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 Krista Patton, Paranormal Experiencer

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PostSubject: Krista Patton, Paranormal Experiencer   Thu Jan 19, 2012 11:47 pm

Krista Patton, Rancho Cordova Paranormal Experiencer
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Question: From talking with you, it seems you have had some unusual experiences. But, before I get into that Krista, can you please tell me something personal about yourself. Your family life, your hobbies, your recreational activities, etc. What are your favorite songs, movies, TV shows, books, etc.

Answer: I love animals and family pets because they never let you down. Even going on a walk in my neighborhood I will have stray cats follow me. When I go into a new space, like a person house Iím warned about their pet, usually a dog and how they are a little startling or dominating and I need not to worry. This is never an issue for me as the dog becomes a baby and never threatening. Animals love me! Iíve stopped killing bugs and interfering with nature. My hobbies are being there for my family, just being in their life how ever I am asked. I play with my house pets constantly. I love music, its been my saving grace. Some of my favorite artists are The Bird & The Bee, Lenka, Since October, Copeland, and my favorite song IS True Affection by The Blow. I also like the song Everything by Lifehouse, it was dedicated to me and I very much appreciate it. I do not watch TV because I feel that it takes away from me as a person. I enjoy reading autobiographies and I really want to like love stories, but they make me sad so I donít read them.

Question: What year did your first paranormal experience happen?

Answer: Starting at the age of 4, I was terribly disturbed with Night Terrors. I have no memory of them, but my parents were bothered by me having them. I would be sleeping, yet walking around the house screaming and crying. I would say disturbing things like, ďlet me out of this cage.Ē Sometimes my eyes would be open and sometimes they would be closed. I recall my parents telling me it was hard for them to tell if I was actually awake or if I was sleeping, I would wake and snap out of the Night Terror because I would respond to them with my eyes open, but nevertheless, I was still induced in the Night Terror, not coherent. These episodes went on with no pattern until I was 10 years old.

Question: Can you please explain to me what has been occurring and what do you think this entity is?

Answer: In early July of 2011, I was at my boyfriendís apartment in downtown Sacramento, CA. I had gone to sleep alone near the wall side of the bed. The next thing I remember was being on my back, not near the wall side of the bed. My boyfriend was sleeping near the wall and in the middle of the night, time unknown, it was so very dark, but yet I saw two large black hands above me. The hands were joined at the wrists and there was nothing else visible other than the hands. The hands were thin with long fingers. The hands were holding me down, but not touching me at all. I donít sleep on my back, and I had woken up on my back. I could not breath, talk, move, and barely felt alive. I know for certain that my body was not on the bed, I was levitating and there was a pillow on my chest. My boyfriend was sleeping next to me and he woke up during my struggle. He said that I sounded like I was choking on my tongue, thatís what woke him from his sleep. After being broken from the hold of the hands, my boyfriend said to me, ďdid you see those hands.Ē Had would have not said that and described to me exactly what I had seen, to this day I would have thought that it was his hands, even though the hands didnít look human at all. The next time I woke up my boyfriend and I again, woke at the same time. I was again next to the wall. My boyfriend took one look at me and fell onto the floor, I had a huge black eye, which he told me about and asked me to look into the mirror. Before looking into the mirror, as he was freaking out on the floor looking around asking me if everything was ok, I pretended that everything I was thinking and seeing was ok for his sake. I knew that we both couldnít freak out at the same time because there would be no one to remain strong for us. We were not in his apartment when we woke up. He was covered with a blanket and I was covered with a blanket, in a bed that was not the size of his twin. The walls looked like clear chow mien were attached to the walls and creeping across the walls, the room seemed to get much bigger. For the next 4 days we did not sleep we were too scared. If I started to fall asleep he would wake me up and visa versa. After talking about what had happened my boy friend kept asking me about the hotel room we had been in. I was absolutely positive that I was not in the hotel room. He said that I was so mean to him and bossy at the hotel room. I asked him about why he had punched me in the eye, giving me the black eye, and he would not admit to me that he punched me. I believe that we were attacked by an Incubus or possibly an Incubus and a Succubus who had split us up. Maybe he did think he was at a hotel room, but it was with the shape shifting Succubus. What punched me in the eye would have been the shape shifting Incubus. My boyfriend and I are a great team, having similar DNA and similar life experiences and lessons learned. I think that in order to get us apart, we would have to be tricked.

