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 Is Krista Patton Haunted?

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PostSubject: Is Krista Patton Haunted?   Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:05 am

Is Krista Patton Haunted?
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

To see pictures of this investigation, stop by here:

Initial Report:
Date to be there: Feb 18, Saturday Time to be there: 9pm Address: Rancho Cordova 95670. Contact Person: Krista Patton. Activity: See link to the interview I did with Krista:

Before I went to the Rancho Cordova Investigation, I stopped by the Silver Dollar Saloon in Marysville to meet up with Radio Personality Lori Schulz.

I was Lori's co-host and we interviewed the owner about the paranormal activities of the Silver Dollar Saloon. The Silver Dollar Saloon was built in the mid 1800s. It used to be a brothel and some of the prostitutes had very colorful names. Lori and I discovered that there are tunnels that lead out of the Saloon and go throughout Marysville. The Silver Dollar Saloon was also a speakeasy. I remember talking to two lady patrons a couple of years back and they told me that when they sat at the bar, they both had their hair tugged on, one at a time. While Lori and I did the interviews Steve Roland and his crew called Roland Paranormal Investigations (RPI) were conducting their own investigation. By the time I was leaving, it appeared that RPI obtained a whispering EVP and some orb shots and one photo of what looks like mist.

For more information on Lori Schulz, check this out:
Lori Schulz, Radio Talk Show Host
The Dirt KMYC 1410am Marysville, CA

Now to the investigation in Rancho Cordova:

HPI Paranormal Investigators Roll Call Tonight: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager; Ivy Rubsam; Capone Bender/Sketch Artist; Raquel Rodriguez; Becky Cardenas – Senior Lead Investigator; Marla Dorsey, Patrick Newton; Jon Rubsam; Tuesday Rubsam; Jon & Kasper aka Kara Koyasako; (Jon Koyasako/Security/Senior Lead Investigator); Deanna Bailey – Senior Lead Investigator; Al ‘Big Al’ Rosatano – Videographer; Karen Stanley/Counselor; Sally Garza; Sabrina Castillo; Josh Patton; Michael O’Brien.

Occupants: Josh Patton; Krista Patton.

The three leads tonight are: Deanna Bailey; Becky Cardenas; Jon Koyasako. The areas to cover are: 1. The 3 bedrooms; 2. The Backyard; 3. Living Room/Garage/Kitchen. Floater is Al ‘Big Al’ Rosatano, Videographer. We have 3 teams to cover 3 areas of the house.

Lots of orb shots, some shadowy photos were captured. No EVPs. From talking with the occupant Krista, my investigators came to the conclusion, that if there was an entity, it was attached to her and not the house.

This turns things around. Instead of investigating the house, we in turn investigated to see if there was an attachment to Krista. We had Krista sit in the middle of our group and we snapped many pictures. As you can see from the pictures, I did get 2 little orbs next to Krista and then when I snapped again, the 2 orbs moved, but were still next to Krista. I stayed in the same position and the pictures were taken with a 10 second interval before the next picture was taken. Dust would have settled within 10 seconds. I find the 2 small orb shots somewhat unusual. (Please see photo link to see what I am talking about - Krista is the one sitting on a red couch by herself and in one of the pictures she is holding her white dog). If there was something attached to Krista, they were not talking tonight, we conducted several EVP sessions with Krista and we obtained no EVPs. I took another picture of Krista where I had a shadow next to her, you can see that photo at the photo link of the investigation.

If there are no indication of a haunting or an attachment, we are looking at other options to assist Krista and her family. Karen Stanley and a few other investigators stayed back with me after I released my group and we had an open conversation with Krista. I will refer Krista to one of my investigators named Staci Butler, that has experience in these matters that were brought to our attention by Krista and they will remain confidential for this story.

No matter what the situation is, we are here to help and this case is not closed, until I feel Krista and her family are back in their comfort zone. God bless.

Special Thanks to Krista Patton for the coffee, cokes, cookies and cupcakes!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Cellular Paranormal Hotline Investigation or Advice:
916 203 7503
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Is Krista Patton Haunted?
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