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 STOP Snapperfest 2012! Cruelty to Turtles!

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PostSubject: STOP Snapperfest 2012! Cruelty to Turtles!   Wed Jul 04, 2012 9:18 pm

STOP Snapperfest 2012! Cruelty to Turtles!
By Paul Dale Roberts, Animal Activist

Before we get into this article, stop by here and watch this YouTube video. Watch the brutality, the cruelty that low life humans are placing on these creatures of God. Creatures that cannot defend themselves, creatures that can't speak for themselves. Watch the video:

If you want the cruelty to stop, then please stop by here and sign the petition:

In Ohio County, Indiana, an incredibly cruel and barbaric festival takes place it's called Snapperfest. This festival has been going on for 13 years. These precious turtles are yanked up by their tails or their heads and swung around for sheer entertainment. Cheering crowds coax these abusers on! Some of the contestants will swing the turtle by its neck for so long, that the neck becomes elongated and will wrap around the arm of the contestant. While the contestants are torturing the turtles, the crowd is laughing, they are cheering, and the abusive contestants are looked upon as gladiators, as heroes. In 2011, animal activists stopped this event, but the event has been revived and it still continues and it needs to be stopped, it needs to be stopped now! What the hell are wrong with these people? I can't even call them people, what they are doing is primitive, uncivilized, inhuman, barbaric, and savage. To my eyes, they are nothing but moronic Neanderthals. How would they like it, if someone would grab them by their neck and swing them around, until every vertebrae in their back snapped?

Here is a paragraph from an article posted about the event:
"Snapperfest is held at the end of August at the Campshore Campground in Indiana. It has grown in popularity over the years. It is touted as a wrangling event for wild snapping turtles and participants like Chris Probst call it, “…good, clean fun and anybody from the crowd can participate.”

PETA who has witnessed this brutal event say that the contestants pick up the turtles by their tails and slam them to the ground or they will grab their heads and try to yank their bodies from their shells.

Many of these turtles die from the stress and the fatal injuries they endure from this festival of torture!

Please I ask everyone to do your part. Talk about this on Facebook, talk about this on Twitter, talk to your local media, write letters to the editors of your newspapers, write letters to your government, sign the petition. Make your voices heard, this needs to stop and it must stop now!!

Please support the following:
American Humane Society
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
The Humane Society
Animal Defense League

Patrick Zielinski, Actor, Documentary Filmmaker has recently contacted me and asked me about my article - Trumpets of Gabriel

Paul Dale Roberts, Animal Activist
916 203 7503
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STOP Snapperfest 2012! Cruelty to Turtles!
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