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 The Moss Beach Distillery Investigation

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PostSubject: The Moss Beach Distillery Investigation   Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:17 pm

The Moss Beach Distillery Investigation
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Pictures from the Moss Beach Investigation:

June 23, 2012: The road trip begins! Deanna Bailey driving a 2012 Mazda CX7 SUV has in tow: me, Chantal Apodaca, Jon & Kara Koyasako and we are headed to Moss Beach, California to meet up with the rest of the HPI team and Soulseekers Carolann Castro, Jenny Castro and Trianna Garcia. Tonight we will be investigating the Moss Beach Distillery. This is the same Moss Beach Distillery that was featured on Unsolved Mysteries and SyFy Channel’s Ghosthunters. Before we get started, let’s take a roll call:

HPI Paranormal Investigators present are: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager; Jon Koyasako/Security / Lead Investigator; Kara Koyasako/Sensitive; Deanna Bailey / Lead Investigator, Rachel Rodriguez; Becky Cardenas/HPI Chronicles Cover Artist; Ivy Rubsam; Capone Bender/Sketch Artist; Carolann Castro – President of Soulseekers; Tuesday Rubsam; Trianna Garcia/Soulseekers; Jenny Castro/Soulseekers; Patrick Newton; Chantal Apodaca/HPI Assistant Manager/Psychic; Jon Rubsam/Psychic; Susan White; Tiara Bali; Sean Drake; Jess Gurganus; Aura O'Brien.

Before the investigation, we explored the outside perimeters where the Blue Lady is seen. We get a gorgeous view of the ocean. We witness a whale blowing water out of its snout. We see hawks, owls and a pelican flying over head. Looking below the cliffs we watch the seals sunbathing along the beach. There must have been over 75 seals sunbathing. Chantal starts waving at a seal and I kid you not, the seal looks at Chantal waving and waves back. I was flabbergasted! As we continued on the trail, we come across a huge banana slug. The location of the banana slug, placed him in jeopardy of being trampled, so I saved his life by picking up his sticky body and placed him safely in the bushes.

If you have never been to the Moss Beach Distillery, this is a must place to see! The atmosphere of the restaurant is wholesome and family friendly. The décor is to die for and if you are hungry, get ready to dine on some of the finest food prepared in this golden state of California. Some of my hungry investigators dined on: Linguine Di Mare that is mainly bay scallops, rock shrimp, manila clams, applewood smoked bacon mixed with tomatoes, fresh basil in a garlic white wine sauce. The char-grilled salmon is scrumptious! If you love your steak, you have to try out their char-grilled New York, pan-seared filet mignon. What? You would rather have baby back ribs or maybe chicken saltimbocca? Well, guess what..they have it here! All I can say is to feast!

Tonight, we are here to see if this place is haunted and guess what, as soon as we conducted our outside perimeters investigation, we captured an EVP by the wooded area next to the restaurant. The EVP says ‘he did’. I know this is going to be a good night, because within one hour of being here, we already captured an EVP! Now I am sitting here with my other investigators waiting for the clients to leave, so we can get busy!

We started the investigation with our initial briefing, getting some history of the establishment, stories of the activity that occurs here, etc. Tonight the two leads are Jon Koyasako and Carolann Castro. Jon's team is Team Speakeasy and Carolann's team is Team Blue Mist. We have two main areas to cover. 1st area is the lower level and the outside perimeters. 2nd area is the 2nd floor and balcony.

Jon Rubsam picks up on two entities, an older man and an older woman. The entities relate to Jon that they are excited that Kayoko is coming home soon. Melissa Vega, Sales & Marketing Manager and Bartender of this establishment is astonished, because Kayoko is the wife of the owner and she has been absent from this establishment for a while. The entities that Jon encountered have an attachment to the Moss Beach Distillery.


