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 The Bradshaw Road Fiend

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PostSubject: The Bradshaw Road Fiend   Sat Sep 15, 2012 7:40 am

The Bradshaw Road Fiend
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner

Big Al Videos of the Investigation:

SPECIAL NOTE: Since I am now the sole owner of HPI, we need a General Manager. Chantal Apodaca, who was once the Assistant Manager has been promoted to General Manager of HPI! Congratulations!

To see pictures of this investigation, stop by here:

CLOSED: ONLY 7 CAN GO! Date to there: Sept 14, Friday Time to be there: 2000 Hours. Cami Address to be at: Bradshaw Road. Activity Level: 7 year old girl has entities that follow her, since the age of 3. One is a black dark shadow known as the Bradshaw Road Fiend that tells her that her mother will kill her. The Bradshaw Road Fiend may be in control of the other entities. Child has received scratches. Cleansing required. Note: Cleansing was conducted by the Demon Warrior aka Paul Dale Roberts days before the investigation.

HPI Paranormal Investigators present: Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano/Videographer; Kara Koyasako/Sensitive/Counselor; Deanna Bailey/Lead Investigator/Sensitive / Case Manager; Jon Koyasako/Security/Lead Investigator; Paul Dale Roberts – HPI Owner and GM; Stefanie Paige-Belson/Psychic Medium/Lead Investigator.

Theme song for tonight: Barracuda by Heart, tonight the investigators were talking about some of the concerts they went to. I talked about when I went to see Heart/Sammy Hagar at a live outdoor concert at Sacramento City College with my 1st wife Karen Jean Caruso/Walker - Roberts, hear the song here:

Cami – Occupant explains in her own words the activity in this home:
It started when my daughter was three years old. She was playing in her room then came out running crying hysterically. I tried to comfort her to find out what happened. She told me that there was a man in the house trying to get her. I went to look in her room; she kept begging me to not go in there because the man was going to hurt me. I sat down with her in the front room and held her for hours. The man that she described to me was what we now call the shadow man. This shadow man has been seen by her at my parent’s house too.

One Halloween evening, we were driving home from a children’s party. My daughter began yelling to be quiet. I asked who she was talking to; she said that the children wouldn’t be quiet.

The other night, my daughter was sleeping in the girl’s room under her step-sisters bed. She began scratching her back, and then felt another hand. She thought it was her step-sister but when she turned there was nothing there but she still felt the third hand scratching her back. The next day, she told me about this. I looked at her back, there were many scratch marks all up and down her back.

Because of all the things that my daughter hears and sees, I asked her to keep a journal of everything she experiences and get details. She took the journal to the girl’s room then came back soon after, handing me the journal. I took a look at it. She drew a picture of a little child and said the name was Jamy Musal Delicu who died at age six. I researched this and found a little boy who died in the early 1800’s.

My daughter has a difficult time going to school because she says that ghosts follow her to school. She is having a very difficult time between what is real and what isn’t. Special Note: Children from the ages 1 to 8 usually acquire psychic abilities and lose those abilities after the age of 8. This is why you hear of stories of children having imaginary friends.

Big Al captured an EVP of a man saying ‘here, here.’ Looking through my night vision goggles I saw an orb move horizontally and then switched gears and moved in a vertical direction and fade out. Getting high EMF readings in the bedroom. Kara and Deanna investigate the wiring outside of the home. Special Note: High EMF can cause nausea, hallucinations, the feeling of vertigo, etc. Okay, I am about to say….’wow’! The reason why is because out of 700 investigations, I hardly get cases of living ghosts. What is a living ghost? Let me tell you a story, a story that all of my investigators have heard a hundred times over. Chicago, Illinois 1974. A couple move into a house and around 2am or 3am, they would see a full body apparition of a man walking over to the couch and a full body apparition of a woman would appear. The man would start viciously striking the woman and then both of the apparitions would dissipate. At some point of time the couple goes to a neighborhood block party BBQ and the host of the block party shows them a photo album of past events. As they look at the photos the woman sees a picture of the man and woman that haunt their home and says…”oh my god, these are the ghosts in my home!” The host looks at the photo and says..”What are you talking about, that couple are no ghosts, sure they lived in your home, they had domestic disputes and the police were always over there. They got a divorce, the guy now lives 5 blocks down the road and his ex-wife lives out of state, they are not ghosts!” But, what this couple was experiencing were living ghosts, the negative energy of this violence was blasted into the atmosphere and replays over and over again. Stefanie, our psychic was completely accurate in her assessment and it was confirmed by the occupant. Some of this is confidential, so I will be generic about certain issues. Stefanie picks up on an actual event that happened in the house. She sees a man with a drawn back face. Stefanie feels uncomfortable in the bedroom where there are bunk beds. Stefanie feels afraid and anxious. Stefanie has a visual experience and sees someone being intimidated. She sees a black shape, she sees a woman hysterically crying, and the crying is uncontrollable. What Stefanie sees are living ghosts, residual energy that was quite negative and was blasted in the atmosphere of this home. This residual energy replays itself over and over again. The occupants claim that after I blessed this home, the activity has subsided, 70 percent.

During our break, the occupant Eugene tells me he was in the Army. I, of course tell him I was in the Army for 12 years. It gave me a flashback. When I was with 2nd AD Hell on Wheels in Fort Hood, Texas, many platoons were in formation and General Patton Jr. (the son of the famous WWII general) singled me out over hundreds of soldiers and told me that I polished my boots with a Hershey bar. When I went to the field, I was bitten by a brown recluse spider, my hand swelled up, I was instantly hospitalized. The doctor tells me that General Patton Jr was in the hospital visiting all of the patients. I told the doctor I had no desire to meet him again and that he might slap me like his dad did to the soldier that was stressed out and was hospitalized. The doctor laughed and released me. General Patton Jr’s son-in-law was known as the Bionic Colonel and was known to run backwards for miles, while commanding a platoon in a running session. Okay, enough of the flashbacks and let’s get back to work…investigation time!

Orb photos are being taken outside and a few inside. K2 intelligent responses are observed by Deanna. Big Al captures another EVP of children talking. After all was said and done, we determined that the occupant Eugene's deceased mother is watching over the home and family. This would be some of the EVPs we captured. There is strong negative residual energy in the home of past events. When the occupants said that after the blessing, that 70 percent subsided, its because the negative forces left, leaving only residual (non-intelligent) energy behind, I can do a thousand blessings of a house, but the residual energy will always stay, may it be positive, may it be negative. As for the deceased mother haunting the house, she is benevolent and the angels now protecting the house gave her the option of staying, in which it now seems that way. Case closed.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International for HPI Stories!
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

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The Bradshaw Road Fiend
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