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 Natalie Owen, Paranormal Experiencer

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PostSubject: Natalie Owen, Paranormal Experiencer   Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:44 am

Interview with Natalie Owen, Paranormal Experiencer
Accompanying Natalie is her grandaughter Desi Smith
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Question: Tell me something personal about yourself. Your family life, where you were born and raised.

Answer: Iím a wife, Iím a mom of two, I am a grandmother of 3. I was born in Colusa, CA. I traveled the world, because my husband is in the military. My favorite places around the world are Germany, Holland, Italy. When in Italy, I went to Rome and I also saw the Leaning Tower of Piza. I vividly remember the beauty of the Vatican. I have been to Venice too. I am very family oriented, love BBQs with friends, I love bicycling. I love Country music, but againÖI love all music. I love Mexican, Chinese and Italian food. My favorite TV shows are Ghost Whisperer, Medium, NCIS, CSI. I think I will tell you one more favorite thing, I love doing, I love gardening, I absolutely love nature.

Question: From my knowledge of your background, it appears that you had paranormal experiences all of your life. Can you tell me how it first started and continued in your life?

Answer: I was in kindergarten and I seen someone in my bedroom window but my dad said there was no one there. Then at the age 13, I would be over at friends and hear and see things my friends were unable to see and hear. One particular time was when I was at the Three Sisterís Ranch in Williams, Ca. It was a mansion and I was sitting there with my friends and there were banging pots and pans running through the halls. There was slamming and locking doors and that was the last time I was there, I did not go back. In 1992, I lived in a house in Sutter on Walnut St. in Sutter, A little girl would be sitting in the window of my son Kellyísí bedroom. The dresser would be pushed over in the back bedroom that was my daughter Amandaís bedroom. The glass door from the dining room to the kitchen would open and close. My hair dryer would turn on with no one using it. My toilet would flush on its own. The water would turn on by itself and even a glass of water that was full, I would look later and it was half full. I would never forget the look on my sisterís face when the loaf of bread flew off the counter in the kitchen. There was a man that would wear khaki pants and some kind of straw hat that would walk through my home. I had a friend Robert he had come over and the door locked and he would not come back to my home after that.

Question: Do you feel you have psychic abilities?

Answer: I feel I am an empath, I have the ability of feeling peopleís pain. I am not sure exactly what abilities I have, but I do know it runs in my family, with all of the women, but then again I feel my son may have psychic abilities. My son was hearing voices in my parentís home and after this experience, he said he would never stay there again. My daughter has abilities, when she was 6, after her grandpa died, she was seeing and hearing her grandpa, she would even play with him. When my daughter was in a car accident, my sister was sitting next to her and there were no injuries. My son was once in a car accident and went through the window and he felt angels were holding him. I feel my mother had psychic abilities all her life. In the beginning my mother would freak out with her abilities, but now she is mellow with her abilities. I discovered Desi had abilities at the age of 6 or 8 and she had imaginary friends. When my sister died, my sister would appear to my grand-daughter Desi and would interact with her. She would talk and play with Desi. During this time period, Desi sort of went into herself and would not interact with family members. When Desi got older, she knew she had abilities and started accepting her abilities. Desi would start interacting with other entities. Desi encountered a dark entity and it scared Desi so bad, that she went down on her knees and crawled to her bed and went underneath the covers. She saw an entity that had glowing red eyes, it was very frightening for Desi.

Question: I once investigated your home in Sutter, there was plenty of activity, here is the article about what occurred during my investigation:
American Horror Story: Sutter

Question: You said that Christina investigated your house with a small team, what happened?

