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 Astral Projecting from Prison to See His Son

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PostSubject: Astral Projecting from Prison to See His Son   Sun Jan 08, 2012 10:09 pm

Astral Projecting from Prison to See His Son
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

January 7, 2012, Saturday: When I was a kid, I used to listen to Edwin Starr - 25 Miles. You can hear that song here:

Edwin is singing about a girl that he loves so much, that he is willing to walk 25 miles for her. With this song he is showing endurance, stamina, strength, courage and determination. These are the ingredients I use for paranormal investigating. I will never stop and I will never give up as I seek the answers that have mystified me all of my life. Edwin Starr didn't know it, but he inspired me to never give up. Yep, I have 25 miles to go now...

Now let's take our journey into the investigation tonight.

Investigation set for: Jan 7, 2012 Saturday. Time for Investigation: 2000 Hours. Location to be at: XXXX Meadowview Road, Apt 614, Sacramento CA. Contact: Felicia Leyba 916 XXX XXXX Activity: Husband is incarcerated and he has been astral projecting to see his son. During the astral projection, he has unwittingly opened doors in which other entities have entered. This investigation will require a Catholic blessing. Thank you Gina de la Rosa, HPI Case Manager for getting this investigation for us!

I know, this sounds like real Twilight Zone stuff. Then this paragraph fits perfectly for this article.....

You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind, a journey into the wondrous land whose boundaries are that of the imagination. That's the sign post up ahead, you're next stop...the Twilight Zone.

To see pictures of this investigation and Regina's 30th Birthday Party, stop by here:

HPI Paranormal Investigators Roll Call: Jon Koyasako – Security; Nikki Warner – Senior Lead Investigator/Psychic; Deanna Bailey; Regina Tellez – Technician / Senior Lead Investigator; Jennifer Newell – Senior Lead Investigator/Psychic; Renee Martine – Senior Lead Investigator/Psychic; Judy Raderchak – Senior Lead Investigator/Videographer/Technician; Tammy Straling; Karen Stanley; Pamela Fox; Jeri Smith – Professional Photographer; Paul Dale Roberts – HPI General Manager.

As a child my oldest son started telling my family and I, about his friend Papo. In the beginning we thought it was an imaginary friend. He would tell us how they would play together and he even tried to show me one day. My son kept insisting that I see his friend Papo, even though I told him there was no one there. Papo was friendly in the beginning and then one day Papo was now “the monster/the man” He became scared of him. He wouldn’t want to go anywhere by himself. Now he and his brother won’t go anywhere in the house by themselves because they are too scared. My oldest has nightmares/dreams about 3 days out of the week. About 95% of them are about him and his father. Usually his father is saving him from the “monsters.”

The leads tonight are: Nikki Warner, Jennifer Newell and Renee Martine. Nikki’s team is called Team Spirit Hos. Her team mates are: Regina and Tammy. Jennifer’s team is Deanna and Pamela. Jennifer’s team is called: Team Who Let the Girls Out. Renee’s team is Jon, Jeri and Karen. Renee’s team is called Team DOZ. Note: Renee Martine’s employer is Dr. Oz.

We have 3 areas to cover. We have the back bedroom, left bedroom and the living room.

The 3 psychics did individual walk through and all 3 psychics picked up the fact that the hallway was Ground Zero, with the most activity. The occupant told me before the psychics had their individual walk through that the most activity was in the hallway. The psychics picked up the following: hearing chattering from the bathroom area; picking up on intense energy from a male; feeling that the bathroom was uncomfortable; male whispering, conversation heard.

Regina Tellez heard music coming from the back bedroom.

Wow! Renee Martine took 2 pictures of what looks like a vortex in the living room and then with her own eyes, along with another investigator, they see a moving orb and Renee captures it in a photo. The orb is huge and there is a trail of movement as it flies past my leg. Many orb photos taken by me and Jon. Jon captures a double orb by the hallway. Orbs are not evidence of the paranormal unless we can show intelligent movement. One orb was photographed as it moved from one investigator’s head to another, it did not settle down as a dust orb. This was very unusual movement for an orb. We may have some whispering EVPs. Nikki used her dowsing rods and she felt the entity was telling her that it was coming through the window. Knocks were heard by the investigators. There were temperature changes, cold spots felt. One investigator felt a light breeze go by her. Tapping sounds heard coming from the bathroom.

