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 Manzanita Cemetery: No Menehune

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PostSubject: Manzanita Cemetery: No Menehune   Sun Jul 22, 2012 8:30 pm

Manzanita Cemetery: No Menehune
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner

To see pictures of this investigation, stop by here:

To see the YouTube Video by Big Al of this investigation, stop by here:

EVP of Baby Talking at Manzanita Cemetery:

July 21, 2012, Saturday: Tonight we were supposed to hunt down the Menehune.

Time to be there: 1900 Hours - Contact Person: Carolyn. Address to be at: Rocklin, CA - portal opened in the house, Menehune creatures have invaded the house. Native American Indians cursed the home, causing the invasion. The male occupant claims he did some whistle blowing on a tribe that was doing illegal activities and that the tribe cursed his home, causing a portal to open in the home. From the portal, came elementals from Hawaii, called the Menehune. The Menehune has caused havoc and chaos in their home. They need help and a cleansing. Code 32291632201730randtsdaor.

Chantal and Breanna arrive to my house and off to Rocklin we go, listening to this song on a hot Summer night:
Hot in Here by Nelly:

When we arrive to Rocklin, guess what? The occupants are not at home! The occupants flaked, possibly getting cold feet and abandoned the investigation. Big Al seeing the desperation in the investigators eyes, came up with Plan B! Convoy to the Manzanita Cemetery! Good work Big Al!

HPI Paranormal Investigators Present: Jon Koyasako/Security and Lead Investigator; Alaceo 'Big Al' Rosatano / Videographer; Paul Dale Roberts - HPI Owner; Lisa Gottschalk - SJVPS (San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Society); Chantal Apodaca - HPI Assistant Manager/Psychic; Lisa Steele / Psychic; Cristl Phillips - Lead Investigator of SJVPS; Louise Cordova - SJVPS; Breanna Apodaca; Faith Davis, Doug Ackerman; Scott Butler, Staci Butler - HPI Twitter Manager / Wiccan Cleanser / Parapsychologist / Editor of HPI Chronicles (the book series) / Senior Lead Investigator. Damn! Staci sure has a lot of titles!

On this night, it was very successful, this is what we found at the Manzanita Cemetery - Lincoln, CA. I must give full credit to Alaceo 'Big Al' Rosatano for taking us to Plan B! Thank you my brother! Chantal is sitting next to me and will assist me in listing all of the exciting paranormal experiences that we had at the Manzanita Cemetery.

1. When we arrived Lisa Gottschalk and Staci Butler made a joke that the hotspot is where the Burns grave site is located. Guess what? We found a grave site that the Burns were buried at.

2. Lisa Steele gravitated to an area that the Burns were buried at, she felt pulled to this area. Lisa had Chantal Apodaca and Breanna Apodaca follow her to the area that she was being pulled at. Chantal and Lisa felt the pull so intensely, that they felt they were sinking into the ground. When they looked it was the Burns grave site.

3. Staci and Scott Butler discovered a circle of salt at a mausoleum with a pentacle or possibly a pentagram etched into the concrete foundation of the mausoleum. At this location I obtained a Class A EVP of a baby talking to me and I later discovered a baby's grave and the baby died after 8 months of life.

4. Staci Butler conducted a salt circle ritual with the group and they did a whistling segment of the circle and there were cold spots felt throughout the circle. There was one time when the full circle felt the temperature drop 10 degrees immediately. This is a hot Summer night. When the circle was broken, Chantal felt something grab her ankle, it felt like cobwebs, then it felt like a grip. Breanna also felt spidery type of webs on her shoulders and arms.

5. This is not paranormal, but another encounter we had was with a big snake. I am not afraid of ghosts, but I am definitely afraid of snakes. Other pests at this cemetery were black widows and red ants. Nasty little critters!

6. Faith Davis, Chantal and another investigator heard audibly with their ears a chanting noise and later we obtained an EVP with the same type of chanting noise.

7. Louise Cordova captured a photo of a vortex at the salt circle. The vortex is incredibly detailed.

8. When I was sitting at the mausoleum, I felt what felt like a baby's touch of 3 fingers on my arm, that is what compelled me to see if I could get an EVP and I did and the EVP was captured near the baby's grave site.

9. Many investigators, especially Jon Koyasako and Big Al obtained orb photos. Lisa captured a strange photo in which half of her photo is blurry, I captured a photo in which everyone became blurry.

10. Some equipment batteries drained immediately and then were functioning normal afterwards.

11. Chantal felt a strong grip on her wrist and when she turned her arm around, she felt intense heat. Lisa felt the heat from Chantal's arm. Chantal's arm started turning red in front of the whole group.

12. Shadow figures were seen by some of the members in the group including me.

13. Cristl Phillips felt drawn to certain areas of the cemetery.

14. Doug Ackerman felt the presence of a baby, prior to the EVP of the baby talking that I captured.

15. Some investigators were pulled to Robert L. Ahart grave site. No evidence was obtained at this grave site.

16. A 'snickering voice' EVP was captured at unknown grave site.


Tonight was beyond any of my expectations, I am so ecstatic that I've been accepted into the paranormal society!! ^_^ met some wonderful people, made some new friends, and I so cannot WAIT to do it again!!

This is honestly like a dream come true, I have a good feeling things are gonna start getting increasingly better in my life...

So many firsts today,
First time being on the radio, thanks t...o my awesome aunt and her awesome friend, Paul!
First ghost hunt out at Manzanita Cemetery near Lincoln, ca, which was intense!

Man... I'm a lucky girl...
And I believe I may have found my start in journalism.

Okay, I'm done for the night, I'm going to bed to recap on my experiences I had tonight on the hunt...

Sleep well, facespace!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Cellular Paranormal Hotline Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

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Manzanita Cemetery: No Menehune
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