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 Chantal Medium - Medium and Psychic

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PostSubject: Chantal Medium - Medium and Psychic   Mon Oct 15, 2012 4:24 pm

Interview with Chantal Medium - Medium, Psychic
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner

Question: Tell me something personal about yourself? Your family life, schools you went to, your hobbies, recreational activities. How about your favorite song? Okay..I want more, what are your favorite TV shows, movies and books? Where were you born and raised? Come on, give me the scoop!

Answer: Something personal? Well I am getting married next June to my fiance. I had a normal childhood growing up. There were good times and there were bad times, but that is to be expected. I grew up with my brother and my sister! When I was about 11-12 my mother decided to have a fresh start so we all moved to South Carolina for about 10 months. My grandmother and grandfather moved with us, got their own house, and things just didn't work the way my mother had envisioned, so my mother decided that it wasn't a good choice to stay there, so we moved all the way to California. I couldn't have been happier with her decision. I went to San Clemente High School in San Clemente California, then we moved to Dana Point. We moved into an apartment that was right across the street from Dana Hills High School, so I finished my schooling there.

I have so many hobbies, I don't know where to start. Well I love to sing, and I am pretty good at it! I was in choir when I was at Dana Hills High. I also love to graphic design, I've been doing it since I was about 14! I have my own website where people can request a custom graphic, or if they just want to see what I can do. I'm also a paranormal investigator! Paranormal investigating has to be one of my favorite hobbies! I love going into a place and learning the history on it just by walking in and feeling and seeing everything that happened. I love to learn, so the more I can learn about investigating and about the history of our world, the better.

My recreational activities would have to giving psychic readings and going out to private residences and businesses and doing paranormal investigations in order to help the figure out what is going on in their homes or offices. My favorite song would have to be "A Thousand Years by Christina Perri" My favorite T.V shows would have to be "The X Factor" "The Voice" "Family Guy" "American Dad" "Storage Hunters" "Ghost Adventures" Did I mention that I got to meet Aaron Goodwin & Zak Bagans? I met the on September 4th as an anniversary present from my fiance. My favorite movies has to be "Van Helsing" & "The Underworld" movies. My favorite book has to be To Kill A Mocking Bird, I also love the old black & white movie that goes along with the book!

Question: Chantal, when did you first learn that you were a medium? What experiences did you have to determine this factor?

Answer: When I was younger, I remember this as if it were yesterday. I was asleep, I was about 3, and I woke up out of a sound sleep to see these 2 entities at the end of my bed. They were covered in blood & they had red eyes. I remember screaming for my mom, and she came in and I tried explaining to her what I had seen, but I was so scared and I was balling my eyes out, so I couldn't speak. It was almost like I was paralyzed. When I could finally tell her what I saw, she went and got her "Holy Water" and sprinkled it around my room, and then I went and slept with her in her bed. After that night, I knew that I was different from most kids and adults. From that night on, I always saw spirits, ghosts, entities, etc. I spoke with them, I felt them, and I could see them. I remember telling my mom one night when we were still living in South Carolina that something bad was going to happen at 7:00pm. She was cooking dinner, and I told her that she needed to lock the doors and windows, and make sure that they are locked really well. She looked at me with this puzzled look on her face, and she said to me "Nothings is going to happen" I started crying and I said to her " You need to listen to me, if you don't, we are all going to get hurt really bad" Then she took me seriously. 7:00pm came and sure enough, just like I told her, we hear the front door. It stops, then a really loud banging starts on the front door. The door handle starts rattling, and the door is being pushed on. The the back door starts, so my mom calls the police, they show up and the found foots prints in the mud. The guy was no where to be found, at least that is what they thought. I went up to the police and I told them " You need to go and check the woods right behind the house" The walk over to the back yard, sure enough just like I said, he was there, we all could see his flashlight, but he was too far up in the woods for the police to get him. After that my mother took me more serious. School became really hard for me after that night. I could never focus in school because I was always surrounded by spirits, ghosts, etc. I started feeling all of these crazy emotions, like they weren't my own and at the time, I didn't understand why I was feeling the way I was. It happened all of the time. When ever I was around anyone, or even just by myself, I would start taking on other people's emotions. I did my research and I found out that I was empathic as well. I couldn't focus on anything any more. I was always trying to find a way to block everything out until I could learn how to control it. My teachers would tell my mom that I wasn't paying attentions. My mother noticed my being distracted at home so she brought me to the doctors. The doctors diagnosed me with having ADHD, but I didn't believe it. The doctors put me on ADERAL and I didn't want to take it, but I did anyways because I was told to. I started doing research on children who were born with a sixth sense, and I stumbled upon crystal children, indigo children, star children and rainbow children. I started reading about crystal children and I came to realization that I was a crystal child. I had all of the same characteristics, so I told my mom, but she didn't believe me. I was so frustrated, but there was nothing that I could do to convince her. I made the decision to stop taking the medication cause it made me feel lethargic and not like myself. I also realized that the medication was shutting down my abilities, and I didn't want to loose them. I didn't have much help at all with my abilities grown up, so I took it upon myself to learn and study and practice. I did every day, and every day, I got stronger and stronger and I gained more abilities.

