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 Archives of the Alien Vol 1 Followers of the All!

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PostSubject: Archives of the Alien Vol 1 Followers of the All!   Thu Jan 19, 2012 12:53 am

Name: Archives of the Alien – Vol 1 - Followers of the All!
Publisher: James Rubino
Price: $3.00
Overviewed by: Paul Dale Robert, President – Jazma Online!

Comments: With this comic book, you get a resistance movement. I love resistance movements. This resistance movement is called ‘Followers of the All!’ Everything takes place during the dawn of the second dark age. The new dictators of Babylon enjoy watching the human sacrifices that take place. There is plenty of intrigue and action in this comic book, as you will watch the security police rounding up a ‘subversive’. The story reminds me a bit of Logan’s Run meets Big Brother, especially when a character called Z-32656 enters his existence cubicle and is greeted by a built-in Government mandated and controlled holographic projection unit. You will learn about the Needle’s Eye…a strange mysterious portal that our character Z-32656 will face head on. Find out what happens to him, you will be amazed! With this fantastic comic book you get some great pin-ups in the back of the book. The story will tantalize and tease you, where you will be wanting more! Definitely a great read!
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Archives of the Alien Vol 1 Followers of the All!
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