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 Bigfoot, UFOs and a Few Ghosts in Oregon

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PostSubject: Bigfoot, UFOs and a Few Ghosts in Oregon   Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:46 am

Bigfoot, UFOs and a Few Ghosts in Oregon
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
and Christina George, Senior Lead Investigator/Psychic

To see pictures from this Investigation, stop by here:
Wolf Creek Inn in Wolf Creek, Oregon

Jan 15, 2012, Sunday: Today started like any other day, walked my dogs Hi-Pee and Pika. Chantal Apodaca stops by to visit and wishes me good luck on my adventure to Wolf Creek – Medford – Ashland, Oregon. So, as you can see this will not be an ordinary day, I am on a paranormal quest that will take me into the Southern parts of Oregon, where there are many stories being told by the locals in regard to paranormal activity. As I hit the road, I stopped by Shannon McCabe’s house to pick up the video camera. Shannon gave me ideas of some of the places I should investigate. After I left Shannon’s house, I headed over to Christina George’s home in Roseville to pick her up. Christina is going on this adventure with me.

As we reached Mount Shasta, Christina George practically screamed in my ear. Christina was utilizing my night vision goggles and binoculars and tells me that she saw a glowing globe come down quickly from the sky, go up, then back down and go back up again. It made a W shape. As I looked for a place to pull over, Christina was scrambling for my camera and Shannon’s video camera. By the time she could get the camera ready, the UFO was gone. The speed of the UFO was too quick to be conventional aircraft or a helicopter for that matter. The time of the sighting: 1735 Hours. I did not see the UFO.

As we reached the wooded areas of our drive, I pulled over and attempted to do a ‘wood-on-wood’ communication technique with Bigfoot. Bigfoot is known to communicate with other Bigfoot, by striking wood-on-wood. Let’s say you hit a tree with a branch 3 times, then possibly another Bigfoot will strike a tree 3 times with a branch to communicate back. I did this 6 times, with no responses. Hey, at least I tried. I did use my night vision goggles and saw nothing of interest, except possibly a raccoon.

Starting tomorrow this inn is being refurbished, so we could not stay at this inn. All we could do is an outside perimeter EVP work in the freezing cold, as snow was coming down. Christina and I attempted several times to get some EVPs with no results. As we walked around the Inn, we both saw a man’s face dart in and out from one window. Mind you, this inn is being prepared for refurbishing, there were no people inside. Christina and I both saw what we saw.

Due to some snow fall and the increasing temperature drop, we are now relaxing at the Super 8, 50 East Main Street, Ashland, Oregon 97520 – Room 217. We met Michael Jannon of Ashland at Albertsons and he tells us that he once stayed at Super 8 with a girl he had met at a bar and in one of the rooms, he can’t remember which one, but throughout the night there were taps on the walls and the girl he was with, felt someone brushing her hair. Michael feels that the hotel we are at tonight may be haunted, so tonight Christina and I will do some EVP work in our room…Room 217. This hotel is pretty old, so it probably has a lot of residual energy. So far we have given full reports to Shannon McCabe and to Chantal Apodaca. Chantal is a super fantastic investigator and she was worried about my dogs and is spending the night alone with my dogs, right at my home. She has a spare key to my house. Thank you Chantal for being so good to Hi-Pee and Pika, I can sleep well tonight and get ready for the big investigation tomorrow of the haunted Ashland Hotel. While I was outside getting things out of my car, I saw with my peripheral vision a person walking past the window door. I first thought it was Christina and was wondering why she was in the hallway and ran to the door and called out her name, there was no one around.

To learn more about Ashland, Oregon, stop by here:,_Oregon

1-16-2012: The investigation continues:

This hotel has a strong reputation of being haunted. Christina George and I set out to investigate this hotel in Oregon. As we talked with many of the employees, they could not disclose the haunting activity. They confirmed that many guests have experienced the paranormal, but they are not allowed to talk about it. Christina and I did EVP work and obtained nothing substantial. In one photograph, a dark mass appears. Christina who is a Senior Lead Investigator/Psychic on my team picked up on a man with a mustache. This man was of high status. He wore a pocket watch. She could envision him on the 5th or 6th floor, looking out the window. Christina feels he was murdered in his room. She also sees that he had dark hair, parted in the middle and at times wore a bowler hat.

