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 The Groaning Apartment Ghost of Myrtle

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PostSubject: The Groaning Apartment Ghost of Myrtle   Sun Mar 18, 2012 7:53 am

The Groaning Apartment Ghost of Myrtle
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Tonight received a phone call from Wyoming. Linda from Wyoming says that her boyfriend passed away two years ago in a head on car collision. 3 months ago, she feels someone is in her room and she felt something crawl underneath her sheets. Linda had the radio going and when she felt the entity crawl underneath her sheets, the song by Shalamar - Dancing in the Sheets started playing. Linda tells me that she has started dating someone else and feels uncomfortable knowing that possibly her deceased boyfriend is now with her. I contacted Wyoming Paranormal One-Stop (WPOS) and they have now contacted Linda. WPOS will conduct an investigation and cleansing for Linda. To hear the song that Linda heard, click on the link below.
Dancing in the Sheets - Shalamar

Pictures from the Investigation:

Date to be there: March 17 Saturday Time to be there: 9pm
Occupant hears a person walking around her apartment and making groaning noises, sounds like a male. Pictures fall from walls of their neighbors. Neighbors think the entities are their grandparents. Picture frame mysteriously cracks for no reason. Address to be at: North Highlands, CA. Cleansing required.

HPI Paranormal Investigator Roll Call: Jon Koyasako/Lead Investigator/Security; Deanna Bailey/Lead Investigator/Empath; Kara Koyasako; Patrick Newton; Jon Rubsam/Psychic; Tuesday Rubsam; Capone Bender/Sketch Artist; Alaceo 'Big Al' Rosatano/Videographer; Shari Aresta, Ivy Rubsam; Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager; Atheuth Paris/Remote Viewer/Psychic (in Ohio on Conference Call).

Occupant and friends: Guillermo Barron; Claudine Schneider; Skye C. Harrison-Silver (Occupant).

Skye briefs the team: She has heard footsteps in her room. She has heard a man's voice groaning and standing over her bed. Picture frame made of glass cracked. Cat hissing at something that can't be seen. Entity blew air into Skye's face. Picture came crashing to the ground. Note: Skye was once married and her husband is deceased. Could it be Skye's husband that is haunting this apartment?

There are two areas to cover. 1st Area: Back bedroom with little activity and living room. 2nd area: Ground Zero bedroom (Skye's bedroom) where most of the activity is. Tonight Deanna and Jon Koyasako are the leads. Jon Rubsam/Psychic and Big Al are floaters.

Hi Paul, I spent some time with the clients pictures that she sent me and this is what I was feeling.
I will be available for the last briefing for you to call.
[I feel like Skye's husband and mother are very much around her. They are there to watch over her and her daughter. I feel like the things that are happening are a means to get Skye's attention. I feel like Skye looks for signs because she misses them so much, so they are giving her signs.
I feel like Jay, wants Skye, to know he is always going to be her and their daughter's guardian angel! He knew she liked angels. He also is giving me an impression of a something special about a blanket. I feel like it was him who cracked the picture frame.. He wishes Skye didn't cry so much, he may not be there physically, but what I feel from him is his spirit is very much there. I do not feel like he or Skye's mother feel trapped. They are just there making sure she is alright, because in her alone moments she is not alright.
I feel that Skye's mother was a very strong woman. I feel like she had something going on with her heart before she passed. I feel like it made her nauseated, and for some reason I get something with her head like a stroke or severe headaches. She is always watching over her daughter and her granddaughter. The impression she shows me is one of her fondest memories, which was fixing Skye's hair when she was little. I feel she had an amazing laugh. I also feel like she likes to move things especially in the living room.
I feel like when Skye is in the living room she doesn't feel alone.. But I do not feel anything negative. I feel like it is Skye's husband and mother.
I feel there have been figures caught out the corner of the eye, but I feel as though that is family as well.
I feel like there are knocking noises heard in the bedrooms.]
Atheuth Paris
SJVPR Consultant/Investigator
UMPR Co-Founder/Lead Investigator

Deanna's group captured no EVPs, no orbs in their photos. Kara says she immediately felt like she was attached to Skye's daughter. Jon Rubsam captured designer orb laying on the bed, later he captures a green orb. Green usually indicates serenity and relaxation. Jon's group captured some double orb photos and in Ground Zero (Skye's bedroom), they get one EVP of a little girl making vocal sounds, unintelligible verbal noises. More on Jon Rubsam's Green Orb: The green orb was captured in 3 photos, moving from the wall, to the computer table to the side of the bed. The green orb seemed to have an apparent distinct direction and did not settle like a dust orb. Flashlight communication produced some intelligent responses.

The flashlight communication is dead-on as the occupant Skye speaks, very intelligent responses and the green orb is being seen again via video and photos. The entities here seem very protective of the family and very benevolent. This is considered a 'Casper Haunting'. From what we can tell the entities are the occupant's mother and the occupant's deceased husband. We could not identify the little girl entity. It is suggested that the little girl could be from the isotopic pregnancy of the mother. Special Note: There has been cases where there has been a child entity, the child entity would be the child that was miscarriaged, but continues to live on in the afterlife.

The green orb seemed to have intelligent movement via Jon Rubsamís camera shots, then captured again in Big Alís video. EVP captured by Jon Koyasako that sounds like a young girl. Atheuth is DEAD ON with the blanket, the occupant tells me that Atheuth is describing her motherís blanket and that there is a lot of memories to this blanket. Jon Rubsam is DEAD ON in describing the deceased husband without ever seeing his picture. When the occupant (Skye) participates in the flashlight communication, itís DEAD ON CORRECT on every answer. Is this apartment haunted? I would have to answer Ďyesí, too many amazing things occurred this evening. Strong cold spots were felt during the flashlight communication. The entities in this apartment are benevolent, a true Casper Haunting, an eradication or cleansing was not necessary and we feel comfortable that we have identified the entities as being the occupantís deceased mother, deceased husband and possibly a young girl child that did not have the opportunity to be born upon this world. This was an amazing investigation! When I got home, Hi-Pee and Pika (my dogs) and the racoon that lives in my side bushes came out to greet me, all in all, this was a very positive night! Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Special Note: In the 80s, I used to live in some apartments on Myrtle and one of my neighbors was a former Tower of Power musician before Tower of Power made it big. He actually quit the band, before they were rock stars, the biggest mistake he ever made, he told me.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Cellular Paranormal Hotline Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

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The Groaning Apartment Ghost of Myrtle
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