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 Happy Birthday Caylee - A Journey to Heaven

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PostSubject: Happy Birthday Caylee - A Journey to Heaven   Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:18 pm

Name: Happy Birthday Caylee – A Journey to Heaven
Written by: Sharon Diane Roberts
Art by: Chris Padovano
Publisher: Rosedog Books
Price: $12.00
Overviewed by: Apaullo Adalere Robertson
Comments: We all know the case about Caylee Anthony, please stop by Wikipedia here:
But, what happened after Caylee departed from our world? In this children’s book, Sharon places things in a better perspective. Sharon indicates that Caylee is missing, without getting into the gory details of the case and looks upon Caylee in a more angelic way. The story is very heart warming. With all of the bad and evil in the world, Sharon still explores the good of humanity and that there is a better place for the innocent souls of our Earth. Any child can pick up this story and just feel good knowing that the world is not all bad, there is still good on our world and into the next world. I highly recommend this book for all of the children in the world!
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Happy Birthday Caylee - A Journey to Heaven
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