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 Jennifer Castro's Alien Abduction Story

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PostSubject: Jennifer Castro's Alien Abduction Story   Thu Jul 12, 2012 3:59 am

Jennifer Castro's Alien Abduction Story
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner

"Hi PaulÖ
You asked me to write my ďpossibleĒ alien abduction story so here it is.

The night this happened I was at a concert at The Stone in Palo Alto the year 1994. I had a great time and did not have any alcohol that night. After the show ended and the packed house was piling out I told my two friends I needed to use the restroom and Iíd meet them at the car. Well the line was ridiculous so I decided to just forget about it. My friends were right out front still and I told them I was going behind the building to pee. The next memory I have is laying on my back on the ground and a very old couple standing over me. They were very well dressed, the lady had a mink coat on and the man had a three piece suit on. One detail that stands out to me are that the lady had bright red lipstick on and it was applied all messy like. Basically it was all around her mouth. The next thing I know is Iím waking up in a very large field, in complete darkness except for the moon peeking out every now and then, soaking wet cause it mustíve rained, I was fully clothed, with all my money accounted for and my driverís license. As you can imagine I was scared and confused and didnít know where I was or how the Hell I got there!!!! I started crying, but stopped myself because I knew I had to find my way out of where ever I was. I had no idea what time it was, way before the cell phone era, so I was pretty much up a creek!! I collected myself and started looking all around me to see if I could see a road, a building, a light, anything!!! I saw far off in the distance headlights on what looked to be a freeway or road but way to dark and far to get to quick. I started walking through the field to find the road that got me here to begin with. Finally I found a dirt trail that I followed for an eternity that got me to a paved road, the road was Page Mill Road I was so relieved to be on a road I knew would get me home.

So, I eventually made it home by 8:00am. My friends that I went to the show with were relieved and confused and rather judgmental at first. They thought I hooked up with someone and went on some love adventureÖ. Well I was pretty pissed off at them for even thinking I would do that and that I would do it without even telling them first!!! They told me they waited around the club till about 2:30 then they called the police. The police really couldnít do much but keep an eye out so they left at around 3am and went home. So, the concert ended at around 11:30pm, we got out probably close to midnight then I woke up and have no idea what time it is, but if I were to estimate how much time I was wandering around aimlessly I would say at least an hour and Ĺ maybe 2 hours. Once I got to Page Mill Road I walked all the way to El Camino Real which is 2.8 miles I have no clue the miles from where I woke up to Page Mill though it seemed like an eternity!!! About 2 months go, my daughter and I went swimming and she asked me what happened to my back I asked her what do you mean?? She said that there are 2 circle marks under each shoulder blade I told her I have no clue and that was that. When I got home I checked them out as best I could and saw something but itís kind of tough to see your own back so I asked my friend to look and she saw them as well but with more detail she said that they were perfect circles and that they were on the same spot of each side almost a perfect straight line across. She took a Polaroid picture so I could see them and it was weird, they didnít hurt at all and I couldnít even imagine what I did to get the wounds. Thatís when she brought up the topic of abduction, alien abduction no less!! I didnít believe it for a minute until she brought up that nightmare I went through 2 months prior. So I went to the library and did some research and actually read that I have 2 things in common with abductees: loss of time and scars shaped like a circle. I am really grateful not to have the horrible nightmares and other crazy things happening to me. Just so you know I have those scars to this day.

