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 Scratching Phantom of Auburn & Hotel Jeffrey Scouting Mission

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PostSubject: Scratching Phantom of Auburn & Hotel Jeffrey Scouting Mission   Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:48 pm

Scratching Phantom of Auburn & Hotel Jeffrey Scouting Mission

After the Auburn Investigation, take me to the paradise city of Coulterville! I think Guns & Roses has it right with Paradise City, hear it here:

Remember HPI Peeps - WE ARE THE HPI NATION! Let's kick some paranormal butts!

This weekend, I had back-to-back investigations. Friday, a case in Auburn and on Saturday - Paranormal Scouting Mission to the Hotel Jeffrey in Coulterville, Ca. If you guessed I didn't get much sleep you are absolutely correct. I have some cool pictures of the Hotel Jeffrey event and they will be tossed throughout this double article. So let's start off with the Friday case and see what happened in Auburn, read on:

Clairvoyant Battles Scratching Phantoms
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Date to be there: April 20, Friday Time to be there: 9pm Contact Person: Lorraine Address: Auburn, CA - Activity: scratch marks on the family, chest scratched in front of other family members, bad odors resonate in house and then dissipate. Personality changes occur for occupants. People get pushed. HPI Investigators: The place we will be investigating on Friday is the home of a popular clairvoyant. She has worked with the police on many cases and one of her biggest cases was the Chandra Levy case, see information here:
Credit for this investigation goes to: HPI Paranormal Investigator Jeri Smith/Professional Photographer

HPI Paranormal Investigators Roll Call: Mark Mummert; Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano; Kara Koyasako/Sensitive; Jon Koyasako/Security/Lead Investigator; Deanna Bailey/Lead Investigator; Shari Aresta/Lead Investigator; Tuesday Rubsam; Ivy Rubsam; Capone Bender/Sketch Artist; Patricia Leonard; Connor Hopkins – Co-Founder of G.H.O.S.T.; Brendan Jacob – Co-Founder of G.H.O.S.T.; Ted Vincent – G.H.O.S.T.; Paul Dale Roberts – HPI General Manager.

Special Guests:
Ghost Hunting Observational Study Team Email

Initial Briefing:
Lorraine Dettbarn explains that she has lived in her house in Auburn for 3 years. She has had her hair pulled, she has seen a black shadow/mass in the hallway; bathroom doors locked. She explains that this is Maidu native Indian land. Other activities have been where the bed starts bouncing, the occupants have said that they not only get scratch marks on them, but they get numerous bruises. Lorraine says that her daughter has been pushed across the room and another child was thrown across the room. Another entity that Lorraine has seen is of a little boy and she says that many times electrical items in the house have blown up.

I asked Kara what she might be picking up on and she says that she has ringing in her ears and she is feeling heaviness. Big Al is also feeling heaviness.

Tonight there are two teams. The lead investigators are: Jon Koyasako and Deanna Bailey. This is a huge house and there are two areas to cover. Area 1: 2nd floor, partial 1st floor area, backyard, kitchen. Area 2: Hallway, back bedrooms, front yard.

Jon’s team captured orbs in his photos. The team says that the bedroom area has a fun house affect, especially in the daughter’s (Abigail) room. The team felt dizzy and the air felt thick. No EVPs were captured. Shari had her EMF reader on the middle of the bed and there were some strong EMF spikes. Lorraine says that she has witnessed Morse code type of typing on the table or walls. Deanna’s team captured no orb activity. G.H.O.S.T. has their monitors and cameras set up and have been capturing orb activity on their videos. Back to Deanna’s team. Deanna’s team has felt dizzy and cobweb feelings on their skin. Kara is still getting a ringing in her ears. Brendan felt something behind him and heard a grunt or groaning noise near him. Big Al saw a half black shape with a hump move in front of him. He saw this anomaly only for a second. First investigative period, there is nothing really substantial. The investigation continues.

Something blocks out the chandelier lights, a shadow as seen by Mark on the monitors. Deanna’s team received what appeared to be intelligent flashlight communication, dowsing rod communication. No anomalies captured in their photos. When they went into Abigail’s room, they felt ‘off’, as they would describe it. They received a ton of K2 hits, that would go all the way to red. Jon’s team captured no anomalies in their photos, no EVPs and nothing was seen on the grid lighting. They do say that the K2 meter would light up when they asked if this is a family member.

During the third investigation, Deanna lead the full teams into an area that is Ground Zero for activity and we did several quick and dirty EVPs with two digital recorders and captured a sniffing EVP and an EVP with 2 whispering words, that we can’t make out. I deem this place as haunted and the occupant feels it is her relatives. She does not require a Catholic blessing.

G.H.O.S.T. Equipment Being Used During this Investigation:
4 Channel DVR with Infrared Surveillance Cams, IR Digital Video Cameras,
DSLR Still Camera, Digital Voice Recorders, K2 meters.

HPI Equipment Used: K2 Meters, EMF Readers, Digital Recorders, various type of digital still cameras, video cameras, temperature gauges, dowsing rods, night vision goggles.

