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 Chuck Wade, Caretaker of UFO Debris

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PostSubject: Chuck Wade, Caretaker of UFO Debris   Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:53 pm

Interview with Chuck Wade, Caretaker of UFO Debris from San Augustin Crash Site
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Question: Chuck tell us a few things about yourself, how did you get interested in UFOs? Where were you born and raised? Why did the Roswell crash impact your life so much?

Answer: My name is Chuck Wade. I was born 23 October 1939 in Corona, New Mexico. My parents were Jesse and Ollie D Wade. My involvement with UFO's started in 1947 when Mac Brazel, the foreman of the Foster Ranch about 30 miles southeast of Corona, discovered a large amount of debris on the ranch. Mac came into Corona and tried to get my father to go out to the ranch and attempt to discover what had happened to cause all that debris. Dad did not go with Mac, though I have heard my dad say he wished that he had gone with Mac.

Question: You were once a courier for Lt. Colonel Philip Corso, do you believe everything in his book: The Day After Roswell?
Can you tell me how you became a courier for Corso? What kind of man was Corso? Do you think he is credible?

Answer: I was a courier for Col. Corso. This is how that came about: I read Col. Philip Corso's book, The Day After Roswell, before I went to Roswell for the "Roswell" 50th anniversary in July 1997. I thought the Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, needed a copy of this important book. I purchased a copy of The Day After Roswell at the UFO Museum Gift Shop. It did not take long to find Col. Corso. The Colonel and I hit it off, for I am a retired Naval Officer (30 years of service) and I asked him to autograph the book for Governor Johnson.

After signing the book for the Governor, Col. Corso asked me if I would deliver a package of information to Governor Johnson for him. Col. Corso sent me a package and I delivered the package to the Governor of New Mexico.

I do not believe everything in The Day After Roswell. The book was ghost written by Bill Birnes, and he did not confirm all his facts before publishing the book.

Col. Corso passed away July 16, 1998.

Question: Is your website located at What will we find at your website?

Answer: I invite you to visit my website,, where I have posted the following:

A comprehensive analysis of six pieces of "foil" that we retrieved from the 1947 UFO crash site on the Plains of San Augustin (New Mexico). The Plains are located a couple hundred miles west of Roswell. The Plains of San Augustin is nowhere near the Corona Crash Site.

Links to other websites that support my research.

Question: You say you have several pieces of UFO debris from the San Augustin crash site, obtained near the plains of St. Augustine. Can you describe some of this debris?

Answer: Some of the characteristics of the foils that we retrieved from the UFO crash site on the Plains of San Augustin in New Mexico are:

Several of the pieces are of different thicknesses, from less than 20 microns to over 60 microns.

The chemical make-up of the foils are VERY COMPLEX.
Three elements in the foils have isotopic ratios that are far from terrestrial.

Question: You do not have an metal with hieroglyphics on it, nor do you have an flimsy metal that you can ball up and it turns back to it's original shape. Why do you think you have authentic UFO debris?

Answer: We do not have any samples with hieroglyphics, or any memory metal. See my answers to the other questions for reasons why I think (and KNOW) the artifacts that I have are authentic UFO debris.

Question: You went to the San Augustin crash site on 3 different occasions. I believe you told me in 2004, you went with Art Campbell and 4 Navajo workers. Then you went back in 2005 and June of 2011. Can you explain who Art Campbell is and how you became acquainted with Art? What did you find in 2004, 2005 and 2011?
I have been to the UFO crash site on the Plains of San Augustin on three occasions. The first trip in 2004 was with Art Campbell and four Navajo workers. We retrieved six pieces of foil that have been analyzed.

In 2005 Art Campbell and I, with two others, found several small pieces of foil.

In 2011 Gerald Anderson, my wife and I, with a few other people, were on the crash site for two days. {Frank Kimbler was with us the morning of the first day.} We have sent several samples to the lab for analysis.

Art Campbell re-found this crash site several years ago. We met after Art's presentation at the 2004 Aztec UFO Symposium in Aztec, NM.

Question: Who analyzed the UFO debris? What do you mean that the debris has 50 elements that are extremely complex? Please elaborate.

Answer: A comprehensive scientific report has been prepared by Steve Colbern, Materials Scientist, dated 14 October 2010. This report is posted on my website,

Question: You found a piece of debris that is an inch and half with holes in it. Why is this metal so significant?

Answer: We retrieved a "chunk" of metal that is about the size of my hand, and is 1 1/2 inches thick. This chunk has many six-sided tubes that are about 1/16" in diameter. The artifact was SHINY when it came out of the ground. This "CHUNK" is very important but I do not know for what purpose!

Question: It's time to disclose the truth, if the debris that you have is truly authentic, would you be willing to give this information to media sources and have the metal analyzed by various laboratories - provided by the media?

Answer: Yes, these artifacts that I have are AUTHENTIC! I have NO DOUBT about this statement!!

I would be happy and grateful to have this information distributed far and wide. I will send you four samples of foils shortly. I would be glad to furnish samples to OTHERS that will assure me they will have the samples correctly analyzed (preferably down to the isotopic ratio and not just a surface analysis) and will allow me to post the analysis on my web site.

Question: Thank you for this incredible interview. Do you wish to relate any more information about the San Augustin crash site and your part in the retrieval of UFO debris?

Answer: Since 2004 my wife Nancy and I have held the Annual Gallup, New Mexico UFO Film Festival. We typically show three films and have a speaker.

In 2009 Gerald Anderson was the speaker.
In 2010 Art Campbell was the speaker.
In 2011 Gerald Anderson and I were the speakers. You can view this presentation at

My website has information about my UFO research. Some of my interviews can be found through my website, or by Googling Chuck Wade. Jerry Pippin has a page on his website that directs people to my research as well.

Art Campbell's website is His first two books about the crash site are out of print but the CD is still for sale on the website. A revised crashbook is in the works.

Chuck Wade

American Horror Story: Sutter Part 2 - Judy Raderchak
American Horror Story: Sutter Part 1 - Judy Raderchak
Maidu Park by Judy Raderchak
A Haunting in Roseville by Oscar Benjamin
Sutter EVP Video by Judy Raderchak
A Haunting in Sutter by John Shue

Special Note: HPI Videographer John Shue has named his vehicle a 2008 Ford Fusion the Silver Orb.

Teri Holland-Hill

Matthew Modine Film - Sacramento Screening
Information provided by Renee Martin, see link:

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
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My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
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Chuck Wade, Caretaker of UFO Debris
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