In the 2nd investigative session, I had Jon take the 3 psychics to certain areas where there were traumatic events. I cannot discuss the traumatic events that took place in these 3 areas, but the events were extremely bad. The psychics returned and Nikki picked up on one of the incidents and Felicia’s step-father confirmed that she was the closest to describing the actual event that took place. Edgar (Felicia’s step-father) thinks that the apartment complex is built over Indian burial ground. The psychics did not pick up on any Indian residual energy. One of the interesting things is when Deanna was looking at Felicia, Felicia had her head out straight, but in the back mirror, her head moved sideways.

HPI Astral Projection Study Task Force

Edgar took the investigators into an abandoned apartment and they did not pick up on anything. Jennifer Newell picked up on some personal information about Felicia and her family and Felicia said that the information that Jennifer conveyed to her, gave her goosebumps, because she was dead on. You can see Jennifer explain it on video, on my Facebook page. While Felicia assisted me with this article, we kept hearing knockings in the back bedroom and an object that was attached to the mirror dropped off the mirror on its own.

Tonight, there will be a Catholic blessing and I will be conducting it. As I conducted the Catholic blessing, many of the investigators walked with me and Felicia, they wanted to learn how to conduct the blessing. After the blessing, Felicia and I, both felt very light headed and I felt a struggle as I conducted the blessing. I felt weakened as if the entities were trying to stop me. Some of the investigators felt a breeze move towards the front door as the blessing came to a closure.

More evidence needs to be analyzed, we may have possible EVPs. Strange occurrences happened with some of the individual investigators. The strange vortex photo that Renee took. Do I think this apartment has activity. My answer is 'yes'.

NOTE from Renee Martine: The male spirit is: older male , full head of dark hair w/ some gray in it and style similar to Elvis. Tall and somewhat lanky body style. I believe he is a family member. 1-8-2012: Chantal Apodaca/Psychic/Senior Lead Investigator is coming over to my home to analyze some of the photos from last night's investigation.

BREAKING NEWS! Felicia Leyba called me this Sunday and says the Catholic blessing was a success! She was able to sleep good, her son is playing a game by himself and not with an imaginary friend. She loved the whole team and will be befriending everyone on Facebook and she is going to be trained as an HPI Paranormal Investigator! Welcome to the team Felicia!


CLOSED: Jan 6 9pm: Location to be at: Sacramento, CA 95827. Wants validation that her son is still in the home. Contact: Sheila Mays – Only 5 Investigators wanted on this case by occupant, they are: Christina George, Jennifer Newell, Renee Martine, Judy Raderchak, Stefanie Paige-Belson.

To my favorite clerks that assist me in my neighborhood. Jenna from Blockbuster Video - 5011 Laguna Blvd in Elk Grove - congratulations to your pregnancy! To the Safeway clerks that give me the best customer service: Marissa Aurora Elizabeth Selby, Jaime Lee and Sara Ali! Makes my shopping all the worth while!

Jan 6 9pm Contact: Ronitra Cruz Location: Elk Grove, CA 95758. Entity is described as an old lady, it originates from the island of Guam. The entity came to the States via their friend Ken who knew a witch doctor. Ken is protected, but the entity has attached itself to Ronitra's 26 year old female roommate. It causes her roommate's personality to change, causes discord in the household, footsteps are heard. As time goes on, things are getting worse. They need an investigation and cleansing.

1/6/2012: Met up with Ronitra Cruz at Barnes & Noble - 3561 N. Freeway Blvd Sacramento, CA 95834. She has an interesting story to tell. On July 2011, a family friend named John (Changed Name) went to Guam. John wanted to get healed from a witch doctor, because an entity had entered him. This entity entered John, because he desecrated some graves in Guam. He received a Taota Mona curse. Taotao Mona (also commonly written as taotaomona or taotaomo'na, from Chamoru taotao, "person/people" and mo'na "precede", loosely translated as "people before history" or "ancient people") are spirits of ancient inhabitants believed to haunt the mountains and wild places of the Mariana Islands, which include Luta, Saipan, Tinian and Guam, in Micronesia. Belief in Taotao Mona is present throughout these islands. John felt like he was healed, because he was finally relieved from his walking cane. But, John soon learned that the entity was no longer inside of him, but it was still following him around. The entity started following Ronitra’s sister Suzi (Changed Name) around. Suzi’s personality changed, she started cursing a lot and coming home late. She was also losing weight rapidly. Suzi’s eating habits changed. John went through the same thing, eating habits changed and he lost weight before he healed. The entity now harasses Suzi. At some point of time, Ronitra wants me to exorcise the entity from Suzi. Updates on this story will follow.

Today 1/7/2012, we are stopping at Regina Tellez apartment to have a birthday potluck before the investigation! Happy Birthday Regina!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Cellular Paranormal Hotline Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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Astral Projecting from Prison to See His Son
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