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 Flying Garbage Lid Ghost of Carmichael

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PostSubject: Flying Garbage Lid Ghost of Carmichael   Sun May 06, 2012 9:23 pm

Flying Garbage Lid Ghost of Carmichael
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Pictures from this Investigation:

Year: 1968. Location: Mekong Delta, Vietnam. My half brother Andres (Andy) Somprise Soyo is in the rice paddies with his infantry brothers. My brother Andy stands there helpless as he watches his buddy foaming from the mouth, after being bitten by the dreaded 5-minute snake. The reason why this snake is called the 5-minute snake is that after a person has been bitten by this snake, they have an estimated 5 minutes to live. This would be an image that would replay over and over again in my brotherís mind. Andy once told me that he may have left Vietnam, but Vietnam did not leave him.

I remember seeing my brother Andy waking up in a cold sweat, having nightmares that take him back to the rice paddies and jungles of Vietnam. Sometimes I would watch Andy as he would look in the bedroom mirror with Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones playing loudly in the background. I could only wonder what was on his mind during those odd times. I knew the horrors of Vietnam played out in the mind of my brother for the rest of his life. He is now deceased and I only hope he is resting in peace and has escaped the torment and horrors of Vietnam forever. Vietnam ruined my brotherís life. He caught Malaria and it stayed with him, a disease that would never go away. The graphic images of his buddy lying next to him as he accidentally places his hand into some goo, only to realize that goo is his infantry brotherís brain tissue. The war of Vietnam left many ghosts on the landscape of Vietnam.

The negative residual energy and the intelligent energy of deceased soldiers that have no idea why they died the way they did, or why they died so suddenly will forever more haunt this land. I remember flying over Vietnam and looking upon the rice paddies as I was flying over to Thailand and wonder how much paranormal activity is abundant on this country? What would I see and witness when the sun goes down? Vietnam is on my list of places to investigate. I have been to many historical sites that have stories of haunted activity, from the Tower of London to Stonehenge to The Bridge over River Kwai in Thailand to Dublin Castle in Ireland to San Lucas Prison in San Lucas Island in Costa Rica. When you go to places like this, you have a feeling of dread, you feel depression, and you feel a thickness in the air. You donít have to be psychic to feel these oddities in the atmosphere of these locations that have a dark history, a dark past. For a person that is a skeptic, all they have to do is go to locations that have historical milestones in war, death, murders and tortures. They will not have long to wait to witness true paranormal activity.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another. Energy is forever. All living things carry an aura about them, that aura is pure energy and contains all of the information of the living thing it surrounds. When the aura of a deceased person leaves a deceased body, the energy is released into the atmosphere and contains all of the information about that deceased person and when it materializes, that is when a person looks upon the materialization and will say that they saw a ghost. Yes, ghosts exist and when you have an area of land that has significant historical value, you will find those ghosts. Vietnam will always have ghosts and the Vietnam War will live on within an ethereal plane of existence. Yes, as a paranormal investigator, I will investigate the many ghostly stories of Vietnam.

Present Time: But, since I am not in Vietnam, I am able to find many places right here in my home town or throughout Northern California, where HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International) mostly covers. Tonight, we will be investigating two apartments at Villa Serano Apartment complex off Marconi Avenue in Carmichael. Tonight I am being driven to the location by Lead Investigator Shari Aresta.

Letís do a HPI Roll Call: Merly Shwetzer/Metaphysical Cleanser/Psychic; Kara Koyasako/Sensitive; Shari Aresta/Lead Investigator/Elk Grove Police Assistant; Mark Mummert; Jon Koyasako/Lead Investigator & Security; Alaceo ĎBig Alí Rosatano/Videographer, Paul Dale Roberts/HPI General Manager/Investigative Journalist.

Occupants & Family: Daniel Hernandez; Alex Reynolds, Jana Reynolds & Marsha Reynolds.

