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 Crystal Philip's UFO Dream: Was it a Message?

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PostSubject: Crystal Philip's UFO Dream: Was it a Message?   Thu Jul 19, 2012 4:09 pm

Crystal Phillip's UFO Dream: Was it a Message?
Author: Crystal Phillip, Lead Investigator of SJVPR
Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts - HPI Owner - Hotline: 916 203 7503

Hello my name is Crystal Phillips and I am the founder and lead investigator of San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research (SJVPR). Last Sunday night after an amazing investigation I had a very vivid dream, in this dream me, Jamie Mark Lisa and Louise were driving home on Highway 4, all of us were involved in a very deep intellectual conversation about humanity and the universe that we exist in.

As paranormal investigators we believe in many different things spiritual beings, alien life, UFOs, conspiracy theories, Bigfoot, God and even Satan, on this particular night home we were talking about extra terrestrial life and how we believed all along that extraterrestrial life has been with us in one form or another. So the next thing we observed happened shortly after this conversation started was amazing.

Highway 4 is a long winding country road, there are no lights besides millions upon millions of bright beautiful stars it was about four o'clock in the morning as we were driving, that we noticed a strange anomaly free falling from the sky from a distance. It was like a kite but as it drew closer to earth we could see that upon the craft were twinkling stars and different shapes of planets, one looked like Saturn. It appeared as if whatever this was, it was following us into an accessible area. Once we had an idea of where we were going to pull over in the van, we could take a better look.

As we approached the area, we noticed that the object casted a strange light, it almost looked like a blue fire, not sure whether it was safe or not we held back for just a bit, once the fire subsided we continued to walk over towards it as we came close to the object, we noticed that this strange beautiful anomaly was laying on its back face up as we approached the object, it came to life. There was a beautiful holographic 3-D image that rose up about 4 feet off of the ground, this intrigued us very much, so we decided to pick up our pace and head towards the object a little faster, As we came upon the object a wonderful thing happened.

The planets shot straight up into the sky and so did the stars, as this happened this beautiful scene began to manifest in the heavens. The stars turned into a moving train, and the planets illuminated into glorious colors, we could see them very clearly manifest into a 3-D image above us. Not far off into the distance a beautiful rainbow Aurora Borealis began to light up the Western horizon, there was a feeling of great peace, I felt connected to the earth and to the heavens, we noticed that there were three extraterrestrial beings with us and they began to communicate with us, although I can't remember their characteristics I know that they were trying to communicate with us and they conveyed to us that they meant us and humanity no harm, they were simply seeking refuge with us because their planet had died.

I awoke very soon after with a great sense of wonder so much that I decided to have this dream analyzed, was this a true vision or was it just a dream maybe I'll never know but through the dream analysis we were able to determine that I as a whole have become very spiritually enlightened. I believe that this dream was a message to me and my team to keep doing what it is we're doing. That paranormal investigating is our destiny, I believe that the answers are out there and that if we continue to keep doing what it is we are doing that we will be able to find the answers one day.


August 25, Saturday 8pm: Beale AFB UFO Hunt. Address to be at: Marysville, CA 95901 - residents are seeing triangular shaped UFOs making strange horizontal/vertical flight patterns in the night skies. Crafts make no sound. Time to investigate this phenomenon over Beale AFB. We will have a perfect area to observe Beale AFB. Credit: Anna Hill.

Sept 8, Saturday 2pm: Timbuctoo, CA,_California
Guide: Anna Hill - Lisa Gottschalk and Deanna Bailey discovered that this town is part of Smartsville (a town that we already investigated) and there is only one building left in the ghost town of Timbuctoo. With Deanna & Lisa's research, this case is canceled.

Date of Sighting: March 3, 2012
Time of Sighting: Mid-Afternoon
Location of Sighting: Backyard of Mark Cisper - North Stockton, CA

Alaceo 'Big Al' Rosatano - Videographer was not listed on the Galt - Rancho Seco UFO Skywatch 2012 article. Big Al was definitely at this investigation.

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Crystal Philip's UFO Dream: Was it a Message?
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