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 Is Richard Novoa Still With Us?

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PostSubject: Is Richard Novoa Still With Us?   Sun Mar 04, 2012 8:04 am

Is Richard Novoa Still With Us?
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Richard Novoa, Jr. had a lot of things going on in his life. He was the owner of the Sacramento Gold semi-pro soccer team, which finished its first season with a championship last July 2010 in the National Premier Soccer League. The team played its home games at River City High School.

Richard Novoa, Jr. also wrote a sports column, “The Sports Insider,” for the News-Ledger for many years until illness interrupted the column in 2010. He shared his love of sports – including pro baseball and football – with his family. Richard Novoa, Jr. graduated from Washington High School in West Sacramento and attended Sacramento State. His career included ownership of a sporting goods store in the 1980s, work for several state departments and his firm 'Aztec Promotions,' which promoted events and served as a travel agency. He served on the Access Sacramento board, the Cal Expo Advisory Council, and he helped return professional boxing to the State Fair. He was inducted into the Mexican American Sports Hall of Fame in 2009.

Richard Novoa, Jr., died Feb. 10, 2011, of complications related to the 2005 liver transplant that had saved his life. To understand who Richard Novoa Jr. is, you can stop by here and read Richard Novoa Jr. / Amazing Man - Amazing Life!

When you have so many things going on in your life and you have strong family ties with all members of your family, it is in theory that many parapsychologists believe, that this kind of person when faced with the light, will not enter the light, because of what is called 'unfinished business'. Richard Novoa most likely has unfinished business and is not ready to enter the light. He may want to keep watch over his close knit family. He may want to see how his soccer team progresses in the future.

I was called upon this case by Rico Novoa, the son of Richard Novoa Jr. Rico tells me that a family friend, that is also a medium has stated to the family, that Richard Novoa Jr. is still in the house. Rico's mother wants validation of this statement. So, on March 3, 2012, Saturday, HPI will investigate Rico's mother's house and using HPI's top psychics, make a determination if Richard Novoa Jr. is still in the home. If HPI's psychics make this determination, it will be up to the HPI investigators to validate the psychic's claims by obtaining evidence such as EVPs and photographic evidence. Let's see if Richard is still with this family.

Date to be there: March 3, Saturday Time to be there: 8pm: Occupant wants to know if her deceased husband is in the home. A medium came to the home and says he is there. She wants validation. They have taken pictures of odd orbs in the home. Contact: Rico Novoa. Address: West Sacramento 95691
To read about the late Richard Novoa Jr., go to this link:

HPI Paranormal Investigators present are: Atheuth Paris – Remote Viewer in Ohio – (she is with the team remotely via cell phone speaker phone); Jon & Kara Koyasako; (Jon Koyasako/Senior Lead Investigator/Security); Deanna Bailey – Senior Lead Investigator; Tuesday Rubsam; Jon Rubsam/Psychic; Patrick Newton, Ivy Rubsam; Capone Bender/Sketch Artist; Jewel Perry; Karen Stanley/Counselor; Janae Marchant; Shari Aresta/Senior Lead Investigator; Stefanie Paige-Belson/Psychic/Senior Lead Investigator; Paul Dale Roberts – HPI General Manager.

Occupant: Joyce Novoa.
Family and friends present: Rico Novoa; Adrianna Villanueva (Rico's sister); Kahili (Boxer dog); Bianca Sheard (Rico's girlfriend); Arrielle Bojorques (Richard's grand-daughter); Richard Bojorques (Richard's grandson); Michaelane Schmidt - Family Medium.

Thank you Joyce for the carnitas, cheese nachos, sodas, brownies, cookies for my team. Side note: The carnitas were out of this world! Wow!

During the initial briefing, Atheuth on speaker phone stated that she felt Richard Novoa, Jr. was definitely here. Richard has a strong presence in the home. She feels Richard has a lot to say. She feels Richard’s presence is warm and inviting. She feels he is here to watch over the family.

Joyce Novoa explains his importance in the community and how he had his fingers in all kinds of projects from being a boxing commissioner to getting involved in the Ultimate Fighter. It’s a small world, because one of my investigators Jon Koyasako knew exactly who Richard Novoa was. John Rubsam/Psychic did a walk through with Stefanie Paige-Belson/Psychic and John briefly mentioned that Richard Novoa is a man with a big smile and has no intention of moving on. Stefanie believes that he has gone into the light, but comes back on occasions to watch over his affairs and family. Joyce has a friend that is a medium and says that he is still here and that his presence is strong in the master bedroom. It appears that my psychics feel his presence is active in this home, because of his strong connection to the family and to his wife Joyce.

To start off this investigation, I had John Rubsam and Stefanie Paige-Belson (my psychics) do a walk through – to see what impressions they get from within this home. The investigators and myself stayed in the backyard while they conducted their walk through. While we were in the backyard, a call came in from Pennsylvania on the Paranormal Cellular Hotline and we assisted the client, while we were waiting for the walk through to be completed. Tonight Shari Aresta and Deanna Bailey are the leads. Jon Koyasako is assisting Shari tonight, as Shari leads for the first time. There are two main areas to investigate, the 2nd floor and the first floor. While the investigators were in the backyard, we were already capturing designer orb pictures.

