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 A Haunting in Antelope: Charles Lee Tucker

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PostSubject: A Haunting in Antelope: Charles Lee Tucker   Sat Sep 01, 2012 1:56 pm

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner

Jon K - pictures from Investigation:

Shari A - pictures from investigation:

Date of the Investigation: August 31, Friday Time of the Investigation 1900 Hours. Occupant: Angie Bouch'e. Address to be at: Antelope, CA 95843. Activity: There is a presence in her son's room, her son feels the presence. Objects are moved and the TV will constantly change channels. News Update: Jon Rubsam / Psychic does not know the address to the investigation and ONLY knew the name of the occupant. Jon picked up the name: Charles Lee Tucker and a Jill. Talked with Angie and she now tells me that Charles Lee Tucker is a former occupant of the house and he died in the house and Jill is his living daughter. Angie is astonished that Jon was able to pick up on this and can't wait to meet Jon.

HPI Paranormal Investigators Present: Deanna Bailey/Lead Investigator – Case Manager; Tuesday Rubsam/Lead Investigator/Security – Leader of the Rubsam Rebels or also known as the Rubsam Rascals; Jon Rubsam/Empathic Medium; MJ Crabbe/Sensitive; Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano/Videographer; Kara Koyasako/Sensitive; Mark Mummert/Technician; Jon Koyasako/Security – Lead Investigator; Shari Aresta/ Lead Investigator/EVP Queen; Patrick Newman; Ivy Rubsam; Capone Bender/Sketch Artist; Nina Lutz; Lucy Tompkins; Kit Taylor, Angie Bouch’e/Empathic Medium, Stefanie Paige-Belson/Psychic; Heather Britton. Chantal Apodaca - HPI Asst. Manager/Psychic shows up at 10pm.

Occupant: Angie Bouch'e – her friends: Kit Taylor & Heather Britton.

There will be two teams – Deanna Bailey is a lead and Jon Koyasako is a lead tonight.
Deanna’s team is called: Team Chilly Willy. Jon’s team is Team Antelope. Floaters tonight are: Big Al, Jon Rubsam and Stefanie Paige-Belson.

Before the initial briefing, we conducted a contest – and the winners were Stefanie Paige-Belson – she wins a 21 Jump Street DVD and Mark Mummert – wins a book by legendary author Brad Steiger.

Activity and some history (In Angie Bouch’e and a few words from me): First off there is a creek near the backyard, a great energy source for entities. Jon Rubsam picked up on a Charles Tucker and a girl named Jill. Angie validates Jon’s impressions and says that Charles Tucker was a former occupant and that he died in the house. Jill is his living daughter. Since I have lived here, I have witnessed Mr. Tucker’s spirit frequently, a benevolent entity. I have no fear of this entity and do not wish to have Paul do a blessing in this home. Perhaps Charles Tucker watches over my family.

Kit Taylor is a former occupant and she will explain her experiences in this house (in her own words): "One early evening the family was gathered in the living room. We heard in the middle of a conversation when we heard a gasp. It was the sound of a male voice gasping for air. We all turned and looked at the sliding door and then each other. We asked each other if we all heard the same thing. And yes, we all confirmed the sound of a gasp. We moved from the home because we wanted a more lit environment. This home seemed so dark. Another experience happened while I was visiting Ms. Angie, who is now the tenant. We were sitting in the garage having girl talk when to the right of me I saw a black figure move across the rafters of the roof. Ms. Angie saw it as well as we both looked up at the same time. I do need to add, that though I have not experienced a sighting of my own dad, who passed in 2009, one night Angie, my daughter and I were sitting in the garage. We were listening to Pandora. (Keesha station) when all of a sudden, a Johnny Cash song came on. Johnny Cash was my dad’s favorite singer. I knew instantly, that my dad had just wanted me to know that he was watching over me".

