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 American Horror Story: Sutter

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PostSubject: American Horror Story: Sutter   Sun Dec 04, 2011 9:53 pm

American Horror Story: Sutter
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Pictures from the Investigation:

American Horror Story Theme Song by Cesar Davila Irizarry & Charlie Clouser can be heard here:

Sometimes things are meant to be scary. Our next case in Sutter is a scary case. I am writing this on Tuesday and the upcoming investigation is on Saturday.

Here is the Initial Report:
Date to be there: Dec 3, 2011 Saturday Time to be there: 8pm: Occupant: Norman Location to be at: Sutter, CA 95982. Activity: The home is filled with entities. The occupant's daughter died 7 years ago, poisoned by codeine. There is an entity that talks with their grand-daughter. Their stepson and daughter-in-law were murdered. They feel there is a portal and are being harassed by these entities. They want a cleansing. The case was given to us by Kareen Peevyhouse and Medium Sharon Pugh. Sharon will be working on the case with us. Conference Call with Sharon at: 770 667-2136 or 404 437-5336

Hi Kareen, Yes, I know the family personally. The clients are grandparents...their grand-daughter Desi has lived with them since she was almost 2 years old. Some of the activity is very negative and some is harmless. All three have seen shadow figures and all three have been touched. The grandmother and Desi hear voices and smells. Desi was told to carve the word (die) into her arm. There is no history of mental issues with any of the family members. Desi has ADD but that's it. She has been able to see and talk to spirits for a very long time. I pick up a negative spirit named John... he's an American Mexican and said he died of the fever. There's an energy pretending to be a little girl but don't trust her. Every time I talk to the family, I get attacked and the phone will make a high pitch sound. Physicians saw the cuts and carvings in the arm of Desi and now CPS have gotten involved. Some of the reasons why there is high activity is because: 1. Desi is psychic 2. Grandmother is ill 3. They lost a son and daughter-in-law to a violent murder about two years ago and also lost their daughter to a sudden death about a year ago. Let me know if you have any further questions... good luck on the investigation and I am eager to hear and see what you guy's catch.

From what you just read, doesn't this sound like the classic Amityville Horror story? Or an American Horror Story? If you agree, then perhaps you should stop by here before digesting the rest of this article:

Special Note: Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe is providing Twilight: Breaking Dawn swag for the investigators. Various posters of the movie. Picked up the swag from Shannon on 12/2/2011.

HPI Paranormal Investigators/HPI Team Bring It! Ghost Patrol Roll Call: Paul Dale Roberts/HPI General Manager; Chantal Apodoca - Psychic - Senior Lead Investigator; Judy Raderchak - Technician - Videographer - Senior Lead Investigator - Automatic Writer; John Shue - Videographer; Nichole Mewszel; Deanna Bailey; Jesse Peevyhouse/Technician; Kareen Peevyhouse/Senior Lead Investigator; Jon Koyasako/Security; John Shue/Videographer; Regina Tellez/Senior Lead Investigator/Technician; Karen Stanley; Richard Mewszel.

Special Note: Riding with me to this investigation are Judy Raderchak, Regina Tellez. This night, psychic Chantal Apodaca/Senior Lead Investigator was ready to join us, but fell ill. She is now recovering on my home’s living room couch with my two dogs Hi-Pee and Pika. She will be virtually with us via text messages.

During our initial briefing, we had Medium Sharon Pugh from Atlanta, Georgia on the line. She is very involved in this case and has been involved with this case right from the beginning. Sharon notified Kareen Peevyhouse about this case and Kareen passed the case over to HPI.

The team is broken up into two groups. Regina is leading Team Sutter. Her team mates are: Nicole, Deanna, Jesse. Judy is leading Team Frankenstein and her team mates are Kareen, Jon, Karen and Richard. John Shue is a floater. Regina will investigate the first floor first. Judy has the 2nd floor. Sharon Pugh sees a Hispanic man that peers through the patio window. This Hispanic man does not seem to have good intentions. She also sees a child entity that is very deceiving. Sharon feels we will be drawn to a cabinet, she does not know why we will be drawn to the cabinet, but she feels it will be significant in some way. She feels we will also experience tapping sounds on glass. Jesse’s K2 meter has been going off as soon as he walked into the house.

Sharon Pugh and I feel that the entities are really drawn to Desi Smith (occupant) the young lady that lives in this house. I feel Desi realizes that she is unique, but she does not know exactly how unique she is. As her life continues, her psychic abilities will increase. She will feel as either her abilities are a curse, or they are a gift. Desi is a lighthouse and her beacon of light attracts the entities, they feel they can communicate a message to her.

Team Frankenstein captured some orb pictures. Some of the investigators have heard tapping on glass (like Medium Sharon Pugh had mentioned). Judy says that an odor of a musky man was smelled and there were only women investigators in the bedroom. Team Sutter heard light tap sounds. When Regina was trying to capture an EVP, she felt the recorder was being smothered, not allowing the recorder to capture any voices. John Shue felt drawn, or pulled towards a closet. Many K2 hits in the living room and it may be that there is a lot of wiring in the walls. A blood curdling scream was heard outside, it was a woman screaming for no apparent reason. Desi said that she did not feel anything in the bedroom and when she says something like this, it is important to move out of the bedroom and go to other locations, where Desi may feel that the entities are at. Then it is important that the investigators attempt to get EVPs or capture anomalies in their photographs where Desi says there is activity. No EVPs captured. The only anomalies captured in the photographs are orbs. Orbs are not an indication of paranormal activity, unless we can determine intelligent movement. Special Note: This home in Sutter was built in 1984. The occupants say that most of the activity occurs at 10pm.

