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 Erin Diedonne & Brandon Sikora, Experiencers

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PostSubject: Erin Diedonne & Brandon Sikora, Experiencers   Sat Nov 03, 2012 6:23 pm

Interview with Erin Dieudonne and Brandon Sikora, Paranormal Experiencers
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts Ė HPI Owner and Nikki Castelline Ė HPI Apprentice Journalist.

Date of Interview: November 3, 2012 Saturday
Location of Interview: Starbucks, 904 E Street, Marysville, CA 95901
Time of Interview: 1100 Hours
Present at Interview: Nikki Castelline, Erin Dieudonne, Brandon Sikora, Paul Dale Roberts and Erin's 2 1/2 year old daughter.

Erin and Brandon: Tell me something about yourselves. What you like to do for fun with hobbies, recreational activities. What movies, TV shows, books do you like? Where were you born and raised? Family life?

Erin: I grew up in Chico Ca with 5 in my family, mom, my step dad and two sisters. I grew up a pretty normal life, well as normal life as I you could get. I like to read a lot of types of books, pretty much anything that catches my interest. I am really into the paranormal shows, anything to do with the paranormal I am watching it. I think my top favorite paranormal show would be Paranormal State. I have a few favorite past times of writing on my blog and making hair bows for my daughter. I grew up listening to 80ís music from AC/DC to Ace of Base. Iím very into the 90ís country songs like Tim McGrawís Donít take the Girl, to Garth Brooks Standing Outside the Fire. My all time favorite movie is Fried Green Tomatoes, there is something about the strength that these women show, that makes it my all time favorite.

Brandon: I grew up in Roseville, Ca; I have 5 siblings and I grew up with Native American beliefs. I was always running around on the reservations with my family, I donít like to read, I love to play video games. My favorite movies are scary movies, comedies and action. My hobbies are working on cars, go camping, cooking. Iíve always listened to a wide range of music. I was born in Sacramento. My life has always been normal for the most part.

Question: You had some unusual paranormal experiences in your home. When did it first start? Why do you think is causing the experience?

Answer: It started almost 2 years ago. Brandonís mother passed away and about a month after that we noticed small things happening. I would see a dark shadow figure in our closet with glowing yellow eyes, and I would start seeing shadow figures walking down our hall way. Things would go on for a while so we would sage the house and things would calm down. After about a month though, things would happen with more of a force.

Question: If things started with Brandonís mother passing away. Do you believe that Brandonís mother was first haunting the house and then a portal opened, bringing in more aggressive entities?

Answer: I believe that his mother didnít know that she had passed so she was in the house at first. His mother passed away so quickly that I do believe that she was there for a little while, but with the way things progressing now I know that its not only her there.

Question from Nikki: Do you think that Brandonís mother is trying to communicate with your 2 Ĺ daughter?

Answer: I do believe that my daughter seeís and talks with her grandmother. When she does she identifies her as her grandmother every time. It has decreased now so its very rare we find her talking with her grandmother.

Question: Do you feel threatened by the shadow figures?

Answer: The first shadow figure I saw in our closet in our room scared me. It was more of the kind where I knew if we didnít do some thing now to get rid of it it could potentially become a worse situation. As time goes on and with the more things happening I am more fearful for my daughter then myself.

Question: Do you feel the presence of Brandonís mother in the house, besides seeing the shadow figures?

Answer: Itís rare that I feel his mother any more. Like I had mentioned before I felt that she didnít know that she had passed away at first. I think she felt she was still alive and was in her home again.

Question: Shadow people are usually not threatening and are considered interdimensional beings, do you feel that way with the shadow people you are encountering.

Answer: I donít feel threatened by the shadow people, but the shadow animals that are being seen, makes me fearful. I do feel a little threatened by them.

Question: What kind of shadow animals? Do they look like dogs, cats?

