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 Nina Lutz, Paranormal Investigator

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PostSubject: Nina Lutz, Paranormal Investigator   Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:36 pm

Interview with: Nina Lutz
Job: Paranormal Investigator
Interviewed by: Allen Klingelhoets

Allen: Nina Lutz. Welcome to Jazma Online. When did you first start to recognize that you had paranormal expieriences at your home?

Nina Lutz: Sometime in 2010

Allen: Tell me about some of the things which occured at your home. Where is your house located?

Nina Lutz: My house is located in Rancho Cordova, CA. We have a home office and on a couple of occassions the door would be shut and locked. The door was never shut let alone locked. On one instance of this, my 19 yr old daughter had just gotten home and walked through the open door and went to the back of the house. I had called her about something and she needed to go to her car while we were on the phone. She got to the door and it was shut and locked. We also got a dog that year and the dog would go crazy trying to get something that we could not see. He did this only in two places in our home at our front door and at the end of the hallway were my 19 yr old daughters room is located. But mostly at the end of the hall. Once we entered the office room and inside the entertainment cabinet behind a glass door a battery operated light was on. It was one of those you could stick in a cabinet and then push on it to turn it on but it was inside the cabinet so there was no way it was accidentally pushed. Once when the dog was jumping at the front door my 19 yr old daughter noticed a white cloud swirl up and away into the ceiling. My nine year old hears children playing in the hallway during the night. I never told anyone this and once my psychic friend spent the night and said she couldn't sleep that night because she kept hearing children play in the hallway. To me this validated what my 9 year old had heard.

Allen: Did other families have similar problems before you moved into house? What sort of house did you live in? Do you still presently live in location?

Nina Lutz: I was able to get in touch with a lady who lived at our home for about 20 years from approximately 1985 to 2005. She had dogs too and she never had any experiences in the home. The house is a single story home built in 1955. We still live there and still have occasional experiences.

Allen: What sort of history is related to land house is located? Do you have any idea of someone died in house?

Nina Lutz: When a paranormal investigation was done by Paul Dale Roberts he mentioned that the area was at one point occupied by people who were building the nearby railroad. To my knowledge no one has ever died at the home. However, one of the spirits we had at the home was someone close to the family that had passed away.

Allen: Do you have any psychic powers? When did you first recognize your abilities?

Nina Lutz: I am still unclear as to any abilities I may have. I have felt a very heavy feeling sometimes entering certain places where I felt like I almost could not breath but not sure why. My 9 year old seems to possess more ability

Allen: What was the most frightening expierence you had in your house?

Nina Lutz: I would not consider most of the experiences I've had in my home frightening, instead I find it interesting and surreal. However, I did have one experience that was frightening and it involved a very real dream about something bad in the home and I woke up yelling for help. My heart rate was accelerated and I felt as though it was so real. I later found out my niece who lives with me had a very similar dream. She had an attachment to her at one point and was baptized prior to this dream so we don't know if it means it didn't work or something was trying to get a message to us. I personally believe that they contact us in the dream world. That was not my first time with that type of experience. Previously when I was unsure what was going on in my home an entity came to me in my sleep and I felt it was peaceful and it wanted me to know it was there but not to be afraid.

Allen: What sort of help did you seek when dealing with paranormal expierences?

Nina Lutz: We had Paul Dale Roberts and HPI investigators come to our home to validate what was happening. This is how we found out that one of the spirits was someone we knew. Two psychics picked up on details that only we would have known about.

Allen: You know my boss here at Jazma Online. Paul Dale Roberts has even wrote several books on paranormal expierences.

Nina Lutz: Although I have yet to read any of Paul's books, I do read a lot of the articles he has written. My home will be in one of his books.

Allen: How and when did you become paranormal investigator? Was it your house or some other episode which caused you to work in that field?

Nina Lutz: I was fascinated with Paul Roberts and his team with HPI when they came to my home and I had kept in contact with Paul and later had him do a blessing on the home where we discussed my possibly joining the team. Eventually, I decided to give it a try.

Allen: Where do you do most of your investigations? Do you work with a team of Investigators?

Nina Lutz: I work with Paul and the HPI team. Personally, I have traveled only as far as Livermore and have done a couple closer ones.

Allen: Have you seen orbs? I am really curious as to how the dead communicate with you. Also, just to be clear to Jazma readers "What is an orb"?

Nina Lutz: To me, the best way to describe an orb would be that they look like bubbles. I have seen many orbs in pictures and have actually seen faces in the orbs. I have also seen red and blue orbs. In one instance my niece felt that something was touching her and I took a picture and she had many orbs on her body.

Allen: What are some of the most interesting investigations that you have worked on?

Nina Lutz: For me the most interesting one was in Livermore at Maggiano's Deli. I could hear talking with my own ears and while sitting on a plank in the basement heard a big thunk and the board underneath me moved as if someone had just stepped or jumped onto it.

Allen: I am still curious about your home. Have the problems persisted into present time?

Nina Lutz: I do believe that although we had a blessing and no activity for a while, we are again experiencing things at the home including seeing dark shadows and the dog is barking at things again that aren't seen to us.

Allen: Have you ever appeared on any television shows dealing with paranormal topics?

Nina Lutz: No, I have not at this time.

Allen: Have you wrote any books about your expieriences?

Nina Lutz: I have not written about my experience.

Allen: What sort of books or comic books do you like to read?

Nina Lutz: I have always enjoyed Stephen King books.

Allen: What kind of movies do you like to watch on TV or at theaters?

Nina Lutz: We watch a lot of scary movies or at least movies that are suppose to be scary like Insidious and Paranormal Activity, but when you have dealt with stuff like this in real life, it makes the movies less scary.

Allen: What are some of the tools that you use in your investigations?

Nina Lutz: I have used a digital camera, a recorder and night vision goggles.

Allen: What do you like to do with your free time?

Nina Lutz: Right now, when I have free time on a weekend I go on an investigation. Otherwise, I really enjoy the outdoors.

Allen: What are some investigations planned for future?

Nina Lutz: I am not sure when the next investigation will be that I can go on due to a busy schedule.

Allen: What is the best way to contact you?

Nina Lutz: either email at
or by cell at (916) 293-1522

Allen: Do others in your family have psychic abilities?

Nina Lutz: My 12 year old niece and my 9 year old daughter

Allen: Thank you Nina Lutz for doing interview with me. I hope things do not get to active during Halloween season. Would you like to leave our readers with any closing thoughts?

Nina Lutz: I don't think that people should consider paranormal experiences as scary. In most cases the entities are harmless and just want someone to know they are present. I don't believe they intend to scare people. For this reason I don't feel scared when doing an investigation, I feel more curious about what or who is there.

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Nina Lutz, Paranormal Investigator
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