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 Breanna Apodaca, Paranormal Experiencer

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PostSubject: Breanna Apodaca, Paranormal Experiencer   Sat Aug 18, 2012 3:38 am

Interview with Breanna Apodaca, Paranormal Experiencer
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner

Pictures of Breanna Apodaca, can be seen here:

Interview Date: 8/17/2012
Interview Time: 1830 Hours
Location of Interview: Starbucks #5764, 10820 Olson Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA

Question: Tell me Breanna something personal about yourself, your family life, your hobbies, your recreational activities, your favorite song, your favorite TV shows, favorite movies and books.

Answer: Well, I was born and raised in California, but I do plan on moving to the southern region of the States someday. I enjoy outdoor activities, such as fishing, hiking, and camping. I listen to most types of music, ranging from death metal, including some amazing local bands such as Gary Busey Amber Alert, to classical artists, for example Beethoven and Bach. I do not watch much television, but when I do its usually The Science Channel or History Channel. I love reading; a little escape from reality is diving into a good book. Some of my favorites are Ender’s Game, Misery, Crosses, and Speaker for the Dead. Recently, I have claimed Rise of the Planet of the Apes as my favorite movie, but I like others that are more off the radar, like Waking Life, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. For the most part, Im easy going, I’m into the strange and full of curiosity.
Special Note: Breanna is very well traveled and has been to Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and lived all over California.

Question: At one time you were at Fort Polk, Louisiana; can you tell me why you were there?

Answer: I moved to Fort Polk to marry my fiancé at the time, which was active duty Army.

Question: You had some weird paranormal experiences in Ft. Polk; can you go into detail on what happened to you?

Answer: There were countless experiences in my home in Louisiana, many that even my best friend, who lived next door, can confirm. At first, it was small things like hearing footsteps in my hallway while my husband would be at work, and this was almost always accompanied but a smell. Cigarettes, a few seconds after the steps would be heard, it would smell as if someone lit up a smoke in my house, which we never smoked inside.

Slowly the encounters became more intense; we would see what I believe were apparitions of a figure walking through my kitchen, as if walking passed the window. We lived up stairs, so I knew something was there with us.

One day, I remember as if it was yesterday, my husband, one of our friends from the barracks, and myself were in our living room playing cards, and I believe I was about four months pregnant with our daughter at this time. We are playing our game, and my cat, Kittie, came bolting out of the room we were getting ready for our daughter, and I almost could not believe what she had in her mouth… she dragged a Christmas ornament out of our baby’s room, it was a little stuffed, red Santa with the words “baby’s first Christmas”. We had never spent a holiday at this house before, and we had absolutely no decorations for anything like that.

The worst experience for me happened when my husband at the time was out in the field, doing training. He was gone for a few weeks, it was just my dog, Angel, my cat, and myself home, and I'm not the type of girl who typically likes being home alone late at night, let alone for weeks at a time. It was around three in the morning, I was lounging on my couch watching a movie, my dog snuggled up at my feet, and my cat running around like a maniac. This was more than usual for her at that hour, but my house suddenly got this strange feel to it, as if something was there. My cat had just run down the hallway, towards both bedrooms in the back of the house, and I heard her claws grip the carpet as she skidded to a halt, and immediately bolted back towards where I was. She stopped by the spot where the living room and hallway met, and got really low to the ground, fur standing up, with a low growl/hissing coming from her. Now that was very unusual for her, she never acted aggressive, not once since we brought her home. I heard a loud thud, as if something had stomped on my floor, and she jumped and took off to her play house we had setup for her. At this point, I was freaked out, but then my dog jumped off the end of the couch and crept towards the exact spot my cat had been standing, and she did almost the exact same thing my cat had done, got super low to the ground, staring down my hallway, teeth bared, growling. I had enough of being scared out of my wits, so I got up to see what was in my house, hoping it was a bug or something like that. Nothing was there. I checked every room, and found nothing at all.

Most nights when I would be home alone, with my husband gone in the field, I would feel like someone was watching me, and it was always from one certain area of the house, at both ends of the hallway. My pets, my husband, even our friends and neighbors felt this presence, and whatever was there, made sure to keep reminding us of its existence.

Question: Now that you are back in California, in Rancho Cordova, have you had paranormal experiences here in California?

