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 Followed Home by Ghost of Preston Castle Pt 2 & 3

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PostSubject: Followed Home by Ghost of Preston Castle Pt 2 & 3   Sat Jan 28, 2012 3:39 pm

By Belinda Bentley

Pictures from the Investigation:

Part 1 - Followed Home by the Ghost of Preston Castle: The Prelude!


I'm sure you'll laugh, because it explains perfectly how psychic information comes in. We don't always understand the why, what and hows and sometimes we do.

I asked Rubbie Salinas to do a psychic session on the case we are investigating on Friday: "Followed Home by the Ghost of Preston Castle?" I gave her the clients real name and the city we would be in. Over the phone she says "The only thing I am getting right now is fire." Which as far as I knew had nothing to do with the case. Twenty minutes later, she sends me an email. Rubbie lit a candle to help her meditate on the situation. When she leaned in to blowout the fire her bangs went up in flames. She's fine, but we understand what that means now.

The other psychic hits she received were about the case. "I feel someone in the home is the center of the attention. Almost as if there is an attraction or obsession with this woman. I don't feel as if it's the only spirit in the home. I feel the claims will be people being touched, brushed by the spirit and I'm hearing laughter or giggles of a child. Stuff being moved around, closed or opened. The house feels very cold. One of the entities is like Pan - (The Greek God of mischief and pleasure.) He likes to get attention even if he has to break something or scare someone (he is a cocky spirit.) I kept getting smoke or smoking and fire (even before I sat down to focus, but maybe it was a warning about my own hair.)"

Rubbie continued, "I am not sure if this is a house or a public place because I feel as if there is to much or many energies for it to be a private home,"

Maybe Rubbie is seeing that the spirit did come from Preston Castle? Might she have answered the question posed by me in the very beginning?

Rubbie continues, "I got a few numbers 47, 7, 3 and I have no idea what they have to do with any of this. I also got a few names I'd like to ask the client about on Friday. Not sure if they are relevant to the case, Sharron, Elizabeth, Michael, William and Robert. How far off am I? This was harder then I thought."

This was the first time I has asked Rubbie to use her abilities in a paranormal investigation, but if you look at my last article she was right on. She sent me this report before my article ever went out. So I am taking these notes to the investigation.

I did let Rubbie know there were some pretty good hits and either some misses or hits that the client can clarify for her later. Then she wrote me back "Is it demonic? I get the feeling of being trapped, fear and irritation. Does the woman feel alone in the situation like her husband treats her like she is imagining everything and he easily explains the unexplained? I feel condescending attitude here too." The client Rebecca did say her husband doesn't believe her.

I've yet to answer her questions. I will wait for her to arrive tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what she picks up at the house. The next step maybe to investigation Preston Castle.

I called on Keli Michaels to give me more insights from her home in Los Angeles. "This is what she picked up. It's an old man. Almost like a farmer in overalls. This was his territory, his land and he's not pleased with anyone living on it. He and his wife lived and died there. He doesn't want to let go. He doesn't like cats. If she has an animal she will see weirdness from it. The man looks like the Rockwell picture of the farmer with the pitch fork. He smoked a pipe too so she may smell a burning type scent sometimes." (Burning, fire? This seems like a theme.)

My personal psychic impression is that mirrors will be an issues and that this woman has opened her doors to the paranormal and in essences is calling it in. I also got that this was entertainment to her which I mentioned in the first article so let's see if we got any hits on this case. Let's see how right we might be.


The only investigators for tonight were Rubbie Salinas aka Rubbiz Fire and me Belinda Bentley celebrity psychic medium and yes, the one and only Sex Psychic. When we arrived outside the home we smelled smoke and burning. It was a warm, sunny day and the client, Rebecca had her fireplace on. She had wine poured, food cooked and was ready to entertain. Very sweet and in-line with our psychic impressions we got before the investigation. We call these psychic hits. Rubbie doesn't drink and I don't drink on investigations, but the client was nice enough to give me two bottles of wine to take with me. The client Rebecca and her friend Jane, both had a few drinks, which I don't advise during investigations.

Oddly the client told me she has only been on one investigation where she met Paul Dale Roberts the Manager of HPI Paranormal, but later in the night they talked about many investigations they've been on. Because she is opening looking for spirits, the spirits seem to seek her out, as you'll see further into the investigation.