So now its 2012 and Iíve never gone back to where it all began, to see if my memory gets jogged and I havenít done the hypnosis thing that everyone I know thinks I should do cause I canít imagine remembering anything I just donít know what happened to me. I should bring up 2 last things, last year I was looking out my bedroom window and noticed a reddish orange light above the bluff which is overlooks the ocean. It just sort of hovered there for 2 or 3 minutes I called my girlfriend in to check it out and we ended up staring at this light which never moved from its position, for a good hour. My gf started getting freaked out about it so she left the room and I stayed for another Ĺ hour wondering if this was for real cause if it was I know for a fact itís a UFO no doubt in my mind. I had to go to the bathroom when I came back it was gone, never to be seen, by me at least, again!! Definitely a UFO Paul!! The last strange experience I had was last year as well. I went to the ďSacred ForestĒ to take some sunset pictures and look for treasures, yes the same forest we took you to by The Distillery. When I got home I realized I didnít have my cell phone so I searched the car, called it 10 times and figured it fell out of my pocket in the forest. I unfortunately had no choice but to go get it cause it was provided by my employer and she would freak out if I lost it. I went back all by myself, my gf will not go there if itís even remotely dark so I just went. It wasnít completely dark but very close to it. I retraced my steps and prayed it was over by the big cypress tree so I wouldnít have to go any farther in. I had to use my lighter to light the ground around me and there it was, Thank God!! As I was walking out there was a very elderly couple standing on the path by where we caught the EVP remember?? I was sort of happy to see them but wondered why they were there when itís so dark, but whatever so I said hi to them from a distance and they just stood there like statues staring at me and didnít say hi back to me. I immediately flashbacked to the old couple I saw standing over me so many years ago. Completely freaked out at this point I did an about face and walked very fast through the grassy field out to the street and safely to my car. Feeling all safe in my car I just sat there for about 10 minutes to see them come out but guess what??? They didnít come out and itís completely dark at this point!! Explain that one!!! I have no idea if they are the same people but they were as old as the other ones and nobody goes for a walk in there after dark, especially an old couple!!! So thatís my story Paul, a lot of uncertainty and hardly dramatic. Iím to chicken **** to do hypnosis not so much because of that night, but what other things may come pouring out of my pastÖ.donít we block things out for a reason??!! LOL:D Please call me if you have any questions." Jenn
Jennifer Castro"

How interesting you would say that the one elderly lady had lipstick on and it looked like it was applied sloppily. In many cases of alien abductions, the abductees claim that MIB (Men in Black) wear lipstick to make themselves look more human. Thank you for this fascinating story. Best, Paul.


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IN JON'S OWN WORDS: "Hi Paul, here is the rest of the evidence we got from flash light communication. We did get hits from Marge,George,and Richard. George is Marge's husband. Richard is another family member. There was also a little boy there. We asked Marge if she knew who the little boy was,and she lit the light. Tried most of the night to get the boy's name through EVP's, but no luck. He just didn't want to talk. Marge and George are Viki's parent's, Jill's grand parents. George built the house and the house next door. George and Marge lived in the house that Viki now lives in. Viki lived in the house next door. She doesn't know if the other house has activity, since she doesn't know them, she doesn't want to ask. We couldn't verify the old lady in the yellow robe that floated across the backyard. Viki's boyfriend was the only one who saw her, but he was drunk at the time. She was never seen by any of the family or has been seen since. I asked Viki if she knew anything about the land or if that anyone died in the house, she said she didn't. As we were sitting in the backyard doing the EVP sessions, I told Big Al to take a picture of me because Marge was standing behind me. He did and got an orb above me. Jill was sitting next to me, she was walking back and forth in front us. I then asked her if she was the entity and then the flashlight lit. The claims were activity in Viki's room and the corner of Jill's room. No orb photos inside. Shari and I both got an EVP in Viki's room of a laugh, after I got that weird anomaly in that one picture, the backyard was the hotspot. Jill said she's had personal experiences at school and she also said she felt something brush up against her. I believe that George and Marge are watching over the family, especially Jill. They're mostly attached to her. I had all this written down, stuck it in my pocket so I wouldn't lose it to give to you but forgot it was in my pocket. Shari and I both forgot. Another note: flashlight communication was intelligent. I also had the family ask questions. They asked things only Marge would know. Flashlight lit on every question. There was also a photo of Marge in the house.

Just sending this to correct my information. Marge is Joyce's mother. Viki and Jill are the grandaughters. The house was built in the 1970's. Grandfather acquired the property in the 1980's and renovated it. The ancient one has always been there. He came with the land. It's his place, that's where he wants it to be. Activity has been going on for about 2 or 3 yrs. Started with knocking in the bedroom and closet. When the daughter moved in she said there was a ghost there".

Shannon Mok!

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Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Cellular Paranormal Hotline Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

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Jennifer Castro's Alien Abduction Story
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