Heather Britton is a friend of Angie Bouch’e and she had her own experience, she will explain in her own words: "I have had a couple experiences in my lifetime. First was in 1998 when my grandmother passed away, the night she passed I felt a very strong chill go through me when I was out with friends at a local bar in Merced, Ca. So I immediately knew she had passed and it was like she had gone through me to let me know she passed. My other experience was in 2008 around the month of April, I had a aunt that was very dear to me that I took care of for a couple of years who had passed and one week after her passing , I was laying in bed with my children , laying down and closed my eyes and I went and opened my eyes, there was a black cloud very close to me and so I closed my eyes and said I know its you Aunt Debbie and I love you and you can rest now, as I opened my eyes there was no more black clouds. Another experience I had been at my house recently and I and my fiancé were sleeping in our bedroom and we both woke up to knocking on our door. As my fiancé opened the door no one was there, and it was about 3:15 am in the morning. No one was there and it was a very loud knock, then next night after at the same time it happened again. And again we opened the door and no one was there again. I believe it is my aunt and she wants me to know that she is well and is still around."

MJ Crabbe instantly picked up on certain things in the house, in her own words, she will explain: "I walked through the house and got a peaceful feeling. Angie’s son’s room was where I first felt the strong spirit of Charels. He seems to have the relationship with her son as a grandson. It seems very peaceful and not intimidating. Also I felt a presence of another male figure attached to Angie, like a brother figure. He seemed to me to die suddenly and is still her with us because he hasn’t opened up and explains why he did what he did and is reasoning for taking his own life. But in general, this whole house seems very peaceful and calm."

Team Antelope states that they had some abnormal K2 hits and lots of orb photos. While I was talking with Angie in the garage, the door was closed and then all of a sudden it swings open. Stefanie Paige-Belson was compelled to go into the garage right after this happened and she felt that something or someone was telling her to go into the garage. Stefanie feels the entity was comfortable in the garage and that he spent a lot of time in the garage. Was this the same entity that possibly opened the door? Angie also makes the comment that children entities may be present on the property. Team Chilly Willy obtained orbs in their photos. Stefanie heard noises coming from a corner of the house. So far, there have been no EVPs recorded. Lucy picked up on something confidential and she was accurate with the information.

With the odd face orb photo that Jon captured and the accurate information that our psychics had with validation from the occupant and the former occupant, seeing the door fly open after it was closed, I must say that this place is haunted. Not only that on the 3rd round, we did a free for all and Lucy picked up something that was very accurate. What she picked up on will be confidential in this article and the occupant confirmed it. Then during this blue moon night, Kara, Deanna and I witnessed a pounding at the sliding window door and there was no one in the patio that touched the door to make this pounding sound. Whispers were heard by the creek by some of the investigators and more orb photos were taken (note: orbs are not considered paranormal – unless you can detect intelligent movement or if we can validate a face that might be captured in the orb). The face that was caught in Jon’s designer orb was validated by Angie, she says that is one of the children that she has seen in her backyard.


August 30, 2012, Thursday: Time: 1900 Hours. Today went to Bradshaw Road. Code: 4512191481MMIAT - Conducted a Catholic blessing of the home. Activity of the house. Occupant hears whisper from restroom..”go away, get away from me.” Computer turns off on its own. Pink pencil case opens and closes by itself. Occupant feels 3 hands on her and gets bloody scratches on her back. Family gets food poisoning symptoms. Helium balloon lands on one particular area of the wall that reads ‘friends on the wall’, a series of photos of past friends. Occupant feels phantom hand inside her stomach, it feels like it is trying to rip out an organ. Several entities are seen at the home. Investigation after the blessing will be conducted.

8/23/2012: Just saw similar occurance to that described in your article and attest to its accuracy. What I describe below happened around 9:50 tonight. Have astronomy background and was surprised to see what appeared to be an extra star below the handle of big dipper. I live in Lincoln, to the south of Marysville. Object moved like a satalite and eventually became larger than anything in the night sky (beside the moon, of which was not out) and then went into deep space between Hercules and draco until it disappeared.
Was much different than my last sighting near clear lake, were the object moved at an extremely fast speed yet very low altitude
Just wanted to let you know.
Sent from my Motorola ATRIX™ 4G on AT&T
Scott Jansen

August 21, 2012, Tuesday: Today I went to the home of (name scrambled for confidentiality reasons) Lrebrezananacec in Manteca. Lreb (scrambled name for short) felt an attachment on her. The family have experienced paranormal activity in the home. Lreb feels threatened and asked me to bless her home and to give her family a baptism in their swimming pool. On this day I baptized Lreb and her 2 daughters and her husband. Afterwards, I conducted a Catholic blessing of the home. I pray that this family finds the needed peace that they seek.

Khanei Kanelos!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
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A Haunting in Antelope: Charles Lee Tucker
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