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 Elizabeth Cheryl's Nightmare

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PostSubject: Elizabeth Cheryl's Nightmare   Tue Jul 03, 2012 3:53 pm

Elizabeth Cheryl's Nightmare - Could it Actually Happen?
By Elizabeth Cheryl, Author of The Summerland Novel
Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Article distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

A Message from Paul Dale Roberts:
I spoke with Elizabeth Cheryl extensively about this nightmare, this vision if you will. I pray that this nightmare does not come true. I convinced Elizabeth Cheryl to document this dream, in case it has any foundation of truth or reality. If the dream has any kind of foundation of realism, then it would be a helpful tool for the police. Let's read on as Elizabeth Cheryl writes this dream in her own words:

"Last night or actually in the wee hours early this morning (July 1, 2012, Sunday) I had a terrible nightmare, one that I cannot shake off today no matter how much I distract my thoughts. In my dream I had gone away over night and left my daughter with my ex-sister in law. When I arrived home in the morning my daughter was gone. I called my sister in law and she told me that my daughter had met a new neighbor girl and they played well together. That the grandfather or father had offered my daughter to have a sleep over. My daughter is only 7 by the way. I was shocked and horrified that a sleep over was permitted with a girl I had not met. especially not knowing the parents and to make matters worse they were just men. She informed me that she had left their info on the apartment counter, (ie: I do not live in an apartment in real life) I quickly thumbed through the mess of papers and called the number listed. A man answered,"Hello." with a deep voice but emotionally reserved and short. I responded, "Hi, yes I am ______mother and I would like to come pick her up
please." He said, "_____ is not here right now." His voice then fell silent.

I replied, "Ummm, where is she?" I asked nervously. "She's not here, and she won't be ready to be picked up until tomorrow. I am at work out of town so she is with my daughter's grandfather." I was now mortified.

Listen I don't know who you are but I want to know why I cannot pick up my daughter, where is she?" I demanded as I raised my voice sternly.

Try the other number." he rudely exclaimed and hung up on me.

At this point my stomach was in knots and I was ready to panic. I quickly found another number next to the first and called it immediately. A young girl answered the phone.

I said, "This is___mom and I want to talk to her please. The girl agreed and sounded as if she set the phone down. She came back moments later and said she could not find her. I demanded to speak to the adult there. She told me to hold and I was sick. A very gruff and heavy set sounding man answered almost nervously.

I said, "Hi this is ______mom and I would like to come pick up my daughter is she there?"

He replied, "yeah but she can't come home until tomorrow." My stomach wrenched. "Excuse me, I am her mother!! I will come get my daughter when I please and that will be now, you give your address or I'm calling the fu----ing police." The phone was silent.

"There was an accident, she was in her bikini bathing suit and there was a lot of blood." He mumbled like it was nothing....

At that very moment I knew as a mother my little girl was gone. In all the worst meanings of the word. I felt her spirit absent from my soul and this planet. With every shred of hopeful desperation I pleaded for the
man's address. He reluctantly gave me, 17 Essex Dr.

I scribbled it down and woke up from my nightmare. Needless to say I called my little girl who was at her dad's just to hear her voice. I am convinced that this nightmare was not about her though, I have a dreadful feeling about some other little girl that has recently gone missing or will within a day or so. I hope I am wrong.
The men use their little girl as bait to meet little girls in the apartments they rent and then do terrible things as she sits in a room with her white spaghetti strap raggedy sundress and her Mickey Mouse doll.

I feel that the father may not even be the actual father of this child. He is 6"2 shaved head but his brown hair has grown out a tad. He was wearing jeans and white t-shirt and possibly a mustache with goatee.

He works in maybe a construction line of work. The grandfather is maybe late 50's early 60's and extremely over weight. Maybe 400 lbs, his voice will reflect it with his massive chin that inhibits his speech to a
difficult slur.

The apartment has a long hallway and there usually a few girls around playing. The girl that is claimed to be daughter/granddaughter is sandy blonde shoulder length hair, un-kept. She is about 7 or 8 years old and about 55 to 60 inches tall.

These men are extremely dangerous and very dirty and vicious with their intents. They have done this before. Please be aware of these descriptions and the girl. Not sure why her Mickey Mouse doll stands out so
much but it seems significant.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Cheryl,
The Summerland now available from Crescent Moon Press on Amazon

Message from Paul Dale Roberts:
Anyone reading this article, if any of this makes sense to you, please notify the police and let them know about this dream article. If Elizabeth Cheryl has made a psychic connection with a psychotic kidnapping pedophile or a possible serial killer, then the information in this dream article is vital in saving a little girl's life!

I can only hope this dream has no foundation in reality.

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Elizabeth Cheryl's Nightmare
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