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 A Vortex at Pioneer?

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PostSubject: A Vortex at Pioneer?   Sat Sep 29, 2012 5:29 pm

A Vortex at Pioneer?
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner

Pioneer, CA and Amador County was the former home of the Buena Vista Rancheria Me-Wuk Indians. Could the property be haunted by this tribe? HPI with SJPS will conduct a future investigation of this property to determine what is exactly haunting this home and this property. Read on!

CLOSED: THEY ONLY WANT A BLESSING. Date to be there: Sept 28, 2012, Friday Time to be there: 9pm: Credit: Cristl Phillips of San Joaquin Paranormal Society. EVPs captured by SJPS; House built in 50s or 60s. Occupant feels that the entity wants him dead. Occupant sees a light and dark orb and now they are manifesting into full sized shadows. There is an impish character that is 3 1/2 feet tall. Two names come into the occupant's mind: Lilith - Abdxuel. Be at: Pioneer, CA 95666

SPECIAL NOTE: There was no Catholic blessing conducted on this home or property. It appears that it may need an American Indian cleansing with a combination of other type of cleansings to rid the home and the property of entities.

NOTE: I want to thank Keith (the occupant) for providing sodas, water, deer venison hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad for my investigators.

HPI Paranormal Investigators Present: Lisa Gottschalk - SJPS; Helen Henkel - Sensitive; Kristal Smith; Deanna Bailey - Lead Investigator - Case Manager - Sensitive; Jon Koyasako - Security - Lead Investigator; Kara Koyasako - Counselor - Sensitive; Louise Cordova - SJPS; Shirley Hasselbrink - Psychic; Cristl Phillips - Founder of SJPS; Mark Cisper; Atheuth Paris - Remote Viewer on Stand-by; Paul Dale Roberts - HPI Owner.

Riding with me were Deanna, Jon and Kara. As we made through the hillsides to reach Pioneer we encountered a baby coyote and many deer. After interviewing the client Keith Dovichi, he tells me that he feels that there is a strong American Indian presence. He also feels there may be darker energy here. Talking with Keith, he seems very stable minded and consistent with his stories, which gives his stories a lot of credibility. There does not seem to be an attachment on him. He indicates no signs of an attachment. From the pictures and videos that SJPS provided, it appears there may be interdimensional type of beings on his property. There also seems to be a vortex, in which entities can go in and out.

Keith gives me the run down on what is on his property and in his house. Here is the activity level. Lisa on video captures a creature underneath the stairs that has white square eyes. As the camera is focused on the creature, it's head backs away. Keith has seen what he calls a Cousin It creature, it's hairy, small and wears a brim hat. Could this be a shadow person? There are pictures of what appears to be a vortex on his property. Of course there are a zillion orb pictures taken and one orb video shows intelligence, it goes here and there and everywhere and never settles like dust. It's an orb that is projecting it's own light and seems to move with a purpose. Keith has seen an old lady apparition, she wore a white gown, high collar and has no eyes. When Keith walks around the property he hears words said in possible Miwok language. Keith has been touched, pushed and scratched. He has even been bitten. One time the attack was so vicious, it damaged his chest cavity. The entities have whispered in his ear that they would kill him, or kill his unborn grandson. On this day of the impromptu investigation, the entities said that he would die on this night. One entity calls himself the 'Snake'. Keith has had wine glasses and a pipe thrown at him. He has even had a bathroom scale thrown at him. Lisa captured in her photo a creature that resembled a leprechaun sitting on a tree branch.

Jon and I conducted an impromptu investigation and acquired one EVP of a man whistling. Many orb pictures were taken. Inconclusive.

Contact: Rochelle 7149052896. Address to be at: 83 Ageim Court, Patterson, CA 95363 Activity: Apparitions seen, lights turn on and off, creepy noises heard, toys turn on by themselves. Investigators: Bring electronic toys if you have them! Credit for Investigation: Case Manager: Lucy 'Maria' Lopez - Attend services for former HPI Scout Amanda Hopper at 10am Broadway Cemetery, W & 8th Street - Host: Ernest Diaz.

A Poem Dedicated to HPI
Unknown by Karen R. Carrisosa
There are things of this world that are unknown. Can we explain it? Not really or can we? It is unknown to the person, for we donít see it. We can hear things of the unknown. We can even feel things unseen to us. Can we explain it? Unknown, unexplained, or is up to us to find out and discover; what this unknown is? Could be unknown, unexplained, but it will be up to us. Find out what is unknown, unexplained, discover it to then be known. Karen R. Carrisosa Sept 26, 2012.
Note: Karen provided this poem to me at Starbucks - 4981 Watt Avenue, North Highlands, Ca - Aerospace Museum Freedom Park

Irene Tafoya!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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A Vortex at Pioneer?
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