There have been many reports of hauntings at this university and Christina discovers information found at Oregon Ghosts website, it reads:

“Southern Oregon Universities Plunkett Center has been put to many uses since the University acquired the old building in 1966. It has been alumni and development offices on its second floor and the first floor is used museum displays by the local historical society. This building is also known as the Swedenburg House, taken from its former tenant, Dr. F. Swedenburg. Swedenburg was a prominent local physician who lived in the house from 1919 until he died in 1937.

Since the University purchased the property there have been ghost stories surrounding it. Some skeptics believe the stories get more elaborate year after year. Believers who counter this opinion included a University professor and the head of campus security.

Joey Ngan began his experiences with the Swedenburg house when he was a junior campus security guard. Ngan had the graveyard shift when he started out working for security. He always felt as if he was being watched when he went onto the second floor. He would announce himself and explain that he was just there to check out the building. If he did not do this he always felt as if something did not want him there.
The house was restored in the early 1980s and a new security system was installed. Ngan and another officer had just finished checking the building and ensuring that the alarm system was operational. Later they drove by the house and saw a woman illumined by the porch light. She was sitting in beside a window in a first floor office. They saw her for a second and then she was gone. They entered the building and searched it for her. The door was locked and the building was empty.

Political Science Professor Bill Muelemans came to the University in the early 1970s and collected several of the stories over the years. In 1973 the building was closed down and the electricity was turned off. Muelemans, a security guard and three students decided to hold a vigil in the house. They went to one of the second story rooms with candles, flashlights and a Ouija board. The board spelled out messages, including a statement that one of the students had tried to commit suicide in the past. This was true, though no one besides the student knew this. The board began moving and seemed to jump in the air about 18 inches.

At that point they ran out of the building. The security guard was the last one out. As he was locking the door he felt as if his hand was frozen to the doorknob for about 30 seconds before he could break free. Many visitors have seen another specter. A young girl dressed in an old-fashioned pinafore dress with her hair in pigtails has been seen by many unrelated visitors. She is usually seen out of the corner of the visitor's eyes and only for a few seconds. There are rumors of burglar alarms going off and glowing apparitions seen by students late at night. It is hard to pin them down to a definite location.

The building is now locked out with a locked gate around it and no trespassing is allowed. As of now they have no plans on reopening it anytime soon”.

As we continued on our paranormal adventure, we decided to head down I-5 South, to beat the upcoming snow storm. We stopped at the haunted town of Yreka.

You can read about Yreka here:,_California

Built in 1855, this hotel has all kinds of paranormal activity. One Yreka citizen tells us that the Black Caped Ghost haunts the 2nd floor. People have witnessed a man in a black cape and cane walking on the 2nd floor.

Some of the people we interviewed were: John Lisle and Richard Pease of Palace Barber Shop; Iiecha Borg and Caleb Shelvock of the Purple Plum. They had plenty of ghost stories.

This location is very haunted. Wini Blomquist, Owner of Tasty Q & Trade Wins tells me that at times she smells perfume and then she will smell cigar smoke. The smells come quickly and disperses quickly. She has seen a white cloud move across the main floor. Sometimes black streaks appear on the floor and she does not know where they come from. Wini took us to the cellar and we did EVP work and took many photos. The cellar of this building is Ground Zero for paranormal activity. Note: Wini at a Yreka private residence saw a large flying black blob that whizzed by her and chasing the big blob was a tiny black blob. Wini tells us that at Shasta Lake, there is a hole in the hill and if you throw a rock into the hole, you will not hear the rock hit bottom. At this location is where she saw Bigfoot’s footprint. Wini has seen fast moving UFOs in Yreka and her mother once witnessed a hovering turbine engine looking UFO in Redding.