Pictures from the Investigation:


Pictures from the Hotel Jeffrey Scouting Mission
April 21, 2012 Saturday:

The Magnolia Saloon ©
"Step through those swinging doors and you’re taking a giant step back through the centuries. Like the smoke that once circled lazily around the grizzled heads of work-weary miners and the fancy curls of the ladies of the evening, memories of long ago linger here. The Magnolia is a venerable old survivor who’s seen the stages, drifters, cowboys, bankers, the rich and resolute and the down at the heels pass through those doors. History has come and gone and the Magnolia has seen it all.

As gnarled and ancient as the wisteria vine wrapped around the building, the Magnolia Saloon is testimony to stubborn durability and man’s need for conviviality and comfort. One of the oldest watering holes in the Gold Country, it’s been in continuous operation since 1899, rebuilt after Coulterville’s last conflagration. Its sturdy plank floor is worn and pitted from miners’ boots, cowboys’ spurs and the stiletto heels of the saloon girls. Many business deals were finalized in this old place with a handshake and a drink. It’s seen its share of brawls and boisterous celebrations and plenty of gold dust and golden coins have slid across its old wooden bar. Towels once hung along the front of this ancient, hand-polished piece of the past so be-whiskered patrons could mop the suds from their handle bar mustaches and long beards.

The Magnolia Saloon is a living museum, full of old photos, relics and mementos of days and folks that are long gone. The photographs are a veritable gallery of “Who’s Who” and “Who Was” in Coulterville. As redolent of the past, it’s no surprise when those who once enjoyed this old place continue to hang around. There are numerous reports of an older man who often stakes out the bar stool on the far end. He has his suds and watches the happenings around him, then suddenly disappears, leaving his empty mug. He’s been occasionally seen in the restaurant just watching and a shadowy figure has been glimpsed in the upstairs hallway. Maybe he’s checking on the younger woman who occasionally bustles through the bar with a stack of towels over her arm.

Paranormal investigators find much to check out in the Magnolia and the hotel. Camera batteries drain quickly, audio recorders are suddenly ‘dead’, compasses behave erratically and mysterious orbs have been photographed. Equipped with EVP and EMF devices, investigators have detected clear evidence of paranormal activity and it’s believed there are several spiritual entities about. Patrons of the Magnolia sometimes detect a whiff of cigar smoke even though no one is smoking and a waft of perfume may drift by borne on some unseen ‘body’. Paranormal experts who have experienced some form of contact with a spirit or ghost report that those who remain on in the Magnolia Saloon and the Jeffery Hotel are fairly content. They have many tasks at which they work hard but the gentlemen don’t forget to take time to enjoy a relaxing ‘Happy Hour’!"

Thank you Nancy, for the nice briefing of the Magnolia Saloon and what a cool saloon it was! I can sit here at Starbucks on my Toshiba laptop and type in the full history of Hotel Jeffrey and Coulterville, but I would think that would be a waste of time as there have been many stories written about the Hotel Jeffrey. You can find out about their history and even some of their paranormal activity right at their website, so stop by here and take a look:

Before I get into the story of the Hotel Jeffrey, let's do a roll call of HPI Paranormal Investigators/Scouts: Kara Koyasako/Sensitive; Jon Koyasako/Security/Lead Investigator; Deanna Bailey/Lead Investigator; Shari Aresta/Lead Investigator; Tuesday Rubsam; Ivy Rubsam; Capone Bender/Sketch Artist; Patricia Leonard; Tim Hawkins; Wendy Williams- HPI Public Relations Manager, Shannon McCabe - HPI Owner; Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager; Chantal Apodaca - HPI Assistant Manager; Joseph; Cindy Steyn; M.J. Crabbe; Ashlynn Jordan - HPI Junior Scout and Promotions; Jon Rubsam; Patrick Newton and many more (any names I left off, I apologize).

The lovely Merisa is a dishwasher at the Hotel Jeffrey and she tells me that one time when she was closing, she reached to turn off the radio and she looked behind her and 3 burners were on, full blast. She tells me that one night her brother was closing and he was sweeping the floors, then all of a sudden he was started to see the swinging saloon doors fly open and a box of cereal flies off the shelves and hits him in the head.

Jennifer tells me that she has experienced the paranormal all her life and she feels she may have psychic abilities, just recently a demonic presence has came into her life 5 years ago. The demonic presence appears in her dreams, she is very curious on our scouting mission and looks forward to the rest of this evening.

This is a blow-by-blow on how the scouting mission was conducted this evening of fun and adventure!

3pm to 6pm - Guests check in. Scouts and Investigators take time to eat at the Magnolia Saloon. Chantal and I order the cheeseburger, fries, to be chased down by a Coke. The cheeseburger teased my tastebuds on every bite! Wow!

Wendy L. Williams and Shannon McCabe talk about the history of Coulterville and the Hotel Jeffrey. Special Note: Wendy's mother has written numerous accounts about the history of Coulterville and the Hotel Jeffrey. Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe discovered the Hotel Jeffrey and felt this would be a prime place for an HPI Scouting Mission and she was right!