Team Sutter: Possible EVP – tapping sound by fan. Flashlight communication that was not consistent. Another EVP of a loud tap. Jesse sees an orb with his own eyes, an orb that flashes by his face. Deanna feels a cold breeze zip by her. John felt a different breeze. Possible EVP of a muffled sound.

Team Frankenstein: Orbs captured on video. Worm shaped orb (called: Worm Orb) caught on video. Nothing seen on night vision goggles. Richard felt an evil presence or something that was watching the investigators from the window. Judy says she was punched in the arm. Judy sees a white mist. Kareen and John felt nauseated at the same time. Jon was pushed out of his chair and other investigators witness Jon coming out of the chair. A whisper was heard that says ‘go’. A digital recorder was stationary, but yet it sounds like it was being moved, no one moved the recorder. Richard is seen with an orb over his head. Richard is looking up, because he feels something touching his head, a picture is taken and an orb is seen on top of his head. Jennifer Newell/Psychic and Senior Lead Investigator text messages me and tells me that this home is connected to an urn. The occupants confirm that an urn was kept here. The urn contained the ashes of their deceased daughter. Kareen felt someone tapped her. Norman (occupant) says he gets tapped all the time. Kareen says that she saw shadows on top of Richard’s head and that is when the photo of the orb on Richard’s head was taken. Regina, Kareen & John feel confusing energy.

Special Note: Want to thank the occupants for the coffee and various flavored almonds.

Team Sutter: EVP of a chain sound. Team Frankenstein: No EVPs. There may be a male Mexican farm worker on this property, because Desi Smith has seen a heavy set Mexican man that was faded in the home. I said ‘habla Espanol?’ and retrieved an EVP that possibly says ‘corone’. Footsteps are heard on the 2nd floor.

I conducted a Catholic Blessing of the house with Kareen Peevyhouse (Catholic cleanser-in-training), with occupant Desi Smith. During the blessing the garage door was vibrating 3 times. Only one time we opened the door, which could have made the garage door vibrate. The other two times it vibrated, we have no explanation for.

With the possible EVPs, this home is possibly haunted. I would have to say it’s still inconclusive, because I don’t have definite proof that the EVPs are authentic, until they can be analyzed further. Further investigation is warranted. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLD ON!! THIS WAS MY FIRST REVEAL AND THEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! THE BLESSING ITSELF MUST HAVE BEEN A PROVOKING MOMENT FOR THE ENTITIES!

Okay, here is the scoop! Throughout the whole night, I am feeling disappointed. We finally did all 3 investigations and sure there were some orb shots, there were a lot of personal experiences. Big deal, this is not an indication of the ‘paranormal’. Then at the end of the night, when I am about to prepare for my Catholic blessing, I get a Class A EVP, in which the male entity calls me Corone in Spanish. Medium Sharon Pugh predicted that there would be a Mexican man and a little girl in this home. Psychic Jennifer Newell text messages me and tells me that she predicts 3 Class A EVPs and that I will be very successful tonight. I did not think we were going to find a Mexican man entity, nor a little girl entity. I did not think we would get 3 Class A EVPs either. Then during the blessing, I walked around with Kareen Peevyhouse (Catholic Blesser-in-training) and Desi Smith (occupant) and the other investigators outside were hearing doors slamming, they were seeing the garage door shaking during the blessing. When I was doing the blessing, it was quiet, no doors slamming and there was no reason for the garage door to shake 3 times, maybe once when I threw holy water in the garage, but not 3 times. During the blessing, Jesse gets the 2nd Class A EVP of a man saying: "I caaaaaaaaan't!" Then another investigator, I believe it was Judy that got a girl saying 'get him too!' Sharon predicted a male Hispanic entity and a little girl entity. We have evidence of both. Jennifer predicts 3 Class A EVPs, she is correct! After the blessing, Desi says that the house felt clean and relaxed. Sidenote: Judy says that she was provoking the entities and kept telling the entities that the Demon Warrior (me) was preparing to do a blessing and that they will be heading for the light!


If you are an amateur ghost hunter and want to visit a very haunted Inn, I suggest that you visit the Mine House Inn in Amador City. For more information, stop by here:

See picture: Alien Appearance in Galt. Senior Lead Investigator Chantal Apodaca tells me that she brought back some rocks from Area 51 and strange things happened at her house. TV either turns on or shuts off. Electrical charges were felt in the room, when Chantal felt the electrical charges, she obtained this picture. She sees an alien in the picture. Do you?

Gina Claytor, Sunny Richards Langley!

When I first moved to the southern Oregon coast back in July, I saw a headless dog walking near our park. It was about the size of a greyhound; black but no head. If anyone has seen the robot "bigdog" made by Boston Dynamics -you get the picture - 4 legs and a body - that's it. This was in the late afternoon on a clear day just before dusk.

I was not the only one to see it. A neighbor and her 12 year old granddaughter also saw the same headless dog- each on different occasions- near their camper.

Then on Now 29th,I was in a department store and as I was looking at some Xmas lights, I noticed what I thought was a lady walking her dog down one of the isles. I went over to the isle to see the lady but no dog. This was midday in a brightly lit store.

I have only done cursory research on the net and have come upon old (1600s) English folklore of a Yeth (or Yell) dog: a headless dog that is supposed to be the spirit of an unbaptized child.
Has anyone else run into this beast? Comments?
Mike Hughes

Pedro Apparition Photo Debunked by Gina Vega:

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
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American Horror Story: Sutter
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