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 Kit Taylor, HPI Paranormal Investigator

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PostSubject: Kit Taylor, HPI Paranormal Investigator   Sun Sep 30, 2012 9:37 pm

Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts - Sultan of HPI

Time of Interview: 1400 Hours
Date of Interview: September 30, 2012, Sunday
Location of Interview: Starbucks - 4241 Elverta Road, Antelope, CA

Question: Kit, please tell us something personal about your self? Your family life, your hobbies, your recreational activities, schools you may have attended, TV shows you like, pets you have, movies you like, books that you like.

Answer: I am married though I consider him my mate rather than my husband. Not soul mate, just mate in a natural animal kind of way. I have three children. And the most important thing I have EVER done in my life was saving my youngest son’s life. When he was 2 he choked on a tortilla chip. He turned purple and I had to turn him over and whack his back a few times. I thank God that I could not find my keys that day as I was trying to get out the door and me not being able to find them, helped me save my son’s life.

My favorite movie is: Firelight with Sophie Marceau, Ladyhawk. Both stars wear cloaks, which may be part of the reason why I like the movies. TV shows that I like: True Blood, Game of Thrones; Boardwalk Empire. Books I like: Ophelia by Florence Stevenson and the Midnight series by Lara Adrian. Note: Need to double check the author’s name. The series is a romantic vampire books, very scary. Singer/actress/Actor) Cher and Keannu Reeves is HOT!

Question: Kit, you tell me that you are very spiritual and you are embracing the Wiccan culture, can you elaborate on that?

Answer: I’ve always been a spiritual person who believes in magic and the supernatural. Though I believe that I may have been a cat in my past life, I’ve also always felt a connection to owls. When I was about 18 I was driving along the Hamakua road and noticed an owl lying on the side of the road. Unfortunately, it was dead. The bird was so beautiful that I took it to the humane society so they could dispose of it accordingly; it was too much of a majestic creature to be left as road kill. I’ve only just begun to explore and practice my craft. I do want to make it clear that I am a Christian Wicca. I believe God is the creature of all things natural and supernatural.

Question: If you can have a Wiccan name, what would it be?

Answer: I have not yet felt my Wiccan name, though I’ve always felt a bond with the name Ophelia, which is due to the only favorite book I own.

Question: When you were ten years old, you had your first paranormal experience; can you tell us about it?

Answer: Explained below (Cat freaking out/father being sat on while sleeping)

Question: When you were 19, you saw a full body apparition, can you tell us about that?

Answer: Explained below (floating balloons)

Kit Taylor Talks About her Paranormal Experiences:
Note: This was written before the interview, talk about being prepared!
I’ve always been a spiritual person who believes in magic and the supernatural. Though I believe that I may have been a cat in my past life, I’ve also always felt a connection to owls. When I was about 18 I was driving along the Hamakua road and noticed an owl lying on the side of the road. Unfortunately, it was dead. The bird was so beautiful that I took it to the humane society so they could dispose of it accordingly; it was too much of a majestic creature to be left as road kill.

Growing up in Hawaii, I had many experiences or know of many experiences by friends or family. I remember one night as a child I was sitting on the floor playing with my cat Sairis when all of a sudden, he became aggressive and started running around the house growling. I opened the door to let him out of the house and he ran up to the door stared out, hissed and ran back in. That night, my father awoke to a black figure sitting on his chest. Note – Message from Paul: Wow! Your father experienced the Old Hag Syndrome. The Old Hag Syndrome is a phenomenon that is experienced by many people around the world. A dark figure sits on their chest and tries to suck out their breath. Usually people experiencing this phenomenon will be struck with partial paralysis.

I’ve also have had experiences offering an overwhelming presence while sleeping about three times in my life. The first that that comes to mind was about 11 years ago. I’d be sleeping and start to have nightmares of something evil over me, to the point where I would be gasping for air uncontrollably and my husband would have to shake me awake. During this period, we had purchased a used crib for my daughter from a thrift store. From day one, my daughter never liked sleeping in it. We had the crib for about two weeks all that time, I had been having uneasiness. The crib was in our bedroom. One morning, my mother announced to me that she had a strange dream that night. In her dream, she was changing my daughter in the crib when she saw the bedroom door open. She turned to look at the door and it was my daughter. She looked back in the crib and another baby was looking up at her. After hearing her account, the used crib went into the dumpster. After that the uneasiness stopped.

