchak
Seance in Roseville - SHOCKING VIDEO! By John Shue
Scared Stiff in Roseville - The Video by John Shue
Seance in Roseville - SHOCKING VIDEO! By Judy Raderchak

Enter the world of real ghostbusters. Paul Dale Roberts has compiled true adventures that delve into the exciting realm of haunted houses and his experiences as a professional paranormal investigator. HPI Chronicles is not to be missed by those who love unexplained paranormal mysteries!
Jeani Rector, Editor
The Horror Zine

Hello, Paul--
Here is Chuck's video of the talk given by him and Gerald Anderson at the Gallup UFO Film Festival a month ago:
Please note Chuck's correct e-mail address: He will be happy to answer your questions, but it may take a few days. He will also be happy to send samples of the metal artifacts from the crash site on the Plains of San Agustin, New Mexico, to any lab that will analyze them--as long as he can have a copy of the results to post on his website. He's especially interested in having isotopic ratio analysis done.
For clarification--the Plains of San Agustin is about 200 miles west of the Corona crash site.
Nancy Wade

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Paradoxical Sleuth
aka The Demon Warrior
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The Cat-Like Rakshasas of Dhubri, India
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