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 NASA Does Refer Certain Clients to HPI International

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PostSubject: NASA Does Refer Certain Clients to HPI International   Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:30 am

NASA Does Refer Certain Clients to HPI International
By Belinda Bentley - Celebrity Psychic

Quick Note from Paul Dale Roberts:
Belinda, this is actually the 3rd report I have received in which clients get the 'HPI Paranormal Cellular Hotline' from a government agency. HPI is the last resort for many of these clients, we are the only ones that will actually listen and take down a report. Good work Belinda! PS: I even had a client that was trying to give MUFON his UFO report and it was rejected, so HPI was his last resort and he was able to convey his message to me. The client just wanted his story out.

Case Report:
Client Seeks Help From HPI and Nasa
By: Belinda Bentley Celebrity Psychic

HPI Paranormal received an anonymous out of state call. The caller was
in dire need of help, so much so that he said he called the FBI and
they told him to call Nasa and Nasa sent him to HPI Paranormal's
Hotline. Does Nasa refer people to HPI Paranormal?

The activity he claims to experience has been happening over the
course of 10 years. It follows him from home to home which tells us
that he is being haunted - not his previous homes. Doors close on
their own, he hears talking, whispering, whistling, shadows that stand
still, tapping, knocking, feeling attacked when he feels his energy
coming out of his body. (This could be a spirit trying to manifest
itself.) He says he sees balls and spears of light. People change
when they are around him.

He has tried to tell the spirits to leave. It was recommended by
someone that he lights sage and he has. Nothing to date has worked. He
also feels this has nothing to do with reality, because no one seems
to know how to deal with it in reality. That seems like a fair
assessment for now...

I asked if he had any idea what these beings want and he feels they
are here to sabotage him or get him on the wrong path. Previous
paranormal groups told him that fallen angels aren't allowed to speak
to humans clearly - that is why we can't hear them with our human
ears. Yet, science has proven these voices or audio phenomenon fall
within a hearing range that we as human just can't hear like a dog
whistle, but dog whistles are demonic just because they don't fall
within our hearing range. Wikipedia states: "An infant's ear is able
to perceive frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz; the average
adult human can hear sounds between 20 Hz and 16,000 Hz." It seems
more likely that we just have physical limitations and that's why
these voices can't be heard clearly or regularly, by the human ear.
Which I explained to the client.

To me this man is a medium and the spirits are desperately trying to
communicate and just like the movie the Sixth Sense, with Bruce
Willis, the spirit may not go away until he tells their story, but I
told him to try communicating with them as a last resort as it is
uncomfortable for him to try right now.

My advice to the client is to try a house blessing, because he has
been unsuccessful at getting a priest or pastor out to his home. I
told him how to do it himself and I told him to protect himself so his
sleep cycle can go back to normal. Before bedtime I suggested he pulls
his energy close to him. He said he can feel when his energy goes out
and he has to pull it back in. He completely got the idea and is
excited to try it! The client said this is new information to him and
he will try the blessing and protection for sure. He also felt like he
learned something new. I was more than happy to give him some advice
and explain some scientific facts about the paranormal.

The client will be calling HPI again to update soon. Case remains open.

G.H.O.S.T Founder
HPI Senior Lead Investigator

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NASA Does Refer Certain Clients to HPI International
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