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 Caroline Loughridge, Menehunee Encounter Experiencer

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PostSubject: Caroline Loughridge, Menehunee Encounter Experiencer   Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:53 pm

Interview with Caroline Loughridge, Menehunee Encounter Experiencer
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Question: Caroline, tell me something about yourself before we get into the heart of this interview.

Answer: I'm 59 (but don't look it). I play guitar. Mostly Bach,
finger picking style. I'm "retired." Moved out from Denver to Hawaii in 2003. Love to play pool. My oldest son, Stuart will be here Wednesday. Haven't seen him for awhile. I'm a mother of two adult sons. I live with my boyfriend. I've written 33 stories for I've been in poor health. Had everything from a
pulmonary embolism, open heart surgery, and I now have a pacemaker.

Question: how long have you lived in Hawaii? What part of Hawaii do you live at?

Answer: Lived hear going on ten years. Live in Waikiki.

Special Note: My brother Andres Somprise Soyo lived in Hawaii for many years, in fact he lived at 91-1017 Puahala Street, #27/T, Ewa Beach, HI 96706 and he knew many Menehunee stories.

Question: When did you first encounter the Menehunee?

Answer: About five years ago.

Question: Are the Menehunee a threat to you and your family?

Answer: No, other than the constant stealing, I don't feel like they
are a threat. Though my friend/hairdresser had them for awhile and
they kept playing with her toes while she tried to sleep. She
eventually had to ask them to leave, and for her, they left. They are supposed to leave if you command them to leave. But they ignore my commands. I've even had the place blessed, several times.

Question: Do you believe the Menehunee are extraterrestrial or
interdimensional beings?

Answer: They are definately interdimensional beings.

Question: Have your family members or friends seen the Menehunee too? If so explain.

Answer: Only I have seen them.

Question: Describe what the Menehunee look like, what kind of clothes do they wear?

Answer: They look like people. There skin is very dark. No hair. No pointy noses. They don't where clothes, they just walk around naked. They are very small, 2 to 3 feet high. One was so small it could have fit in the palm of my hand.

Question: Why are the Menehunee in Hawaii and no where else?

Answer: It is believed that they were brought here from Polynesia.

Question: How do the Menehunee interact with you?

Answer: They don't, other than the stealing and hiding of my
belongings. I've only seen them that one time, and their chief winked at me.

Question: In a scope of one year, how many times will you encounter the Menehunee?

Answer: It was only that one time. But over the years, a lot of my
things have disappeared.

Question: Why have the Menehunee targeted you and your family? What is their goal?

Answer: If I had the answer, maybe I could get them to leave me
alone. Their goal is to cause mayhem in my life.

Question: Have you ever had any other paranormal experiences?

Answer: There was a ghost in the same apartment building where I came across the Menehunee. He told me to leave. I said "no, you leave. You're dead and you don't know it. Go to the light." I never heard from him again.

Question: When you encounter the Menehunee, do you see strange lights, are you ever partially paralyzed?

Answer: No, though like I said, I froze a bit when I first saw them
that morning.

Question: Is there anything else you would like to tell me about your experiences with the Menehunee?

Answer: It's not been a pleasant one. Last month they took over half my pain pills, and I just had to suffer without them. (I can't say, "Hey doc, the Menehunee took my pain pills. Can you give me some more.") And some earrings are gone. Ones I always wore. And when I first got my new guitar, they kept untuning a couple strings. They can also read your mind. And once, in Seattle, I took the cap off of my deoderant to use it. The cap disappeared. It was never found. It caused me to wonder if they even followed me there. I thought it would have been too cold for them. But when it comes to the Menehunee, you just never know. Their magic is very sophisticated.

Question: How can people contact you, if they have any further questions?

Answer: 808-953-7210.


Thank you to Cristl Phillips and San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research for assisting HPI on the Joyce Novoa/West Sacramento case by loaning us their remote viewer Atheuth Paris! Atheuth did an outstanding job! She is a great asset to San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research!

Shannon & Paul are now the docents of the haunted Ione Hotel, conducting tours, ghost hunts and giving the public some background history of the hotel and it's haunted activities!

Case File New Orleans:
The Aggressive Entity in New Orleans

A teenager, (19) male, named Tu Nuyen lives in one of the most haunted places in the United States, New Orleans. Tu classified this story as one of the scariest to date. He was in the bathroom on the toilet playing a video game. When he went to wash his hands he heard a whisper in his ear. He thought "This isn't real," and then a voice in his head repeated him mockingly. He screamed and ran to his parents who began to pray.

In my notes I circled on the toilet, playing a video game. When I am using the bathroom, driving or showering is when spirits try to contact me. Many mediums will say the same thing. Those are the times when people are not filtering information - concentrating on words people are saying, working or doing anything that's diverting attention. When we are mentally silent, peaceful, or in a different part of our brain that don't deal with day to day function the spirits can connect. I believe this is what happened to Nuyen.

He told me a cluster of stories Things that happened over the years and everything seems to be surrounded with relaxation or sleep. Mostly in the bedroom and bathroom.

His bedroom door opens and closes and his room light went off. His parent were in their bedroom and his brother and sister were sleep.
Once in another home the family knew the house was haunted and they all slept in the same room out of fear. Tu and his brother saw an invisible impression on the bed. His uncle came over to use the bathroom and the door locked on it's own and he was then punched by an invisible force, but all of these experiences he has been able to rationalize in his mind until last night.

One of his favorite shows is Ghost Adventures, Tu told me, but he says it's a very different experience since it happened to him. It's nothing like watching a show. He was definitely frightened.

My advice and recommendation was don't engage this entity. From the interview it seems to be following the family from place to place.
This entity has thrown a box at him and his brother. It's seeking attention and it doesn't seem like the good type of attention. He agreed not to engage it. His religion is Catholic, I suggested he do a house blessing, continue trying to get a priest out to the house. I also suggested he place Arch Angels photos around the house and to keep holy water near by to feel he has strength instead of being afraid which is what this type of spirit feeds on. It's no different then a person attacking a victim. The predator is looking for someone that will not fight back! He said his mom told him the same thing about fearing these invisible forces. As a family they can find strength.

He said I explained a lot to him and he felt better and less fearful!
Which was my goal. If he can regain his power he has already won this battle. Tu asked me what the worse case scenarios was - violence and possession, but in my records it usually happens with in 2-3 years of a haunting, he has been experiencing this for well over 10 years and has lived in the present residence for 5 years. I don't see a worst case scenarios happening at this time, but I advise not to wait and find out. He said he'll clear the home in the next 2-3 days.

I did ask what he hope to accomplish when he called HPI Paranormal and he said he wanted answers. The client seem to be more than satisfied with advice and answers given to him. Case Closed.
G.H.O.S.T Founder
HPI Senior Lead Investigator

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Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
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Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
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Caroline Loughridge, Menehunee Encounter Experiencer
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