Question: Tell me the name of your group and tell me what your best cases were.

Answer: The name of my group is S.P.O.O.KS INVESTIGATIONS - Supernatural Paranormal Organization Of Kansas. We formed our group in May of this year 2012. Our members include Nathan Park who is our Founder, Historian and lead investigator. He has 7 years of experience and he is 20 years old. Rick Park who is Nathan's father and also a C-Founder, Cameraman, Tech Manager, and Lead Investigator, he has had 35 years of experience and he is 46 years old. Larry Buchanan who is a really great friend of all of ours, he is more like family to all of us, but he is also a Co-Founder, Historian, Video Editor, and Lead Investigator. He has 1 year of experience and he is 28 years old. Then there is me. Chantal Kovarovics I am Nathan Parks fiance. I am also a Co-Founder, the teams Psychic, Publicity Manager, and Lead Investigator. I have had 19 years of experience, and I am 22 years old. We have a web series on YouTube We also have a webstore where you can person many different items with our logo on it

In my opinion some of our best cases would have to be our Louisiana investigations. We did 8 investigations in 5 days! We caught a lot of great evidence. We did an investigation at Joslyn Castle in Omaha Nebraska, that one was awesome, and we caught some great evidence there as well. Another one of our best cases has to be one we just did in Lenexa Kansas at a business called Satch's Jewel. All of our evidence is up on our website.

Question: Tell me about some of your paranormal personal experiences?

Answer: Some of my personal experiences with the paranormal have really had an impact on me. One investigation that we did, I was choked by an evil entity that liked to hurt women and children. My team members looked at my neck and I have finger prints on both sides of my neck. Every place that we investigate, I always have personal experiences, be it seeing things, feeling things, or hearing things. In some cases, I've been attacked to the point where I can't even be in the place any more. I have to step outside and collect myself. We just did an investigation at a Private Residence in Marshall Missouri, I was completely fine, I was smiling and laughing, then all of a sudden I felt this horrible sense of hatred, anger, and just not myself. I really felt like hurting someone and I couldn't shake it. I had to step outside and take a break.

Question: I hear some of your cases sometimes freak you out, can you elaborate on that?

Answer: There is only one case that really freaked me out. We did an investigation in St.Louis Missouri at a Private Residence. There is a basement at this location and it was such a weird and scary place. The stairs leading into the basement had a wall on the right side with a small rectangle cut out of it. It had plexi glass in the rectangle cut out with a string that was connected to the light. I walk into the room where the small window looks into, and there is a shower head above me so I look on the floor and there is a hole where the water would drain into. Then I see this little girl with a yellow dress on (she was a spirit). I ask her what she is doing here and she tells me that she was taken off of her bike. I won't go into anymore detail about this little girl. But she was hurt and attached to the house. The door leading into the room with the shower head a lock on the outside of the door. Now I put everything together, and I am 100% sure that this little girl was held captive in this house. The window was put there to watch her and make sure she wasn't doing anything, the light string was there for the same purpose, to see her. The shower was there for her to clean herself. The lock on the door was there to keep her in that room. I felt so bad for this little girl. I couldn't get out of the house fast enough.

