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 Heaven Liegh Eldeen - Author: The Demon Side

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PostSubject: Heaven Liegh Eldeen - Author: The Demon Side   Sat May 26, 2012 4:21 am

Interview with Heaven Liegh Eldeen, Author of The Demon Side
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Special Note: I discovered the incredible Heaven from another incredible person - Lori Ann Schulz KMYC 1410 The Dirt! Heaven will be a guest on The Dirt! Look out for Jazma Online! Vice President Richard Vasseur's review of The Demon Side!

Before we get into this interview, please read Heaven's Bio at:

To see more pictures of Heaven, stop by here:

Question: Heaven, please tell me all about yourself. Where you were born and raised. What kind of recreational activities you like. What hobbies you have. Where have you traveled to. What are your favorite books, TV shows, movies? Your family life, etc.

Answer: Iím a Cancer. I enjoy moonlit walks on the beach. Oh wait wrong interview. Ha-Ha. I was born on a Marine Corps base in Yuma, Arizona but raised mostly in good old Sacramento, California. My mother and father moved us from Bastrop, Texas when I was seven and finally planted roots. As far as my hobbies, I have way too many. I enjoy everything from camping, shooting, playing football, to sewing, baking, and of course, writing. When it comes to writing, Iím very fortunate to have traveled quite extensively in my life. Iíve been to almost every state in the U.S. minus Alaska (which I canít wait to go to) and Oklahoma. From every place I have visited, Iíve taken something back home, whether it is the culture, dialect or food experience that I use in my writing. Another great asset is my love of all books. My library consists of everything from true crime, graphics novels and comic books. My current favorite book as for this moment (itíll change in about two weeks) is the 50 Shades of Gray series. I know Iím horrible for reading them. I did just pick up the Walking Dead graphic novel and look forward to reading that this week. Which the show by the way is so badÖÖoops good! I canít wait until the next season. Iíve also become addicted to the Falling Skies series. But, when it comes to mommy time with my son you can not go wrong with Phineas and Ferb. Heck Iíll admit it, I watch this show even when my son isnít home. Ha-Ha

Question: You have a book out, called The Demon Side. Please tell me what inspired you to write this book.

Answer: The challenge to write the book came from my sister-in-law after I expressed my annoyance about the barrage of vampire books on the market. She snipped at me saying ďOh you think you can do better.Ē Three months later The Demon Side came to be.

Question: Can you briefly tell me what this book is about?

Answer: The Demon Side centers around a demon named Rahovart, who has been banished from hell to Earth. He spends his free time scaring tenants out of the home he is trapped in. That is until he meets the new tenants, The Divads. And thatís when all hell breaks loose, literally.

Question: Where can your readers purchase this book at?

Answer: You can purchase The Demon Side wherever ebooks are sold.

Wait a minute, here is a direct link:

Question: Who are the main characters in the book?

Answer: The Demon Side is told from Rahovart the demonís point of view and follows him as he interacts with Etta the eighteen year old daughter of the ownerís John and Rene.

Question: Rumor has it that you are working on 6 other books, please pray tell!

Answer: Oh my goodness yes. I canít seem to shut my mind off. I am currently putting finishing touches on The Human Side (sequel to The Demon Side) and well as Vineyard House, my shapes shifter tale. On top of that I started a book about zombies (with a new twist) and a childrenís book.

Question: Do you have a website and a way for the readers to get a hold of you?

Answer: Iím an internet junkie so you can find me anywhere. Iím on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and my very own web page (I feel so big balliní).

Question: Did your family life inspire you to write your book? If it did, can you elaborate?

Answer: I pull from my personal experiences and history in all I do. In The Demon Side, I pulled a lot from inside of me but gave the characters all personas of my family growing up. For instance, Rene, the evil step mother, is based on my mother. The workaholic father is based off of my father.

Question: I heard you had a paranormal experience, can you explain?

Answer: Yes I have. While my husband was stationed at Marine Corps base Quantico, Virginia we lived with a ghost we named George. Almost nightly the spare bedroom door would open. Footsteps would creak to the bathroom. The toilet seat would lift on its own followed by a flush. The seat would lower and a shadow would walk downstairs to the refrigerator. After checking inside for whatever he was after, George would return to the spare bedroom. On occasions if the television or stereoís volume became too loud for his liking heíd stomp on the floor. There were times Iíd yell at him and he would stop and times I would yell at him and heíd stomp harder. It was a crazy experience and wonderful all in the same breath.

Question: To have people get to know you better. Can you tell me what your favorite song is?

Answer: I have so many. I am a music addict. In fact I write with my Ipod on full blast. If I have to narrow it down to a few I would have to say 21 Guns by Green Day, Wind that Shakes the Barley by The Dead Can Dance, Snuff by Slipknot, and Cannibal by Ke$ha.

Question: Why did you travel to so many States? Was this just for vacation purposes?

Answer: My family travel mostly to where my father could find work. After settling in Sacramento, I traveled to visit family members across the United States. Now I travel purely for the fun and experiences. You meet some amazing people and see some amazing things. It beats television.

Question: You and your husband are becoming HPI paranormal investigators. Can you introduce your husband? What is his name? Why are you two interested in the paranormal?

Answer: Oh yes. My partner in crime, John Eldeen. Awesome guy. Donít tell him I said that. Weíve had paranormal experiences together and apart. Iím more of the believer of the two. Though he believes he feels nine times out of ten there is a reasonable explanation. Iím going to prove him wrongÖagain. Ha-Ha.

Question: Back to your book. Why a book on a demon, why didnít you write a book on an angel, or a fairy? Just curious.

Answer: I chose a demon because I wanted my story out, though itís fiction, it still has some truth and believability to it. With the events that take place in The Demon Side no one would believe an angel would be responsible or apart of them. Plus the book world is too flooded with pretty boy angels. He-He.

Question: Thank you for this wonderful interview. To end this interview, can you please give our readers some words of wisdom?

Answer: I can and itís going to sound cheesy, clichťd, but it rings true. No matter what your goal or dream, never, ever, never, ever give up. Behind a thousand nos is a yes waiting for you.

Interview Date: May 25, Friday
Time of Interview: 1730 Hours
Location of Interview: Starbucks, 2121 Natomas Crossing Drive, Ste 800, Sacramento, CA 95834


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Heaven Liegh Eldeen - Author: The Demon Side
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