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 Shadow Beings Sighted at Oroville Cemetery

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PostSubject: Shadow Beings Sighted at Oroville Cemetery   Sun Jun 17, 2012 11:38 pm

Shadow Beings Sighted at Oroville Cemetery
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Pictures of the UFO Summit and the Oroville Investigation:

June 16, 2012, Saturday: After an exhausting, but fun day at the 2012 Sacramento UFO Convention / 2012 UFO Summit, headed over to Oroville/Feather Falls Casino to investigate the home that is on an Indian Reservation. Riding with me was Kara and Jon Koyasako.

As we reached Marysville, I get a last minute cancelation from the occupant, she got cold feet. The only thing I could do was to continue, we came to far to back off now. I met the HPI Investigators in front of Feather Falls Casino in Oroville. Present: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager; Kara Koyasako/Sensitive; Jon Koyasako/Lead Investigator/Security; Lisa Gottschalk; Brendan Jacob of G.H.O.S.T; Louise Cordova; Ted Vincent of G.H.O.S.T.; Alaceo 'Big Al' Rosatano/Videographer; Connor Hopkins of G.H.O.S.T.

Special Note: Connor, Brendan & Ted of G.H.O.S.T. had their own booth at the 2012 Sacramento UFO Convention.
G.H.O.S.T. - Ghost Hunting Observational Study Team Email

Before I met up with my investigators, I was stopped by Greg of - Owned by Greg and his friend Monroe. Greg wants to keep up with activities of HPI through his Yuba County website and is going to try and get us into the abandoned haunted Marysville Hotel.

When I gave the initial briefing to my investigators about the last minute cancelation, I saw the disappointment in their faces. I had to think of something quick before they became a lynch mob. Last minute cancelations is something to expect from clients. Some clients are scared that we will find nothing and think they are crazy. We maintain our professionalism at all times. If we find nothing at an investigation or if we debunk and find natural causes to their phenomenon, does not indicate the client is mentally unstable. Perhaps, just perhaps we were unable to find their paranormal claim. Perhaps there is something actually going on in their home. What I have learned is that entities are not circus clowns and will not perform on demand. In this case the client was scared and she obtain cold feet at the last minute.

Now to Plan B, we convoyed to the Oroville Memorial Park Cemetery.
As we entered the cemetery, all of the investigators heard the sounds of two girls playing. We went towards the direction of the voices and found nothing. We observed a cat, that seemed to vanish before our very eyes and later obtained an EVP of what sounds like a kitten meowing. At a later time in the investigation, our team found the vanishing cat and the kitten. Jon and I observed a shadow man walking on top of the hill. When we reached the top of the hill we did not find anyone walking along that hillside. As the investigation continued, designer orbs were captured in our photos. Brendan and I heard a whistling sound near us and found no explanation for the whistling sound.

Down the roadside of the cemetery, a light was seen to cross the road twice. Could this be the light from distant cars? The light seemed to close. Inconclusive.

Possible EVPs were obtained of what sounded like voices. These voices could be echoeing from the distance. Human voices projected a long distance on this still warm night. Inconclusive.

As we finished up our investigation, Brendan and I saw a shadow figure of a man walking on the down slope of the cemetery. I saw the shadow man walking for a period of 2 seconds before it disipated. Brendan saw the shadow man walking for a period of 1/2 of a second.

If one person saw the shadow man, then it becomes debatable. If you have 2 witnesses, then it becomes part of the evidence. I know what I saw, Jon and Brendan know what they saw. It's up to the readers to make their final decision. Was it the trick of the eye? Was it a trick with shadows and light? Or did we actually see a shadow man walking? Was it coincidental that two observers saw the same thing? In a criminal court of law, 2 witnesses that witness a crime is usually enough grounds for the prosecution to proceed with their case.

Special Note / Special People at the 2012 UFO Convention: It was great seeing Rowena Lugtu-Shaddox of Fox 40 News, David Mace and Spencer Hughes!


Date to be there: June 22, 2012, Friday
Time to be there: 9pm
Contact Person: Richard Rizas Address to be at: Galt, CA Case credited to: Tom Watkins of the KPI Team. Activity: Pushing, shoving by entities. Found pentagram on floor, under carpet. People are levitated from their beds. Bruises on occupant.

