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 Case Report: A Cursed Family

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PostSubject: Case Report: A Cursed Family   Tue Mar 27, 2012 2:07 am

Case Report: A Cursed Family:
By Belinda Bentley

I always say, Paul Dale Roberts knows how to pick them. He did it again, he has a sixth sense on what cases to give me. Linda Bentley called HPI Paranormal and wanted to know what her family should do about their house. The daughter had been trying to get pregnant for years. When she finally did her boyfriend left her. With no money, her and her mom (Linda) went looking for a house for her. They saw a big beautiful home and loved it! The owner rented it to them knowing she had no money and had her sign a three year lease. Did he know there was something wrong in the house? Or was it the spirit drawing them in?

They get the keys and walk-in, immediately noticing this is not the same house they looked at before. It wasn't beautiful it was ugly and the energy was way off...but now it's to late. The Entity tricked them. The daughter soon after has twins. One has sesurized the other has a heart attack and now has a monitor that goes off if his heart stops. The monitor has went off and no one heard it. They say it's loud and virtually impossible to sleep through or not hear it in another room. So they had to take extra precautions in the home. They can hear the neighbors, but the neighbors can't hear them! They've screamed for help, yelled and cried yet no one hears them.

The daughter went to sleep and the landlord came by. He saved their lives, all the gas in the house was on. Things fly across the rooms. They hear people talking and screaming and no one else is there or the person they hear is asleep. The story just got creepier and creepier. In the basement there is blood splatters. They found out later after a neighbor said 'get a priest in the house right away!" that a boy was supposedly killed in the basement a buried there. They hear banging in the basement regularly.

They recently got a Ouija Board and the board said one of the babies will died if it is not baptized. It announced itself as demon. They quickly went to stay at Linda's house. The house now feels heavy when it didn't before. It follows them. There are so many claims of paranormal disturbances, that I can't list them all. This isn't the run of the mill everyday haunting. This family was attacked. They contacted Penn State and HPI for help.

Before I got off the phone I heard her mention Bentley and a curse. I said "Wait, excuse me? What did you say? Bentley?" Yes, there is a Bentley curse. That is my last name. Intrigued I wanted every detail. I was surprised to find, this family might just be cursed. There was a relief to find we aren't related.

Linda married into the Bentley family. A 12 year old in the family was murdered and they don't know by whom. Then Linda's husband was murdered 20 years ago to the day of 12 year old's murder. Miss Bentley the grandmother died in front of granddaughter and then a Bentley killed his wife and himself and that's just some of the curse. Daughter almost dies and now kids are born one with seizures the other with life threatening heart issues. A wave of negativity follows them.

At one point I mentioned out of the clear blue, "cutting your hair regularly is important. To rid yourself of old stagnate energy that gets trapped there." Linda gasped and wanted to know why I said that. She told me her parents didn't allow her to cut her hair until she was 18 years old. All the women didn't cut their hair and everyone's hair was down to their legs. Hair holds a lot of energy, it stores things. They can now drug test and test for poisons in hair. Hair is like a storage facility. Getting rid of all of that build-up is important even if just trimming the ends as strange as it sounds.

I went through the process of cleansing the house with them and I also told them what a curse is and what to do to rid themselves of it. I asked them to do it in the next three days and then let me know what happened. Kids are involved, they are seeking help and no one seems to be answering the call just yet, though it's an emergency situation. They have left the house which gave me some relief, but if a portal of negativity is open it now must be closed. They are working on getting everyone that hasn't been baptized, baptized. The church has turned them down before, but they are going else were and they aren't taking NO for an answer.

This case will remain active until the energy subsides. I'll be there to help them as they need it. I feel this case can be closed in a short amount of time even given it's intensity.
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March 26, 2012: Shannon McCabe and myself have received reports of people seeing a Wetlash (Water Elemental) in the Sacramento River. On this day, we went monster hunting for the Wetlash, along the embankment of the Sacramento River. I was told by two old ladies at Dublin Castle in Ireland, that the best way to summon an elemental is by using a dog whistle. Elementals are acceptable to high frequency noises and will appear out of nowhere to see what is going on. Shannon and I, may have seen on this day a Wetlash, as it rose out of the water, looked around and went back into the depths of the river.

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Case Report: A Cursed Family
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