Two of the locals gave us a personal tour and discussed the 17 ghosts that haunt the Hotel Jeffrey, the old man in his 50s that is seen walking along the hallway, or the woman in 1800s garb, in her 30s seen at times along the stairwell. The Red Eyed Roof Crawler that have been seen by locals and they have no explanation for it. The Red Eyed Roof Crawler is a dark figure, it appears to walk on all fours and has glowing red eyes. He loves the roof of the Hotel Jeffrey and some locals say that during a full moon is usually when you can see this cryptid. During my visit to the Hotel Jeffrey, I did not encounter the Red Eyed Roof Crawler. One local talked about how he went into his hardware shop and found his sledgehammer tossed 30 feet.

Yep, Shannon got everyone dancing and people were singing songs like: Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd; Tim Hawkins with I am a Man with Constant Sorrow - The Soggy Bottom Boys; Joseph with Betty Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes; Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd (I sang this song and was joined by Jennifer Davenport); Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr (sang by Joseph and other HPI paranormal investigators) and then Shannon McCabe kills it with All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crowe. Special Note: Shannon also did a duet with Wendy L. Williams' talented daughter, but for the life of me, I cannot remember the song. It was done very well and they worked good as a duet.

Many times seances are not successful, but when they are, it's something to remember! A shadow person was observed during the seance. Orbs were seen through my night vision goggles floating in and around seance gatherers. EVP of a male voice is recorded, the voice says about 3 words, but we cannot make out the words, everyone had a chance to hear the EVP. One of the seance participants is actually scratched on his back. He said his back felt like it was on fire. We took pictures of his back and the claw marks that are seen cannot be self inflicted because of the angle. A little paranormal CSI analysis. Chantal Apodaca, Assistant Manager did an incredible job in assisting with the ghost tour, the cemetery walk and getting things started with the Seance. Chantal conducted her own research of the hotel's history and was able to contribute this information with one of the locals. Bravo! Also, bravo to Shannon McCabe for her participation in getting the seance and cemetery walk off-the-ground with Chantal. Of course, I gave my lectures and HPI history lessons about investigating and conducting seances during the seance.

Some of the scouts were getting EVPs in their rooms. Questions asked...'is there anyone here?' They play back their recorders and the answer they would get is 'yes'. At the cemetery we got about 4 EVPs, one was a distinct whistle done in such a way, that it sounds like it is saying 'hello' in a whistle tone. During the cemetery ghost hunt and tour, we were able to watch the beautiful meteor shower.

This was an exceptional scouting mission and I want to personally thank Shannon McCabe for finding this place, karaoke event, seance & cemetery tour participation, Wendy L. Williams for her promotions and history lessons about this place, Chantal Apodaca for her hard work in getting the ghost tour and seance off the ground! The Demon Warrior was pleased with this scouting mission and can't wait to go back!


Interview Conducted on: April 18, 2012, Wednesday. Location: Starbucks – Starbucks 5060 Laguna Blvd, Elk Grove, CA. Met up with Cynthia Quint – a medical intuitive. The way she does readings on people is to get their name and nickname in front of them. She then asks them the month and date of their birth (not the year). She then clears her own energy, so not to confuse her energy with her client. She closes her eyes and scans the client’s body from head to waist. Then she does it again, from waist to feet. She then goes into meditation and starts seeing the visual of the client’s body, she conducts her own analysis and then gies the results to the client. Cynthia has been experiencing the paranormal all her life and one of the most strangest things that she ever experienced is in her apartment on Wahrton Lane, Roseville. She actually saw a portal open up and when she looked into the portal, she saw a man in a lab doing experiments. The portal closed within 30 seconds. We will be investigating her home, she is plagued by entities in her home.

Remember the Dina Palazini – Founder of Bigfoot Seekers Interview? See above.
In one of the questions, I asked her to introduce ‘Carl’. Carl happens to be Carl Johnson, Demonologist. Carl was on 2 seasons of SyFy Channel’s Ghosthunters. I was able to talk to Carl about the interview with Dina. Carl gave me some insight on Bigfoot hunting in Rhode Island. Thank you Carl.

Linda Crespillo!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Cellular Paranormal Hotline Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

Special Note: There are many hills and slides going home from Coulterville to Elk Grove and I destroyed my brakes on those hills. I will have to replace my brakes on Monday. Shannon McCabe provided the HPI Scouts with Cabin in the Woods (movie) promotional t-shirts. Spent $12.00 cash at Hotel Jeffrey for drinks, bar tips and hotel room tips. Chantal Apodaca rode with me half way to Coulterville and rode the other half with Shannon McCabe in her truck. Chantal and I shared a free hotel room at Hotel Jeffrey, Room 15. Bought Chantal a hotdog and Rockstar energy drink on the way up to Hotel Jeffrey. Bought Chantal a cheeseburger, fries and Coke at the Magnolia Bar at Hotel Jeffrey. Bought Chantal a doughnut with coffee on the way back to Elk Grove. Bought Chantal a Knock Out energy drink at General Store in Coulterville, CA.
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Scratching Phantom of Auburn & Hotel Jeffrey Scouting Mission
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