I walked into the living area where there was a huge mirror embedded into the wall. The mirror was facing the area with the most activity in the house. I felt this was an open portal. (A portal is where spirits enter the home.) Going up the stairs Rubbie got nauseous. It didn't hit me until we got to the top of the stairs. It was crowded with a amour, and the design of the house felt wrong. It was also crowded with spirits as I would soon find out. Going in the bedroom I almost fainted - mirrors, let me counted them! Eight! Eight mirrors almost from floor to ceiling. Rubbie looked at me and said the mirrors are the problem. Later Jane says "I feel they come from the mirrors." On a video they showed us later in the night - orbs and lights flew around the room like bugs, going in and out of the mirrors. Which was a hit that I got about the house. Rebecca and Jane claimed they didn't see this during filming. It was impressive. The lights were not on the wall, but free floating streaks and orbs. Rubbie caught some strange orbs in some main hot spots in the house. I told her to ask that they make strange and unusual orbs to show us they are intelligent and I can honestly say they don't look like dust. One actually looked 3D. Another was in a triangular shape. Rubbie thought it looked like a coffin. It was floating up, down and around in a series of four photos.

At one point I was in the downstairs bathroom and I heard and male and female talking briefly. There were no males in the house. About twenty minutes later Rubbie heard a male talking. It was never clear where the voices came from. On the voice recorder you heard static and then I ask if someone said something when I heard the conversation happening, but no EVPs were captured, however we did listen to the clients EVPs. We heard two women speak, which were the clients and then we heard a distant male say "Sexy." Then we heard another male later say "It goes dark, we get her." From what we can make out. There was really no way to know if they were talking amongst themselves, or about the resident.

In the living room Rubbie was taking pictures when she felt a heaviness in the chest. It hit me too about ten minutes later when I was around a massive amount of activity. The client says she experiences that from time to time. It felt as if there was so many energies that it was taking up air and space. At one point I felt as though something were on my neck looking over my shoulder at the pictures was flipping through.

We didn't feel anything demonic, but the client was insistent that it was demonic from an attack she had over a year and a half ago. When you live in Grand Central Station for spirits you are bound to get a negative one here and there. Jane, Rubbie and I all felt nothing unsafe or malicious. We all had the feeling that the mirrors were portals and desperately in need of being rearranged to change the situation.

During the beginning of the Investigation I wrote in huge letters Feng Shui! As I walked through the house that was built more like a puzzle I realized the house was built for spirit activity. She needed Feng Shui to close off those portals. The client didn't agree with Rubbie about the only spirit that stays on a regular bases was the child's spirit. Then later she said "Oh, yes, the child has woke me up shaking me and poking me. They captured a child's voice saying "Me" when asked if there is anyone here that likes chocolate and there are no children that live in the house. It was a class A EVP they had us listen to from previous investigations in the home. Not to long after the Ovilus we were using said "nice", "child", "seen". It was in direct connection to what were talking about. Later I asked the Ovilus to say "finger," that would let me know there was an intelligent entity with us and it responded "scanning." Was it scanning to find the word?

At the end while we were going over evidence at the dinner table the client confided in us about an experience she had a while back where a spirit turned her on sexually. She said it felt like a stroke up and down the side of her body. It was the one time she felt really felt terrified, because she liked it. Rubbie said to me later jokingly, maybe this is a sex psychic case, not an HPI case. Paul is excellent at assigning cases to me that end up being in my field of expertise! Rubbie's light-hearted comment really got me thinking about the client and what's really going on.

Rebecca let on she might need some help in this area. It felt as though this was really what the investigation was about. Something that she desired from the investigation. Maybe she desire a demonic case, because she could place blamed on the entity for how she about the way it touched her. Something she misses to this day. It seemed the client lost her groove sometime after this incident and her libido came crashing down. I feel she is trying to find it in these investigations. Did the client call us to help her get her groove back? If Stella can get her groove back so can Rebecca. Hopefully being able to express her feelings and experience gave her what she truly needed all along. The Truth is out there! The Sex Psychic and HPI are teamed up to find it. No matter how strange it may be and no matter where the truth may lie. If it is rooted in the paranormal we are on it.
HPI Senior Lead Investigator

Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
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Followed Home by Ghost of Preston Castle Pt 2 & 3
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