Answer: The animals that I have seen are about the size of a standard Chihuahua but the head is bigger in size, no ears and no nose like that of a dog, kind of a smooth flat surface. I have seen this creature sit in front of my daughterís door at night when I asked for protection over my daughter as she sleeps. Another one I have seen was about the size of a standard cat but has the head of a lion, big mane but again I do not see any facial features. I have heard from others in the house of a dark shadow dog. About the size of German Shepard full grown. They didnít notice any features because they said they felt threatened by this.

Question: You had a paranormal group investigate your home, what was their name? Did they find any results?

Answer: Yes, it was Anna Hillís group, they are called Angels of Light Paranormal Society, they obtained the following evidence: Several EVPís, most of them non threatening, but they did find one where it was saying ďIím killing you, killing youĒ. Anna felt that maybe that was towards her and not us because who ever said that felt threatened with them being there. They caught a few questioning pictures, two orbs and then one where most of the picture in the background is dark, and you can barely see the background through it. Special Note: Angels of Light Paranormal Society is a family member of HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International).

Question: Tell me about your daughterís imaginary friend. What happened in this incident?

Answer: My daughter talks to a little boy. She just out of the blue will start talking to him and asking him what he wants to eat, if he would like to play and not to touch certain things, because mommy and daddy say not to.

Question: Anything happened with the baby monitor?

Answer: We have from as soon as we got the monitor, we heard sounds coming through it, like my daughter awake and crying or screaming, but when we go in to check on her she was completely asleep with a binky in her mouth. At times when the sounds came through the monitor it would be screaming in fear or in pain so I would go in to check on my daughter and she would be completely out. No indication that she even has made a sound.

Question: Tell me something about the night terrors?

Answer: My daughter has never been diagnosed with night terrors, but sometimes she will be screaming in the middle of the night as if she was experiencing night terrors.

Question: I heard you have a blog, what is the link?


Question: If your readers want to contact you, how can they contact you?


Question: If you have some words of wisdom for your readers, what are those words?

Answer: Seize the day!


Nikki Castelline on the way to Marysville with me, tells me a fantastic story, the story goes like this: My mother passed away June 12th on my birthday 6 years ago. This year June 12th I was feeling down in the dumps as I normally do on my birthday since my mother passed on my birthday...anyway I was looking outside my backyard through the sliding glass door and to my left I saw movement, I looked and what I saw was an older woman crouched down in the garden area pulling weeds, she had short grey hair she had her back towards me so I couldn't see her face. She looked just like my mother from the back. I was thinking what the hell is a woman doing in my backyard and why is she pulling weeds? I started to get anxious and felt a panic attack coming on and started to get hot flashes. I was scared to death.... I ran to the living room and grabbed my cell phone to call my sister to tell her what was going on and when I opened the sliding glass door to look again she was gone. I was crying so hard and trying to catch my breath all at once. First of all that is the exact location I buried a small container of her ashes. I looked around and to my amazement the two gates leading to the backyard were closed and locked. Nothing or nobody could have gotten in my backyard. This happened on the anniversary of my mother's passing. Every time I am in the backyard a day doesn't go by to where I don't think about my mother....God Bless you mom, I love you.....Nikki.

Special Note: For this adventure today, Nikki arrived at my home at 9am and we stopped at Jack in the Box in Elk Grove for breakfast, had coffee at Starbucks in Marysville, lunch at Panda Express in Marysville and we will be doing the Lori Schulz Radio Show - The Dirt tonight at 5pm! I will be the radio co-host on Lori Schulz Show - The Dirt. After the radio show we will be meeting behind the scenes HPI Photo Analysts Cedric L. 'cc' Freeman and Rukesh Kumar to go over some recently sent UFO photos that were taken during the Frankenstorm Sandy incident. I want to make sure the photos are not photoshopped, before publishing. They were taken in and around New Jersey.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International for HPI Stories!
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Erin Diedonne & Brandon Sikora, Experiencers
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