Initial Briefing:
Daniel Hernandez explains that their child has night terrors and has seen an entity. They have witnessed the baby bottle moving on its own accord. They have seen the bathroom doors closing and the blinds moving on their own. One of the scariest moments is when Daniel with his peripheral vision saw the lid of the garbage can fly up in the air and fall to the floor. There is a rumor that the previous occupant practiced Voodoo. I tried to consult my Voodoo specialist Nidia Holmes, but was unable to contact her this evening.

Tonight is a Super Moon and is a perfect time for an investigation.

Big Al saw through his viewfinder orbs moving around, they were red orbs. Later he saw some orbs with his own eyes. I also saw a red orb moving and streaking around in the little girlís bedroom, then I saw either the same red orb or possibly another red orb streaking around in the little girlís bedroom with my own eyes. Jon and Shari heard what sounded like a marble hitting up against the closet wall. Kara heard what she said were light taps (knockings) on the bathroom wall. Mark captured an EVP of a womanís voice during the time he was getting some K2 hits.

We captured a male voice whispering EVP. Shari captured a knocking EVP, where she said, knock 2 times, it knocks 2 times, then she asked for it to knock once and it knocks once. Kara captured many orbs outside. We investigated the other apartment and did not get any EVPs, the apartment belongs to Alex Reynolds. While in the main bedroom we heard 3 loud thumps on the ceiling, witnesses: Mark, Jon, me and Big Al. We cannot determine where those 3 loud thumps came from. We were asking for the entity to give us a sign and we got that sign with 3 loud thumps. We also had a mini-sťance and during the sťance, Mark is talking to the entity and the entity replies in an unintelligible reply. I conducted a Catholic blessing of this apartment, during the blessing I felt a tugging as we reached the front door, a tugging that seemed to want me to stay in the house and not walk onto the porch. Right after the blessing with Daniel, 2 females in the apartment complex (not associated with the occupants) were in a severe fist fight in which our group ran down and separated the two women, ending the brawl under a Super Moon.

With the EVPs, that we gathered, it is of my opinion that there is paranormal activity in this apartment and hopefully my Catholic blessing of this apartment will start a new beginning for the occupants. A beginning of peace and harmony and no more paranormal discord.


It Wasn't Human
Reporter: Belinda Bentley

Irvin Ayala called HPI Paranormal certain what he saw last week in New Jersey wasn't human. Last Sunday, Irvin and his cousin ventured out on his dads property which is private land, to hunt for turkey and rabbits on the seven acres. There is a gravel road that has a caution cone at the end of it. There is only one way in and one way out by vehicle and this was it. After a while in the woods they shot at some ground hogs and then in the distance they saw a little black dog. They used binocular to focus on it, but the figure would never come into focus. Looking again they saw a dark mass that looked like a human torso.

Since this is private property no one should be on this land at this time. Irvin radioed his dad to find out if anyone had been given permission to hunt, because by law it must be recorded. Two days prior two men asked to hunt, but they had since left. Looking at it again it was pacing back and forth. Now there are two black mass. One a little dog and the other a man, taller than Irvin who is 5'9" and the figure looked husky. The shadows kept walking through the woods a great distance away from them. They were trying to make out a distinction between clothes and skin and neither was present so out of seer fear they began to run. When they turned around the thing had covered half the distance between it and the frightened cousins.

Reaching a cabin they shined a huge light on the creature. It still being far away, they made out a silhouette of a person coming toward them. The dog like creature was a black mass on all fours with no ears or features. They ran to the back and got into their truck and road out to where it was. They were searching for tracks other than their own, some kind of boot or animal tracks and neither were present. To Irvin this is clear that it isn't human, big foot or an animal. It was ghostly. Paul suggested in the first conversation that he look up shadow people. Irvin Googled it and said the picture took his breath away. It was the same figure without the hat. They just might have encountered a shadow creature in the New Jersey woods, where they legendary Jersey Devil is said to be.
G.H.O.S.T Founder
HPI Senior Lead Investigator

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
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Flying Garbage Lid Ghost of Carmichael
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