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 Beetlejuice Visits James

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PostSubject: Beetlejuice Visits James   Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:00 pm

Beetlejuice Visits James
By Belinda Bentley

A man called HPI Paranormal last night in hopes of getting some answers about apparitions. I called him at Paul Dale Roberts, request and this is the story he had for me.

"We've been having paranormal activity, but last night was the last straw," James, said to me over the phone. He did not sound nervous, he sounded determined! He recalls last night both he and his fiancee woke up in the middle of the night. He relayed seeing a shadowy figure sitting in a chair at the end of the bed with its head down. It looked up at his fiancee and then disappeared into a mist. She described a tall male, bushy hair and big head. He says, "It can best be described as Beetle Juice." A character played in a movie of the same name by Michael Keaton, the former "Batman."

Trying to get as many details about the encounter as possible, I asked was this a shared experience or was she the only one that had seen it? He says, "She was awake with her eyes closed. She opened them and gasped for air. Then she screamed my name. As soon as she heard my voice she calmed down and told me what she saw." He believes she saw something.

He is worried about how the home feels, he says "The air at home is thick with tension, and you can't breath." They have the feeling of being paranoid. Even though the doors are locked they feel like intruders are there. As if they are being watched. He used to do paranormal investigations, but never heard of a situation this before. He actually has stopped Ghost Hunting because she is afraid it will open a door to something bad. Though he has been having the urge lately to continue his research into the paranormal.

They have only been dating nine months. He told me her grandson was in the house and he cried at the same time this figure appeared as if the baby was frightened by something. I asked him to look at all the possibilities. Did anything standout as the cause? (Most people know what they did to open the door, or know the cause. Yet, they don't admit it right away. I wanted to cut to the chase. If he knew - I needed him to share it. Though I suspected I already had the answer.) He said, the roommate lights candles at night, but he doesn't think she is into magic or anything of the sort. They moved into the house last summer, but the house was fine until recently. When he could not come up with anything I focused on her. The fiancee.

I told him "I feel she has had experiences before all this and this explains why she doesn't want you doing investigations." A door has already been open and she is
terrified! He said, "It is true, but she won't tell me what happened." She doesn't want to open up. Then he tells me a few weeks ago when this started she was in the bathroom doing her hair when someone placed a hand on her shoulder. When she turned around no one was there, but then she saw a shadow race by. He thought maybe she saw her own shadow. Then a few days later she claimed something went through her. She instantly got cold and he said, he felt it. The heat was on, but all of a sudden the temperature just dropped.

All the activity is center on her. I told him even though he is the one that called we can't act like this is his issues. It's hers. She has to want us to help. The first step is getting her to open up about her experience. Open up about what started this and then if she is OK with it HPI can come do an investigation and cleansing. He completely understood and said he will keep me informed. He doesn't want to hurt his relationship with her by pushing the paranormal, but maybe she is scared enough to talk. If nothing else I know Paul can suggest a house blessing they can do themselves. HPI will be there to help her, if she allows us.
HPI Senior Lead Investigator

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Beetlejuice Visits James
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