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 Pedro Apparition Photo Debunked

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PostSubject: Pedro Apparition Photo Debunked   Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:56 pm

Pedro Apparition Photo Debunked
By Gina Vega, HPI Photo Analyst
Reviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

You can see the actual photo at here:

Hey Paul,
Back from my vacation and now have time to debunk Pedro. I emailed the Kim a few questions but she never replied. Nevertheless, after looking at all the pictures that Deanne and Karen sent I was able to do a quick process of elimination on Pedro. It was very apparent when I first glanced at it but I wanted to be sure.

First of all, I checked on the camera and came up with a Kodak Slice 502. This may be a newer camera model because my database did not identify it accurately. I think it is about 14 mega pixel and have asked for verification on this with no luck. Going forward the camera model is a point and click camera; these type of compact cameras are notorious for having the flash to close to the lens. The flash being close to the lens allow the camera to focus on everything in very close such as dust particles.
The “Dead” giveaway about this photo was seeing an orb above the television showing part of the image in the television. Not only was it showing this image, it is displaying it the opposite of the television image like a projection. So what we learn from this is the cameras lens is projecting the image onto the door showing Pedro. Notice that Pedro’s mustache is the same as the black area in the image of the woman on the television. If the light in the room was completely dark except for a spotlight on the door you would see the image of the woman more clearly. His dark glasses are a result of light on the door knobs bouncing in about a 70 degree angle onto the door caused by retroflection. Last of all, in observance of the position and height of Pedro on the door shows if he were a motorcycle dude he is a bit short standing as tall as a child.
Wrap up: Check your camera to make sure the flash is not to close to the lens. A Camera lens can act as a mirror bouncing light, electromagnetic waves in many angles. Last, always compare the images with real life people and objects.
Gina Vega

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Pedro Apparition Photo Debunked
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