Answer: Jessie started getting evps and went to the upstairs bedroom where he captured a girl humming. Kareen, Desi, Christina and my mom and I were feeling something dark and heavy in my parentís bedroom. Kareen, Christina and Deanna were getting dizzy and were getting a headache and something was touching or brushing my lower legs. There are lots of spirits that are there, and some are not bad. My mother Violet was pushed into the door that goes up the stairs. She hit her head and ear very hard (Christina had a vision that this would happen) and spent the next day in bed. The next time Christina came back there was a dark energy that is felt, it was not from our world and they tried to get rid of it. Jennifer, Christina, Marla went off on their own and they walked around the property. Jennifer said that there were many entities outside, maybe they were former neighbors in the neighborhood, she even saw an entity walking his dog. Jennifer said that a little girl and a little boy (not related) they were more play mates than anything else and that they make a lot of mischief. Jennifer, Christina and Jesse were gathered at a tree in the backyard; they were drawn to the tree and started snapping pictures. They captured a lot of orbs in their pictures. Jennifer, Christina, Kareen all felt heaviness in my motherís bedroom. Jennifer felt there was a man in there and the entity said: ďI am grandpaís buddy and we served together.Ē The entity was saying that grandpa had something of his. There was a lot of flashlight communication this night.

Question: Tell me about your UFO experience.

Answer: In 1976, I was home with one of my sisters when the lights when out. The lights not only went out in my house, but they went out in the whole town of Colusa. Colusa had a black out. I felt something really weird about this night that made the hair stand up on my arms. Mom was working late that night at the store and she was there by herself. A Sheriff came in and was checking on her and she asked what was going on and he said he could not talk about it and he would be back to check on her. This made her scared, being in the dark store all alone knowing something was terribly wrong. She was able to close the store and come home to us. There were lights in the sky, they were very colorful. The lights shot across the sky and the other side of Colusa a person saw it hovering over the telephone poles. The UFO landed in the open field, this personís name was Bill Picca and he was out working on machinery (bank out wagons) and when the UFO left, it left a huge UFO burn spot, where it had landed. When the UFO went over my grandmotherís farm, the UFO disrupted the cows so much, they could not produce milk.

Question: Are you still having paranormal incidents at your home in Sutter?

Answer: Yes. In my home there was a couple that died there. The entity is blowing smoke in Desiís face. My husband denies the activity, he was playing X-Box and he was scratching his face, because he was feeling something touching his face, he saw a black shadow. He thought it was a spider on his face, I believe he is in self-denial. The door sounds like its opening and there are sounds of someone walking up on the porch. An entity named Zeke will stand at the porch wearing his briefs. We have also seen a little black girl standing in the hallway.

Thank you for this fantastic interview! Desi your grandmother told me some personal things about herself, can you tell me something about you, before we go?

Answer: My favorite song is We are Young Ė Fun. My favorite movies are: Footloose and Twilight. I love camping with friends and playing basketball and volleyball. I love texting!! I am a paranormal investigator and psychic in training.


By Belinda Bentley
Debbie is an inspector who found herself in an abandoned building as a part of her job. While there came upon some kittens. As a lover of animals she took them home with her. That night she was engrossed in doing paperwork. The TV was on and the kittens meowing beside her begging for her attention. While a commercial was on she heard a voice coming from what seemed to be the TV. It whispered "Take care of them." Looking up she saw no one and it was a quieter voice than the TV so the association that it came from the commercial didn't make sense, but she didn't know what else it could be. Going back to work she hears the female voice again during a different commercial "Take care of them."

This time she knew it wasn't the TV. She believes a spirit came with the kittens or it's a spirit in the house that has never made itself known. A few days ago her daughter was trying to nap and the kittens kept making noises, keeping her awake. When she checked in on them it was as if they were playing with an unseen person. They were playing and meowing at the air. Did a spirit visit and follow these kittens home? Might they have a guardian angel? Debbie said she aims to find out. Never having had a spirit encounter before she's not sure how to interact with it. "If it were me," I told her " I would just ask her to help me find the kittens loving homes." For that she just might make herself available again.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Cellular Paranormal Hotline Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

Special Note: Natalie Owen/Desi Smith interview conducted at: Starbucks - 361 West Main Street, Woodland, CA - thank you Natalie for the grande mocha frappachino!
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Natalie Owen, Paranormal Experiencer
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