Unfortunately, there is one dream that I keep having occasionally. I’ve been having it for years. In my dream there is a room which holds the belongings of someone. It is not clear to me who this someone his. I believe it’s an adult male. In my dream, we are also trying to sell the home and keep thinking that there is that room we need to deal with. The room is located on the first floor or in a basement. The room has such an evil feeling to it that if you walk past the door your hairs stand up. In the dream, the room has been closed up for years, though I remember the first time I ever had that dream, the room was open and we were surveying the items in there. There was a lot of antique furniture. Last night I had that dream again and at some point either during the night, I either opened my eyes or just dreamt of two male figures walking past my window. It was quick and I could not make out the faces but they seemed young maybe in their 30’s. I believe they walked through me as I felt a presence enter my body and I could not move. I felt like some force was in me and I could hear my self moaning and gasping from panic. My husband then shook me and I eventually calmed down and just waited for it to pass.

The Path of the Floating Balloons

The case of the Floating balloons. When I lived in Hilo, worked for years at a bakery. One night my co-worker and I, Joann was living from our baker to the main branch to drop of the night deposit. I also gave Jo a ride home after as she lived near the main bakery. We drove down Kamehameha Ave and turn left onto Mamo St. We stopped at the stop sign at the T intersection of Kinoole and Mamo and noticed some balloons floating in the road. We then both realized that the balloons (about 5 of them) were floating in the cross walk without anyone holding them. The balloons continued in the cross walk and made a left turn onto the sidewalk heading down Mamo St. towards the Bay Front. I remember saying to Joann “looks like a graduation party”. Joann then yelled out the window “I want to party” We were a little amazed at what we had jut experienced but not afraid. We stopped at the main bakery which was located on Kinoolest and then continued onto Ponohawai to drop Joann off. As I was coming out of Joann’s drive way, I saw the same set of balloons headed towards my car once again. The balloons had made a U turn and followed us to her house. The balloons pasted in front of my car, went over to the chain link fence rose over the chain link fence and headed towards Joann’s house. OMG, talk about chicken as we say in Hawaii. Note from Paul: I believe what you saw were UFO probes disguised as balloons. The balloons showed intelligence, as they made a U-turn to follow you to your girlfriend’s house.

I’ve always had a keen sense of danger. And I believe in listening to your gut feelings about four years ago, my husband and I went to San Francisco. On the way back we stopped at a bar on the peer in Vallejo. We met up with two men who were friendly and carried on a nice conversation with them. Actually it was my husband who was having the conversation; I was being friendly but did not trust the gentlemen. It ended up the gentlemen asks us for a ride home. I did not want to give them a ride but my husband would not listen to me. I felt evil coming from the men. When we got to their neighborhood, the men asked us to come in. They said they wanted to show was a collection they had. I refused to leave the car and after some coaching my husband in with them. As I sat in the car one of the men came back and tried to get me to roll down the window, insisting I come in. I drove away and made a U turn and parked across the street. The man gave up and then my husband came out. I strongly believe, that if I had went in, my husband and I probably would not have come back out.

Paul: Kit, please describe these men.

Kit: The aggressive one was Caucasian, maybe French, in his early 50’s and had brown hair in a ponytail. The second man was in his late 50’s, Hispanic, black thinning hair and I believe had thin glasses.

Another time I was working a temp job and at the end of the day, my supervisor asked me to stop by her desk on my way out. I started gathering my personal items as I had a feeling that it would be my last day. (For no reason mind you as I was doing great at the position) My co-worker saw me gathering my things and convinced me that I was being paranoid, so I put all of my things back in my desk. Well it ended up that my initial gut feeling was correct. My temp position had come to an early end and my supervisor was handing me my last pay check.
Happy birthday singing in car….

About 6 months ago, April 1st to be exact, I was driving my mother to church. All of a sudden my three year old starts singing the song “Happy Birthday to you” out of the blue. My daughter starts laughing and asked my son why he is singing. I then look at him in my view mirror and reply on his behalf, “It’s grandpa Manual’s birthday” My dad had passed in October. We all became silent as we enjoyed the moment.

Paul: Before we close this interview, is there anything you would like to add?

