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 A Haunting in Visalia

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PostSubject: A Haunting in Visalia   Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:48 pm

A Haunting in Visalia
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner

It's a long drive to Visalia. Give me my Rockstar energy drink and pump up the tunes! Road trip! Hear one of the songs we played on our way to Visalia!
New Order Blue Monday
Visalia Investigation Part 1
Visalia Investigation Part 2

Date to be there: October 6, Saturday / Time to be there: 8pm - Address to be at: Visalia, CA Activity Level: Dogs go crazy, they bark at nothingness. Shadows seen moving around. Moaning heard. Knockings heard. Things get thrown around and moved around. Things fly off the dresser and fall underneath the bed. Boxes lifted in the air and thrown to the ground. Singing heard. Catholic Blessing requested. Credit: Case Manager Jessica Costa of East Bay Paranormal. Psychic Lisa Steele is going with me. 11am Interview with Lori Hennings - CANCELED - 10am Interview with Steph Rodriguez at Old Soul - 812 21st Street, Sacramento - Lisa Steele and I are call in guests for the Lori Schulz The Dirt Show at 17:30 Hours.

Jessica Costa, Field Ops Manager of East Bay Paranormal discovered this case here in Visalia. In their previous investigation, this is what Jessica and her team discovered, Jessica will explain this in her own words: “ When Mike and I were doing our EVP sweep I was standing in the living room next to the couch and was overcome with the sensation that I needed to cry. The hairs on my body were on the verge of standing up and all I felt was intense sorrow. My eyes watered. I called Mike over and he said he could feel a difference in the air around me. When Mike and I sat in the family room by the fireplace, I thought I saw someone standing in the hallway. Either I saw a child peering around at us or a grown person bending over watching us. As we did our sweep in the youngest daughter’s room, we were getting a lot of static from the walkie talkies. We decided to use that static as a white noise for our EVP session. When we played the recording back we couldn’t hear anything…not necessarily because we didn’t capture anything, but because as we listened to the playback, the walkie talkies we were holding would go off at the same time and stop at the same time as the recording. Because this investigation was at the home of a close family friend, I was able to stay the night at the home. After the investigation ended I was in the house alone and grabbed an empty can to use as an ashtray. I set it on the table and walked to break up a fight between the dogs. When I came back to sit down I looked at the can just as it moved backward and then in a circle. I was so excited and immediately called the team to tell them what I saw. As I grabbed a cigarette and walked back to sit down I heard a faint moaning. Now that we are here again, last night I tried to sleep on the couch. I was too afraid to fall asleep. Over the course of the night I maybe had a total of 2 hours sleep. I felt afraid and had the constant feeling of being watched.

Paranormal Investigators Present: Kyle Humburg – President; Ashley Johnson; Gilbert Pulido; Jessica Costa and Crystal Chaboya. HPI Guests: Lisa Steele – Psychic Medium and Paul Dale Roberts – HPI Owner & Field Operations General.

Steffany V, Occupant explains the activity in her home. Pictures have come off the wall in my daughter’s bedroom. Dresser drawers will open on their own. Voices have been heard in my daughter’s room. An image has appeared in the closet. I have seen my belongings from my dresser fall upon my bed. The cigarette lighter has moved from the refrigerator and moved to my daughter’s desk. The dogs go crazy and will howl at nothingness. Shadow people have been seen, etc. The family is terrified and this is the 2nd investigation by East Bay Paranormal of this home. They have called upon me to conduct a Catholic blessing of the home and Lisa Steele to identify the entities. Lisa picked up on many things and the occupant validated that Lisa was accurate.

Lisa picked up on the following. She felt there was a Michael that was killed or died by the house fence line. The occupant verifies that in 1999 a Visalia cop named Michael Repossa was killed across the street. The scenario could have been is the cop could have been killed across the street and crawled over to the fence line and died. Lisa centered on the grandmother and some issues that the grandmother had. The occupant confirmed this. Lisa also realized that the grandmother’s ashes were in the home. The occupant confirmed this and showed us the urn. Lisa visualizes a paddle and bruises; the occupant confirms that her step-father would paddle her with a stick, which left bruise marks on her body. Lisa talks about an important family document that had the occupant’s grandfather’s signature on it. The occupant confirms this. Lisa visualizes a family member who drives a Chevelle and talks about this family member in detail. The occupant confirms this and says that Lisa is incredibly accurate. Lisa was so accurate on the description and activities of the deceased grandmother, that the occupant started crying. The occupant noticed that her two pit bulls that are not friendly with any one were friendly with Lisa. Lisa also picked up on a family member that was practicing Santeria; this was also confirmed by the occupant. Lisa later visualized a family member pounding possibly drums, which would lead one to believe this could be the drumming beats of the Santeria religion.