Answer: Only a handful, really. The first, I was sitting in my living room, on the floor, with my knees pulled up to my chest, and my head started feeling dizzy. My body felt as if it weighed a ton, and I couldn’t keep my eyes open, even though my mind was wide awake. I heard what sounded like boots on hardwood floors, voices talking, almost like being in a western or something. After what seemed like a few minutes, I woke up, so to speak, and I was alone, just like I had been before any of this happened, but I had this unbearable feeling of terror running through my body. I just went in my room and shut the door for the rest of the night.

There were a few incidents before I had even left Louisiana, over in Fair Oaks, CA, at my first apartment. My boyfriend at the time, and myself had been feeling weird, seemingly creepy effects around the apartment, hearing some noises at night when it was just us there. Most the time we wrote it off as our neighbors being home, but a lot of the time she was gone out of town.

One night, my boyfriend and his older brother left to get some food, and it was just my sister and I at my house, and being the half skeptic as I was at the time, we started trying to communicate with “Homie”, which was the name we had given our invisible friend.
I had my digital camera, and we had two posters on of the walls in our living room, so we asked “if there is anyone who would like to say hi, or get their picture taken, go stand in the middle of the posters on the wall”. I waited a few seconds, snapped the picture, and stared in disbelief at what my eyes were seeing… an orb, about four inches in diameter, directly in the center of both posters. Unfortunately, I do not have this picture anymore, the computer I had it saved on crashed and I lost everything, but that image is forever imprinted on my mind.

The main experience we had at the apartment was by far the strangest, but also an act of heroism on Homie’s part.
We had a few of my younger relatives over, being my cousin, my youngest brother and my baby niece, everyone was either in bed, or getting ready for bed, I however was sick with the flu, so no rest for me that night. As I was in the restroom, my cousin knocked on the door to tell me that the power had shut off in the living room and kitchen, so I went and asked my boyfriend to check it out. He checked the breakers, nothing had changed, they were all still in the ON position, so he investigated further into our second bedroom that my older cousin had been renting from us. My older cousin was gone that weekend, and so we didn’t go into his area until this night, to see if anything was left on, and it was. My younger cousin and my boyfriend found a lamp, still on, underneath a pile of laundry, smoldering and burning a hole into the carpet. When they moved the clothes, the embers quickly burst into flames, and they rushed to put it out with a jug of water. My lights came back on before we went back to the breaker, and I honestly believe it was Homie who tampered with the power to get our attention. If that wouldn’t have happened, none of us would have woken up the next day.

Question: You recently became an HPI paranormal investigator with your 2nd cousin Chantal Apodaca, why do you want to pursue being a paranormal investigator, what do you hope to find?

Answer: Well, I've always been interested in the paranormal, for most of my childhood I questioned it, but after I started experiencing my own encounters with the other side in my teen years, I started getting more curious about what happens after death. I honestly just wish to communicate with them, let them know they are not forgotten. I have questions about life after you leave your physical body behind, every spirit has a story to tell, and I want to give them that chance, be their voice.

Question: What happened in Paradise, CA?

Answer: This one was a week long experience, I would fall asleep every night, and like clockwork I would start having what seemed like nightmares, only I was somewhat in my conscious state of mind when these experiences would take place. It would feel like someone had my arms and legs pinned to my bed, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t move. My heart would start racing, the cold sweats would make an appearance, and it would end with an extremely loud scream, sounding like a woman crying out in emotional pain… after a week of this, I talked to my aunt about it, I was staying with her at the time, and every since then, I spoke up about it, I have never had any experiences like that again.

Question: Have you ever had any experiences, besides ghostly experiences?

Answer: When I was little, still in the single digits, I remember having this fear of aliens… I don’t know where it stemmed from, but I remember I would have nightmares of these unusual looking beings coming to my window, they looked almost human, but with jet black eyes, and very pale skin. I’ve always been terrified of the mere thought of aliens, and I do have a phobia of walking past windows at night when I'm alone, I have to have them completely covered when I'm sleeping.

Question: Do you feel you have psychic abilities like your 2nd cousin Chantal?

Answer: Not necessarily psychic abilities, but there is definitely something different about me, I know… im not sure if maybe im too open to spirits, or if something about me just attracts them to me, but normally I never feel like im actually alone. With all the different places I have lived, even in other parts of the country, I've had paranormal experiences, I have always had that feeling that something is following me. I have electro-magnetic field interference abilities too. Things of an electronic nature will be affected if I am around it.