Deanna’s group, captured no EVPs, no anomalies in their photographs. But, a few things did happen. The cable box produced an unusual crackling sound. This has never happened before. The computer flickered on, but this was debunked as it was Stefanie who bumped into the table, which caused the computer to flicker on. Note: Designer orbs are captured in our photographs taken of the backyard. Shari captured a very large designer orb in the backyard. Kara Koyasako had a laughing attack. I learn from Joyce Novoa that Richard Novoa was a very humorous man and it appears that Kara picked up on that energy, which caused her to have that laughing attack. Stefanie was right on the money, when she said that Richard Novoa Jr. was somehow connected to Lucille Ball. Come to find out, he would do impressions of Ricky Ricardo, with the Cuban accent and everything. Now back in the day, there were many TV shows and to center on Lucille Ball was amazing and has me believing that Stefanie actually picked up the essence of Richard Novoa Jr. Jon Rubsam says that he picks up on Richard Novoa Jr. when Joyce is around. Richard Novoa Jr. being a person that was involved in many enterprises and has a piece of himself all over Sacramento tells me that he most likely has the ability as an entity to be at many locations throughout Sacramento. Even though we have not captured any EVPs, it appears that the psychics involved in this case are very correct in their information. Case example, Atheuth says that Richard suffered back pain. No one knew about this back pain in our group, but yet Joyce confirms that he did in fact have back pain. Atheuth was right on the money on her psychic impression of Richard.

Atheuth Paris Readings Tonight (In her own words):
“Basically, all I get where the back yard is what I last said on the phone. He liked the back yard, he was a big kid and heart. He enjoyed playing in the back yard, his love for sports, makes me want to turn ESPN on. I feel he sees his grandchildren everyday, everyday! He is very much just watching over his family, those he loved!

My impression from him is, 'life is about family-good food- and laughter-so focus on that, because life is too short!' - Atheuth’s Second Email: Hi Paul, I've been focusing on the upstairs and what I am getting is: I felt like the upstairs was like a sanctuary for him, he suffered from a great deal of back pain, and he could rest better up there. It was also where he could think, it was really difficult for him at the end of his battle. He hated that his body could not keep up with his mind. His mind was always thinking, he was quite brilliant!
I feel him smile when he tells me about his Montana jersey. In the bedroom I feel like you can feel a cold spot when his presence is around. Pictures are going to be an important part of this investigation.”
~Atheuth – Sidenote: Atheuth is correct, pictures are important, we get a lot of designer orbs and blue orbs. Blue orbs according to some parapsychologists indicate contentment, calm or peaceful bliss. Richard did have a Montana jersey. We did get strange cold spots in the bedroom.

Message from Michaelene:
Ok Paul, here are just a few, there are a lot more, but look at the first one, behind the chair they had for Richard that night. Let me know what you think. Again, thank you so much for having me tonight, I so enjoyed. Bless
Michaelene Schmidt/Medium

More orb photos taken. Two blue orbs captured. One moving orb captured by Shari. Cable box went off on its own. Cold spots felt, one cold spot went from 71 to 32 degrees. Where the cold spot went to 32 degrees, orb captured by the TV. Deanna captured one orb, that looks like a smiley face. No EVPs, but many anomalies in our photographs. It appears that the bedroom is Ground Zero for activity.

Stefanie/Psychic was dead on about Richard’s connection to Lucille Ball/Ricky Ricardo. Atheuth was dead on with Richard having a Montana jersey and back pain. Strange things occurred like the cable box shutting off on its own, there was 3 witnesses to this event. Strange orb pictures taken. No solid proof with EVPs, but with the psychics impressions being dead on, 3 witnesses observing the cable box shutting off on its own, unusual orb activity and the strange picture of a man’s face that looks like Richard, I would say that Richard is still at this home. I’m not a psychic, but when I walked on the 2nd floor and entered the bedroom, I felt a strong presence in the bedroom. Yes, I believe there is paranormal activity at this home and it’s definitely benevolent. It’s a breath of fresh air to investigate a home with a positive force. Most homes we investigate, have negative energy. Homes with a positive paranormal presence are usually referred to as a ‘Casper Haunting’. This is a Casper Haunting, no cleansing required. Godspeed to Richard Novoa Jr. He was a great man, that left a great legacy upon our world. He will always be remembered.

A few pictures from the Investigation, more coming:


I was very happy to find your website. I saw the Menehunee in my living room one morning around 4:30, around 15 or so of them, possibly more. I knew it was them as they have been following me for many years, stealing and causing mayhem. They looked just like people, not ugly or scary, about 2 to 3 feet in height. In fact one could have fit in the palm of my hand. For some reason they are very attached to me. They move where I move and they go where I go. They turned a bottle of medication to dust once, and aside from stealing a lot of my medications, and jewelry and generally things that matter, causing much mayhem and trauma, they just like to hang around. It's been at least 5 years and I'm so sick of it. That morning was the first time I ever saw them. They were like having a party (the place was somewhat decorated). Brown skin, naked. No hair. The chief (he was the biggest) winked at me. So, I assumed he was their chief. Then, all at once, they were gone. They all disappeared, all at once, after the chief flicked his arm with a blue ribbon that was quite long. He was sitting on top of my lamp-post. They did not leave through any doors or windows. I was not afraid. I admit that I froze a bit, at first. I don't know why they finally decided to show themselves to me. I immediately woke up my boyfriend to tell him about it. He went out to the lanai to smoke a cigarette and was out there for a while. He's been well aware of the trouble they have been causing me. He came in to tell me that they were having a party to say goodbye to me. I so hoped he was right. But things of value continue to disappear, or are moved around. I look forward to hearing from you. I'm trying to turn lemons into lemonade, I guess. But I can tell you for sure, the Menehunee really do exist, and I know all about them. no kapumehana, Caroline Loughridge

Thank you to Genalyn Santos for providing me and Belinda Bentley with the contact information on Sacramento's Supreme Pro Wrestling. What a great interview!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
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Is Richard Novoa Still With Us?
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