SPECIAL NOTE: I want to thank the occupant for providing basked chicken, potato salad, corn on the cob, sodas and coffee for the occupants. Tonight I will conduct a Catholic blessing of the home.

Lisa Steele did an initial sweep and felt entities in certain parts of the home. I obtained an EVP by the fence line that sounded like a wounded girl or animal. Jon Rubsam’s sister Tuesday called and Jon came up with the name of the former owner and his wife’s name and said that they did some major renovation of the home. The present occupant confirmed this as correct.

I conducted a Catholic blessing of the home and the truck, nothing significant occurred during the blessing. The house does seem calmer now.

1st Email: Hey Paul.. Jon wanted me to tell you, that he picked up on a Judy and whatever renovations or clean up she did on the house, has stirred up something... He is going to call you tonight! Have fun, be safe! Can you ask the occupant, if they know any McSpaddens, Perrys, or Lines? Just wondering.. those are my family members that live in Tulare... LOL....
2nd Email: Hi again... Jon said hes trying to call you... he said that he is picking up on a hispanic person... gang/drug related death.....Jon is still working on a name.....But he said to check your phone..LOL
The Occupant confirms that Jon Rusbam is correct. The Occupant also says that Jon Rubsam and Lisa Steele are phenomenal in their abilities!

Christina Crawford and her son Ethan Harris.


Hollywood's Go-To-Guy for Northern California
A TV producer contacted me and told me that I am now Hollywood's Go-To-Guy for Northern California paranormal stories. The TV producer is working on a one hour paranormal special for ABC and is interested in the Haunting in Antelope: Charles Lee Tucker case and wanted to get a hold of the occupant Angelita Bouch'e. I gave them Angelita's phone number and the show is on the table!

MOVIE REVIEWS by Jeri Smith, Paul Dale Roberts & Macie Whitten
October 2, 2012: On this night Jeri Smith, her daughter Macie Whitten and I went to Century Theaters in Laguna to review 6 movies. Those movies were: Looper; House at the End of the Street; Dredd 3D; The Possession; Lawless and The Dark Knight Rises. Here is our take on the movies. Looper – Bruce Willis does a great job playing the Old Joe role and the future Rainmaker child was devastating with his telekinetic abilities. House at the End of the Street – Jeri was not impressed, lots of chasing around and the villain Ryan who was once in the role of Carrie-Ann did not seem to be an ominous threat. Dredd 3D – better now than when Sylvester Stallone played the part of Dredd. The Possession. Based on the haunted Dybbuk Box seen on Paranormal Witness – of course Hollywood embellishes on this supposingly true story. Lawless – great story about moonshiners of Franklin County, VA. I never heard of these historical characters – Jack, Forrest and Howard Bondurant, but now I want to know everything about them. The Dark Knight Rises – I’m getting bored with this franchise, needs more pep. When Bane spoke, his voice was so muffled you couldn’t understand a word he was saying. A thermal nuclear bomb in Gotham? Yeah..of course, Batman saves the day!

Starting on October 2, 2012 - I have a carpool buddy named Debbie Noriega. Debbie rides with me to work and keeps my mind occupied with a zillion ghost questions. Here is one of Debbie's questions: "Paul, since there is a Casper the Friendly Ghost, are there really friendly ghosts?" My answer: "Debbie...really? Really?" Okay...just joking around here...Debbie didn't really ask me that question...but maybe..just maybe I can get Debbie to join us on one of our outings!

October 6, 2012 Saturday: Location: Old Soul – 812 21st Street, Sacramento. Today met up with Steph Rodriguez – Freelance Journalist for the Sacramento News & Review. We discussed the infamous Martinez House. Steph’s article should be published around October 18th. She is going to interview neighbors of the Martinez House and find out the scoop on why the owner has not placed this house up for sale? Why he doesn’t live in it? Is it really haunted? Why is the owner so mysterious? So many questions and Steph seeks out those answers. She will go as far as looking through the archival records at the California State Library. She is a journalist sleuth. I look forward to her article! Also, on this day I was supposed to do a follow-up interview with Lori Hennings, this follow-up interview will probably be rescheduled.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Field Operations General
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International for HPI Stories!
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

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A Haunting in Visalia
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