Which with that being said, it would certainly explain why I have so many experiences everywhere I go. I can’t tell you anything about the future or about your past, unless im told first, but I can give you excellent coverage on a phone every once is while.

Question: Thank you for this wonderful interview. Are there any words of wisdom that you would like to convey to your readers?

Answer: If you feel like there is something living with you, don’t be afraid of it, try to get to know it, it was once a person. This is what I did with Homie the Ghost and he saved my life!


Donna Pepper-Falero - Follow-up Add-On from her Interview:
I just wanted to add that my mom is always going to be sick but, I know she loves and trusts in God and when she is well she is the best mother, grandmother, friend, sister, sister in Christ a daughter could have I truly see Jesus unconditional love in her.
My step father did the best he could do with raising two step children and two of his own children considering all he had gone through in his life and I am truly grateful to him for trying. He now is well and is so loving and warm to all my brothers and sisters and pray for Gods blessing , protection on him his childeren and my mom and his family always’s.

Thanks to my Aunt Chello, her husband Jerry and children Sally,Troy,Jerry Jr., Mike, Marie and Erica for welcoming me in there home and for helping raise me for two years when my mom was sick and always showing God loves to me and my brothers and sisters then and now. She is a true practicing Christian women who always has been there for me she presses on for the prize we have in Christ Jesus.

Thanks to my Aunt Molly her children Raquel, Linda, Maria and Tito Tellez and my Uncle Ronnie my nino and nina. They have always been there for me and make me fill at home at all our family gathering they are there for me no matter what. They show God's true love with there actions. So grateful to them. Though they are remarried now they and there new spouses still show me, my kids and everyone Gods unconditional love.

Even though me and my brothers and sister's did not grow up together I know I can count on them for anything. Thanks be to God for such a blessed family who are such a blessing to me and others. When the devil meant for evil, kill, steal and destroy Jesus brought out only Good and blessing he restored my life to the fullest it can be hear on the earth until he comes back for us that Glorious day.

Tanej Nehtor Talks about Alle's Imaginary Friend
Hello Paul,
First I’d like to tell you I so enjoyed your interview with Donna Pepper-Falero’s and her angel experience. Thank you for your interest in my granddaughter’s angel story. I’d be honored if you’d like to publish this experience, but I might ask you please exclude or change their names a little.

Another funny little story involving Alle at about the age of 3:

One night she was staying at our house, so she and I were going to sleep in the guest bedroom. We had readied ourselves for bed and I left her to pick out a storybook while I walked out into the living room to tell Carl goodnight. After a few minutes she came running out and asked if it was okay if she played with the man in our room. Of course, Carl and I looked at each other in bewilderment and quickly followed her as she ran back. She stopped dead in her tracks and starting looking around. She dropped to the floor and looked under the bed, then picked up the skirt on the side table to look underneath. Sitting on the floor she turned to look at us with such a disappointed little face and said “he’s hiding.”

The next day I nonchalantly asked her if she’d ever seen that man before and she was surprised that I didn’t remember him because “he played with us when we put together the big puzzle.“ In fact, about a week earlier we spent time putting together a big styrofoam puzzle of the United States.

Is it a child’s imagination or does she really see what I can’t?
Thank you again and please let me know if you have any questions.
Tanej Nehtor

The 3 Visions of Beth Brown:
August 13, 2012, Monday: Time of Meeting: 19:15 Hours. Location of Meeting: Barnes & Noble/Starbucks 3561 North Freeway Blvd, Natomas/Sacramento, CA. Meeting with: Beth Brown.
Her story: Beth tells me that she had 3 visions and that they all came true. 1st Vision: She felt overwhelming sadness and saw a blonde haired kid n a car accident. That blonde haired kid was her nephew. 2nd Vision: She saw an over pass bridge fire, it happened 6 years later, just the way she saw it in her vision. 3rd Vision: She saw a school bus crash, in a couple days it came true. Special Note:
August 14, 2012, Tuesday – Met up with HPI Scout/Psychic Janci Biggs at Starbucks – 2100 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA and did some catch-up on some of her psychic readings and the last case she did with us in Loomis.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International for HPI Stories!
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Cellular Paranormal Hotline Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

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Breanna Apodaca, Paranormal Experiencer
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