"Jayden is what most would call a "Psychic", but is a self professed "Spiritual Sensitive" who is gifted in the areas of Spiritual Discernment, Spiritual Counseling, and Healing. He has been nicknamed "Prophet" by many of his peers in the paranormal research and investigation fields due to his amazing gift of spiritual insight. On the job, Jayden tends to act like a "watch dog" by protecting clients and fellow team members, and is becoming known as being a "Bloodhound" when it comes to sniffing out spiritual energy and demonic forces. If there is something there...he will lead you to it, and help you deal with it properly. Jayden is a hard working, dedicated, and valuable addition to any serious paranormal investigation or research team."

The entity that is present at Galt is getting stronger, the entity is feeding off fear. The entity needs fear to survive and the occupants may be projecting out the necessary fear energy to the entity, by something as simple as watching a lot of horror movies.

Basically Jayden is saying: That he feels that the occupants are welcoming the observance of violence in their lives and somehow have brought something dark and sinister in their lives. Let's see if Jayden is correct when we conduct this investigation.

Jayden Frost
Dallas, TX
Spiritual sensitive/Counselor

Message from Susan White:
This photo is from Stan and Lisa Romanek. They do sweeps of their home every so often because they know they are under continued surveillance, along with email and snail mail tampering. I would guess it is possible alien technology is being used to spy on abductees. This item was found in Stan and Lisa's light switch when the did a sweep. No one that they have shown it to has every seen anything like it. When they sent it in for examination, the box
arrived at it's destination with a couple of rocks in it and a note saying "We don't think so." Sue White

June 15, 2012 7pm Attending Chantal Apodaca's Graduation at Woodlake Hotel 500 Leisure Lane, Sacramento, CA

June 16, 2012 Saturday 8am to 9pm SAC UFO Con 2012 UFO Paranormal Summit - Host: Anthony Sanchez, (916) 218-9527
8am to 9pm Crowne Plaza Sacramento 5321 Date Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95841 - HPI has a booth - HPI Booth Representatives are me (Paul Dale Roberts), Chantal Apodaca (Absent), Shannon McCabe, Frankie Vanity.

June 16, 2012 Saturday 11pm: Contact: Katie 5306938369/5307120255. Address to be at: Feather Falls Casino - 3 Alverda Drive, Oroville, CA 95966. Activity & History: We are going to meet the occupant at the Casino and follow her to her home on an Indian reservation. Activity: lights turn on by itself, dogs go crazy as if they are seeing things, activity heavy at 3am. Black figures and shadows seen. Occupant has dreams of the devil. Cleansing needed: American Indian cleansing and Catholic Blessing. Special Note: Occupant canceled at the last minute and we had to go with Plan B and investigate the Memorial Park Cemetery in Oroville.

June 17, 2012 Sunday 8am to 6pm: SAC UFO Con 2012 UFO Paranormal Summit -, (916) 218-9527 - HPI Booth Representatives: Paul Dale Roberts, Shannon McCabe, Frankie Vanity and Chantal Apodaca (Absent).

HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International) was a vendor at the 2012 Sac UFO Con and other vendors and paranormal people that I met were:

Bill Murphy of Fact or Faked
Paul Bradford - Ghost Hunters International
Anthony F. Sanchez - First Investigative Researcher to ever find US Government property atop the Archuleta Mesa (Dulce, NM).
PS: Did a podcast interview with Anthony F. Sanchez.
East Bay Paranormal
Kyle Humburg, Mike Mendez, Jessica Costa
Jeffrey Gonzalez
Benjamin Hulett, Author of Alien Illuminati; 209 409 2016
Intrepid Mag Scotty Roberts
Katey's Kandles Kate Song (209) 244-6439
The Bob Oliver Show The Quantum Leap
David G. McClary - Photographer
Sharon Sampsel 916 451-4014
John 'Jack' G. Bessler
Possible Place to Investigate: Laura - Maggio's Italian Deli - 2181 First Street, Livermore, CA 925 321-8787
New HPI Investigators: -
Interview: ; Agel Enterprises Voranan Pangpanga, Independent Representative Believe Wealth and Health

June 18, 19, 20, 2012 8am be at Sally Garza's home: Flying to Los Angeles to film a My Ghost Story segment.
Kaitlin Dixon 908 330 5466 (Contact Person)
Delta DL 4448 10:20am 6/18
American 3075 11:45am 6/20
Hotel: Doubletree by Hilton LA - Westside
6161 West Centinela Avenue, Culver City, CA 90230
Flying to LA are: Sabrina Castillo, Sally Garza, Paul Dale Roberts

HPI Assistant Manager Chantal Apodaca Graduates from Bryan College
and I was there! June 15, 2012! See pictures here:

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Cellular Paranormal Hotline Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

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Shadow Beings Sighted at Oroville Cemetery
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