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 A Supernatural Encounter

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PostSubject: A Supernatural Encounter   Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:22 pm

A Supernatural Encounter
By Sharon Diane Roberts - Author - Happy Birthday Caylee

January 1985 my husband Michael and I decided we wanted to spend our honeymoon in Greece.

We decided to go to the Greek islands. We saw a movie about living in Greece.

We went to Crete first and saw the US military base there.

We spent only about a week there. We really didnít like the island very much.

The people there were not very friendly.

We then took a boat ride to Santorini. This was the island that we saw in the movie back home.

It also happened to be Easter Sunday when we arrived there.

The first encounter I had when I arrived there was ďIíve been here beforeĒ. Iíve never left the US, so how could I have been here before?

But yes, I had this very strange feeling when we got off the ship and took a cab to our hotel.

The hotel was called ďAphrodite HotelĒ it was up on a hill overlooking a volcano called the caldera.

As my husband and I were driving up to the hotel, I had this very strange feeling again! I started to get excited and said ď Iíve been here before! The room we are about to go into is this room number, and the hotel looks like this and I also described what everything looked like inside the room even down to the colors in the room and furnishings!Ē

That night I could not sleep. My husband even said I was speaking in a language he never heard before!

At the time, I was not a Christian, nor have I been baptized. The next day we took a moped ride to the other end of the island. Again, everything looked familiar. I thought well perhaps Iíve seen some of these things in a magazine?

We had lunch at a little Greek restaurant called Petros Estiatordio or Petros Restaurant. Petros the owner greeted us and wanted to know how long we were staying on the island, we said a few weeks but we werenít sure how long exactly.

He said he happened to have a villa available for $100 American or 12,000 drachmas a month! We were thrilled at how cheap it was! Everything was included in the price including the dishes and furniture and linens!

As we walked towards where the villa was located, both my husband and I had a weird encounter together! As we were behind Petros walking down the sidewalk, we both were admiring the white wash buildings on our right and the ocean view on our left. We looked in front of us, and it was though everything around us disappeared! There was no ocean around us or the white wash buildings! Where did they go? All I remembered was seeing Petroís footprints as he took a step. But we didnít see Petros! Or at least I didnít anyway. It was really hard to describe.

Later that night I mentioned it to Michael, and he said he experienced the same thing as well but didnít mention it to me because he thought I would have thought he was crazy or something.

We found out later that night that there were lots of Gods and idols worshipping on this island at one time and that the volcano was used as a place of human sacrificing to the Gods.

It even erupted many thousands of years ago around the time of Noahís Ark and the rising of the oceans in that region. That the super volcano caused a tsunami to make the ocean rise like it did.

Itís interesting though that both my husband Michael and I had the exact same experience but could never explain it.

Just one of the unanswered questions of life that weíll never know until our time is up and we meet our creator for the answers.
Weíve traveled back to Greece several times since 1985 up to the early 1990ís and visited many different Greek islands such as Mykonos, Kos, Patmos. But were never able to experience anything like the time we were in Greece on the island of Santorini.

It was truly a magical time and an experience I will never forget!

True Story written by: Sharon Diane Roberts 2012

Special Note: Sharon Diane Roberts is an international world traveler and has traveled to faraway destinations such as Venice & Rome - Italy; Germany; Athens - Greece; Bahamas, Turk Caicos, St. John, St. Thomas, Vancouver and Victoria Islands, Canada, Yugoslavia, Mexico, St. Croix, Dominican Republic and States: California, Florida, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Oklahoma, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, Massachusetts, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, New York, Hawaii, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas. Sharon is also a certified scuba diver and former dental assistant that now lives in Port Orange, Florida. She is also the inventor of the pet passport that can be found in various pet stores throughout America. She now is in the position of a Office Manager/Patient Care Coordinator of Beltone New England.

Article Distribution: Paul Dale Roberts

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A Supernatural Encounter
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