Christina’s Psychic Impression IN HER OWN WORDS: “I walked around the location where there many very old antique pieces of furniture , a little counter where you could order something to eat and a few feet away was the Visitors Center counter. It was very warm and cozy atmosphere but as soon as I walked though the door towards the basement it was cold and caused me to become very dizzy if I stood to close to the opening. As Wini opened 2 door leading to the “dreaded basement” as Wini would say, I walked down a long cement stairway down into the basement. I was drawn immediately to the very back and around a corner and then I asked if there was anything back there and Wini replied that there is some kind of well or hole back there. I got a very vivid impression of a woman in a long dress who was involved sexually with a young man in that basement and was caught during one of these sexual encounters by her husband after coming home early from the mines, and he killed them and dumped in that same hole and then killed himself. I also had 2 separate experiences where I would smell a light floral smell which would then fade away while I was doing some evp work and Wini was able to validate that, as she has smelled that same floral smell as well as the smell of a sweaty, oily type of smell (which I believe is the husband).”

Very haunted. The basement at this flower shop leads to the mines. They say that a China man’s grave is located in the basement. This is where Wini saw a Goat Man apparition. One man calls Yreka a vortex of paranormal activity.

Employees would put out tablecloths , full plate settings, napkins and silverware before the would leave for the night and then they would come back the next morning to find that the tables were bare, and all of the dishes and silverware were put away, and the napkins and tablecloths had been folded and put away.

This is a tavern where many fights have broken out. Many patrons have been stabbed because of these fights. Some of those patrons were not fortunate enough to live and their spirits haunt this tavern in Yreka.

Samantha Graham – employee of Exquisite Jewelry tells Christina and I, that there is a Paper Clip Ghost that goes around straightening out her paperclips. This has been going on for 3 years. The straightened out paperclips are placed on her desk. Many times she has felt this ghost walk behind her.

There are tombstones that date back to the time of death as 1819. While Christina and I investigated we obtained 3 EVPs that has unintelligible chatter, but there is definitely chatter.

Where we are staying at:
Ramada Limited Redding, 1286 Twin View Blvd, Room 317 Redding 96003. King size bed, indoor room Jacuzzi and tonight we will be watching: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and Another Earth. To celebrate my birthday, busting out the Sauza Tequila!

1/17/2012: Christina Georges says:
"On our way back to Sacramento we decided to stop in Corning, Ca to speak to a client. I told Paul that I have family ties to Corning, Ca. My family was given a piece of property for their homestead there and my relative were the 1st teachers, mayors, sheriff, store owners, butchers ect and they helped to found the town. I myself am just really starting to learn the history but I did find a few links about our families history in the Corning area. If you are interested you can find the story at :

We are going to go to my family plot at the cemetery to take some pictures but the page link above also has pictures of some of the family members that are buried there. Just a little fact of history I thought everyone would enjoy as we never know who and where are ancestors are from or where we have ties unless we investigate our pasts, just as we investigate the paranormal world for answers."

While Christina George looked for her family’s gravesites at Sunset Hill Cemetery in Corning, she is drawn to various areas of the cemetery. She has never been to this large cemetery, but was able to find her family’s plots instantly. It was almost as if her deceased family members were telling her where they were buried at. It was amazing to see her psychic abilities in action! Christina also finds out at this cemetery that some members of her family were high ranking Freemasons! This was an amazing discovery for Christina!

Before we went to the Sunset Hill Cemetery, I stopped by and visited with my number 1 fan Marci Moses and her husband Bear! It was such a great pleasure talking with Marci and Bear. Marci discovered that 2 people died where she has her RV located at…Space 70. Marci has experienced the paranormal all her life and you can find her articles on the Internet.

I want to thank Christina George for tagging along with me on this historical adventure and helping out with the driving. The Rusty Anomaly (Kia Forte) gave us a smooth ride there and back. Shannon McCabe, thank you for loaning me your video camera and I returned it to your husband Bruce on 1/17/2012. Shannon will be working on the YouTube Video of this adventure. Waiting for me at home was Judy Raderchak to help me analyze some of the photos I took of this adventure. Ended the night by kicking it with Judy and watching ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ and ‘Another Earth’ loaned to me by Christina George. This was a GREAT birthday!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Cellular Paranormal Hotline Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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Bigfoot, UFOs and a Few Ghosts in Oregon
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