Question: How do you think you acquired this entity?

Answer: I think that this was cast on us by jealous people. I think that as individuals both Matt and I, are good targets because were outsiders, open minded and god fearing people, both looking to fit in. I believe that we each have disrespected ourselves and left ourselves open to spiritual warfare. After committing ourselves to one another, I believe that we threatened whoever had cast those demonic spirits on us because we were becoming happy. It was difficult for our souls to be penetrated because our souls were no longer searching for something and open for attacks. It would make 100% sense that a sexual demon would have attacked us because prior to the relationship between Matt and I, we were both very sexual. So sexual that we would hurt ourselves because we couldnít understand why people looked at us as extremely desirable when all we would do was have various one night stands. That hurt us as individuals because we didnít feel like we belonged and we didnít know why we couldnít get attached to someone. We often would involve ourselves in rough sex and didnít have a lot of memory regarding the incident. After researching Incubus and Succubus our patterns of sexual history mirror the experiences people have with these demonic spirits. I donít know if prior to July 2011, if individually I had attachments and Matt had attachments, probably so. But I can tell you that when Matt and I got together and started sharing our time together, the attachments that we each potentially had grew strong and attacked us in the manner expressed.

Question: Krista, I have to ask you this. Are you related to General George Armstrong Custer?

Answer: I have never heard of the name. My fatherís father was adopted into the Patton family. I do know that if my grandfather would not have been put up for adoption and his parents would have kept him my last name would be Hartung. I am who I am today because of the decisions made by my earlier family members, and I love myself, a last name does not define me. Any person in my life with the name George has been of major importance to me. Georges have been angelic and almost like they are always looking out for me.

Question: Tell me about your family connection to Bonnie and Clyde?

Answer: Since my last name was inherited from my fatherís father being adopted my aunt was very interested in our actual heritage. After her researching and spending much time and money on discovering who our/my family truly is, we were astonished to find out our bloodline is that of Bonnie and Clyde. I donít say this to be interesting or because I think its cool, itís true. When Bonnie and Clyde came into America from Canada Bonnie had a baby in Ohio and left the child there. It is also interesting, that my boyfriendís family is the driver of Bonnie and Clyde who gave them up to the police.

Question: Is there anything that we are missing, that we should mention in this interview, before departing?

Answer: I am going to email you the statement I typed out earlier. I was sending this statement to random sites asking if anyone could please help me. I have not left anything out in this interview, but this typed statement I am referring to will be great for you and anyone else to have because it is very detailed about the initial experiences.

Paul: Thank you Krista, I will enter your statement into my Ďreplyí for this interview at my website Jazma Online!

Question: Is there a way for your readers to contact you?


Question: Thank you for this great interview, do you have any last words of wisdom for your readers?

Answer: Be your own drug. Anything that alters your mind is not good. Give your life to Jesus and live your life through Godís will, for if you have accepted Jesus as your savior Godís will is actually your own will. Be sure to connect with the right people if something like what I have experienced has happened to you because you are not crazy and donít need or deserve to be locked up in a hospital. Getting in contact with the right people will help you rid of any attachments and help you understand yourself all the more.

Special Note:
Interview Date: 1/19/2012
Interview Time: 1400 Hours
Location: Starbucks - 3195 Zinfandel Drive, Rancho Cordova 95670
Present for this interview was Krista's father Michael Patton. Another interesting factor is that Krista's sister Jessica is a barista at this Starbucks!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
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Krista Patton, Paranormal Experiencer
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