There are some distractions, with all of the raccoons and bats flying in the air, but we are getting some evidence. There are a lot of orb pictures, in one back room strong K2 hits on one particular chair and 2 witnesses saw an indentation on the chair, as if someone was sitting on the chair. Spirit box indicates that there was a musician that seems to be connected to the Blue Lady. This musician was a piano player. Intelligent communication was detected with the K2 meters. A 'yes' is a light on, a no is no light on. Names being picked up on is Cayte. Cayte is an entity that wears a yellow dress. Jon Rubsam picks up that the Blue Lady is named Sara - pronounced Sora, with the last name that starts with a Z, possibly European. Chantal sees Sara being shook, Jon sees her being shook and possibly stabbed and thrown off the large round hill that overlooks the restaurant and rises from the beach area. Spirit box indicates a murder took place and the word 'dropped' is repeated. Did Sara or Cayte get dropped from the hill? Jon feels Sara is in her 20s. Spirit box repeats 3 times...'help please'. Tonight we will seek out the identity of the Blue Lady.

To go over what we have on the Blue Lady via Jon Rubsam:
Blue Lady is named Sara, pronounced Sora. She is European, with a last name that starts with Z. Sara was involved with the piano player. Jon and Chantal see her being shaken. Jon sees that she was stabbed and taken to the hill and thrown off the hill, to cover up the stabbing.

Strange noise heard, investigators could not determine where the noise came from. Intelligent flashlight and K2 communication, indicating that the Blue Lady is Cayte, but the conflict comes when Jon indicates the Blue Lady is Sara Z, possible last name of Zintona. (Name Confidential)name comes on the spirit box and it could be the name of (Name Confidential). Jon sees that Sara is lonely. Chantal and Jon see her being shaken on the hill. Chantal sees that she had her neck broken when she fell from the hill. Jon sees that Sara worked here during the prohibition days. Her boss had a crush on her and Sara rejected his advances. The boss convinces Sara to go to the hill and stabs her and throws her off the hill. Sara is 24 and (Name Confidential) is 35 years old with a handlebar mustache. In the last session, no EVPs gathered, just more orb photos.

With the one EVP, there is definitely a haunting on the property. A lot of strange things happened on this night. While Kara and Chantal were in the woods, they came across strange red and pink lights in the woods. The lights followed them. Both women saw the lights with their own eyes. Kara took pictures of the lights and captured very unusual light anomalies in her photos. You will see those photos soon. The women were later told that the lights were red and pink sprites that have been often seen in the woods. Jon and Chantal while investigating on separate floors received visions of the Blue Lady. They saw her taken to the hill across the way from the restaurant, they saw her being shaken. Jon saw her being stabbed. Chantal did not see the stabbing. Both saw in their vision of her falling from the hill to the ground below, breaking her neck. Special Note: Since the visions indicate a murder, there could be some deceit taking place with the entities and the investigators. Perhaps to throw us off the track, an entity could have wanted us to identify the Blue Lady as Cayte or it could be the other way around and the entity wants us to believe the Blue Lady is Sara Z. Perhaps in the future more light will be placed on the Blue Lady identifying her once and for all. Maybe one day we will know why the Blue Lady is haunting the Moss Beach Distillery.

Special Kudos: Thank you to Moss Beach Distillery for supplying us with Coke and coffee. Thank you Deanna for driving us to and fro from Sacramento to Moss Beach and back, that is a lot of driving. With this long road trip, stops we made were the obvious: Panda Express, Starbucks, AM/PM and a few potty stops.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Cellular Paranormal Hotline Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

Comical Note: Susan White, an alien abductee victim, interviewed by Belinda Bentley for HPI and Jazma Online! appeared at the Moss Beach Investigation. She looks at me and tells me that I invited her to the investigation. She tells me her name is Susan. I have no idea who she is and I start thinking she is a Facebook stalker that has now invaded my investigation. I secretly pass the information to my investigators and have them keep an eye out on her. I am stand offish with her and I coldly reply to her questions with professionalism. I decided to go ahead and place her name in the article and ask for her name, she again tells me her name is Susan. I then ask her for her last name and she says her name is Susan White. My jaw is agape in shock. I know Susan White, her story was published by me and has received over thousands of hits. I am so embarrassed that I did not know who she is and I apologize profusely and properly introduce her to all of the investigators. Major guffaw.

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The Moss Beach Distillery Investigation
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