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 The Summerland

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PostSubject: The Summerland   Sun Jun 10, 2012 11:16 pm

The Summerland
By Elizabeth Cheryl
Publisher: Crescent Moon Press
Reviewed by Paul Dale Roberts - President
Comments: Wow! Imagine being taken back to the Summer of 1692 and finding yourself smack dab at the Salem witch trials! Elizabeth Cheryl does not waste any time to get the reader into the thick of things as you start reading the first chapter and she writes:

“The tall man with oddly shaped hat shouted at the crowd as he looked towards the mammoth oak tree at the top of the small hill………………..the man tore open a large book. “Guilty of maleficarum!” he exclaimed with vigorous rage as the cheering crowd raised their arms in jubilation.”

My heart sank as I read those few lines, the vision of the innocently accused resonated through my mind. Our heroine thrown into the midst of chaos knows nothing about magic and spells, let alone time travel. A spell book in a closet has brought her three centuries back to allow her to witness injustice, people wrongly accused of being witches. The only thing our heroine wanted to do was to help her Aunt Bridgette, that was gravely injured and Abigail thought the spell book would help her aunt. What I love about this book is the historical insight that Elizabeth Cheryl has placed into her story, making the story very realistic. Elizabeth Cheryl is very descriptive, in one passage, she states: “…..”I was so parched. My lips felt like a cracked desert floor……” When an author is very descriptive, it helps the reader place the images in their mind. With The Summerland, what you have is a Summer blockbuster movie unfolding in your hands. The Summerland has so much suspense and intrigue, I felt like I was on an extreme rollercoaster ride and expecting a nose bleed at anytime. Mysteries around every corner, that will cause the reader to frantically want more! This is a very highly recommended book!
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The Summerland
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