Question: Do you investigate other paranormal phenomenon besides ghosts? Do you investigate cryptids or UFOs?

Answer: We haven't had the chance to investigate U.F.O's or Cryptids yet, but we are all very knowledgeable on both U.F.O's and Cryptids. We are hoping to have some cases on both subjects with in the next couple of months, or hopefully starting next year.

Question: If someone wanted to contact your group for an investigation, how would they contact you?

Answer: If someone needed to contact our team, they would have to go to our website There is a link on our homepage that says Investigation Requests. They can also contact us by email.

Question: Let's have a fun question. If you had 6 dinner guests, 3 historical and 3 fictional, who would they be and why?

Answer: Well for my historical guest they would have to be Martin Luther King JR, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison! I would love to be able to learn as much as I could from them. I've learned so much already, but I know that there is more to them than we know. I want to know how their minds worked when they revolutionized what they did! they are 3 of the most remarkable men in our history, in my opinion that is! I really don't have any fictional people that I would like to meet.

Question: Is there anything I missed and you want to add to this interview?

Answer: I just want to add that I am a very easy going person. I get along with just about anyone, until you prove to me that you aren't worth being apart of my life anymore. By that I mean, doing something wrong to me or my loved ones. I also wanted to add that my readings are completely free, but I accept donations. Here are both of my websites. My psychic reading website and my graphic design website Also every Thursday night at 9pm EST I'm on the radio. The radio show is called Ghost Chat Radio, Jason Stanton is the host of the show! You can visit the website and tune in and listen, they also have a live chat box that you can interact with everyone Mark Wojtaszek is the creator for a lot of shows on this channel! So everyone should go and listen.

Question: How do you know Angelita Bouch'e?

Answer: I know Angelita Bouch'e through Facebook, but I feel like I have know her my whole entire life. I felt such a strong connection with her as soon as I saw her picture. She seemed so familiar to me. She is such a great person!

Question: Where have you traveled to?

Answer: Myself I have traveled to South Carolina, California. Our team has traveled to Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Louisiana. We will hopefully be traveling more. The states that we do investigate are Missouri, Arkansas, Colorado, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Eventually we all want to be able to travel the world doing investigations.

Question: When are you going to come down to California and do an investigation with my group HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)?

Answer: When I can afford to! I would love to come out to California to do an investigation with your group! I think it would be such a rewarding and amazing experience!

Question: Do you have any words of wisdom for your readers?

Answer: I just want to say to my readers that you have to believe in yourself and trust yourself. Don't worry about what anyone thinks, because all that does is hinders your life. Get rid of all the negativity in your life and embrace the positive! If you need help getting rid of the negativity, visit my website and contact me!


Manteca Video Part 1 - Mark Tatum
Manteca Video Part 2 - Mark Tatum
Manteca Video Part 3 - Mark Tatum

October 12, 2012: Thank you to Sal of Sacramento News and Review for conducting his photo shoot of me at the Martinez House. Sal did the photo shoot quickly and made it painless. You can contact Sal at: 310 739-2548 - Email:

October 13, 2013, Saturday: Letticia Castillo and I, after dining on steak, sautéed mushrooms, cheese macaroni, Menage a Trois Chardonnay white wine reviewed The Raven movie with John Cusack. We both agree that John did a superb job in playing the part of Edgar Allan Poe. The movie was suspenseful and kept you on the edge-of-your seat as a Baltimore detective teams up with Edgar Allan Poe as they seek out Edgar’s captured fiancée. Edgar’s fiancée is captured by a mad man that seeks to making Edgar’s stories into reality and when he captures Edgar’s fiancée, he buries her alive. Edgar in turn becomes more than a writer of stories, he becomes a hero as he seeks out his one and only love. There are many twists and turns to the movie and the movie has you guessing after each megalithic murder! Letticia and I highly recommend this movie!

Look for HPI stories in Paranormal Magazine and Phenomena Magazine, see their website here:

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Chantal Medium - Medium and Psychic
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