Kit: To say I love to dance would be an understatement. The dance troop I belonged to while in college, performed for a pageant at the Hilo Civic Auditorium. We performed “Pump up the Jam” It was led by Meera Grove. I also assisted with choreography of a dance number for a hair show. It was a song done by Enigma. I also love to write. I write short stories and poems.

Paul: Is there anyway your readers can contact you?

Kit: They can reach me on my Facebook Kit Taylor. Just look for the picture of me in my cloak with my black cat. You can also play me at on Wordsmith at Ophelia7.

Paul: Do you have any words of wisdom for your readers?

Kit: “Lend me your memories, and I will return them”


Full Body Apparition Caught on Tape - by Kyle Humburg - Founder of East Bay Paranormal - at Maggio's Deli in Livermore.

The Rubsam/Steyne Clan

September 29, 2012, Saturday: On this night, went to HPI Paranormal Investigator Tuesday Rubsam’s home and met up with my other investigators Ivy Rubsam and Capone Bender. I met more of the Rubsam’s clan, before following Tuesday over to her sister Cindy Steyne’s home. Cindy and her family welcomed me with open arms. They gave me jars of pickled onions, pickles and a jar of salsa. We feasted on home made ravioli, buttered French bread, tossed green salad. Beverages were soda and home made beer. Later dessert was a chocolate cake. With all of this delicious food, I had the strength to conduct a Catholic blessing of their beautiful home. A home that was built in the 1940s. A home that is filled with possible residual energy of past occupants. A home with a dark entity that stays in the cubby hole crawl space. As I conducted this Catholic blessing, I opened the door to the cubby hole crawlspace and did a 4 Winds Prayer. After I was finished, I was slowly closing the door, when all of a sudden the door moved swiftly on its own and closed by itself. I immediately thought it was a door that is triggered by spring action and Tuesday who witnessed the event assured me the door has no spring. That was truly odd and I have no explanation for it, only to say that this must have paranormal origins. After this blessing, I pray that this family will find peace within their beautiful home, a home that was built on property that once wealthy entrepreneur Daniel W. Carmichael owned. History: Daniel W. Carmichael (born 1867) came to California in 1885. In 1909, he developed Carmichael Colony No. I, 2,000 acres (8 km2) of what was once part of the Rancho San Juan Mexican land grant. Carmichael later bought another 1,000 acres (4 km2) previously part of the Rancho Del Paso Mexican land grant, that he called Carmichael Colony No. 2. It bordered the first colony to the east and Walnut Avenue to the west; the southern boundary was Arden Way with Sutter Avenue to the north.

All in fun, HPI members have royal titles. I will list my members and their many titles, starting with myself. Paul Dale Roberts – King, Emperor, Monarch, Sovereign, Commander, Csar, Shah, Khan, Raja, Rex, Malik, Sultan and of course the military rank of General. Chantal Apodaca – Rani, Queen of HPI, Sultana, Ratu, Empress. Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano – Prince, Morza, Duke & Emir. Deanna Bailey – Infante/ Duchess. Jon Koyasako – Landgrave/Orb King. Kara Koyasako – Margrave. Shari Aresta – EVP Queen & Viscount. Stefanie Paige-Belson – Baronet. Tuesday Rubsam – Dominus. Ivy Rubsam – Vidame. Capone Bender – Seigneur. Bob Fulton – Knight. Nicole Stowe – Patrician. Nina Lutz – Freiherr. Lucy Tompkins – Elector. Rachel Rodriguez – Esquire. Becky Cardenas – Patrician. Jon Rubsam – Earl. Jeri Smith – Baroness. Mark Mummert – Viscount. Staci Butler – Sultana/Princess. Patrick Newton – Gentleman. Kit Taylor - Baroness. Angelita Bouch'e - Baroness. Breanna Apodaca - Duchess. Paquita Estrada - Baroness. HPI Grenadiers: Kristal Smith, Lisa Gottschalk, Helen Henkel, Louise Cordova, Shirley Hasselbrink, Atheuth Paris.

1980 Call:
Remember this article by Belinda Bentley - Man Receives Call from 1980? -- well, it happened again. A man called me from Ontario, Canada yesterday and makes claim he received a call from March 7, 1980 and did not receive any message. Hmmm..what is it with the year 1980?

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International for HPI Stories!
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

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Kit Taylor, HPI Paranormal Investigator
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