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 Eleanor Marie, Massage Therapist, Energy Healer

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PostSubject: Eleanor Marie, Massage Therapist, Energy Healer   Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:35 am

Interview with Eleanor Marie, Massage Therapist, Energy Healer
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner

Question: Please tell me something personal about yourself. Your family life? Where you were born and raised? Schools? Movies, TV shows, books you like? Hobbies and recreational activities…heck…even your favorite song?

Answer: I am the single mother of two extraordinary children; a daughter age 10 and son age 14. Both have exhibited intuitive or psychic abilities. We live in one of the most haunted spots in California, an old gold rush town. I was born in St. Louis and ostensibly raised in San Francisco of the wild 70s, running amok through China Town, gay bars on Polk Street and hopping cable cars through the city. Our large flat was quite haunted, and I have many fond experiences of both human and animal spirits that lived with us along with the artists and theater students we rented to.

My passion for cinema and reading is extensive- I am deeply inspired by all art forms. Early black-and-white films, Peter Greenway, Tim Burton, Wim Wenders, the Brothers Mc Quay, Tarantino, Mel Brooks…. My respect and love for filmmakers is wildly varied! I am a dedicated reader; some recent loves have been Margaret Atwood, Iain Pears, arah Waters, and Augusten Burroughs. I have always been drawn to books about the paranormal, magic, religion, history, and other alternative subjects since I was a child.

Music is just as vast; in my car stereo tonight on the way here was a mix of Mozart’s Requiem, Diary of Dreams, L’amme Immortelle, Albert Ayler, The Retrosic, She Wants Revenge, The Chameleons, Fleetwood Mac, Soft Cell, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Wolfsheim and Jeff Buckley.

I love to decorate, take gentle hikes in nature or urban settings, dance like a wanton geisha, make odd snippets of music, write poetry, do comedy improve, take photographs and portraits, find excuses to dress us, partake of psychobabble with my friends, craft with my daughter, explore new places, enjoy my son’s cooking (future chef) and create sensual trappings in my boudoir. I have a penchant for both the sublime and the arcane.

Question: Eleanor, please explain to me what is an ‘energy healer’?

Answer: An energy healer is one who can perceive, and therapeutically alter, the energetic field that a person carries. We energy healers take many forms and modalities; I am a 3rd Degree Master Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, in the Sekhem Reiki tradition. In addition to giving healings, I also teach and do attunements including distance healings. This tradition is based upon very old Egyptian healing practices but is also similar to traditional Reiki as most westerners know it. I am not limited to my Reiki training, but work also very intuitively and deeply on the astral, angelic and etheric realms- and many others that I could not name! I believe that I am tapping into wisdom that I had many thousands of years ago when I was a secret healer (with long black wings, protecting my village at night from dark energies) in a past life. That said, I am also a huge skeptic but have had much validation of this previous life having been real. Anyone can be an energy healer in some sense; the power of intention, touch and compassion are palpable tools of healing. It simply takes awareness and focus, and a certain courage in which we suspend our assumptions and simply let the universal forces flow through us.

Question: How long have you been a massage therapist? Is this an awarding job for you?

Answer: I have enjoyed giving massage for over twenty years, but was only certified a few years ago. I had exceptional teachers and have embraced several modalities. This is the most rewarding job I could imagine- and I love having a job in which people are always happy to see me! Watching my clients transform from tired, broken, injured people into revitalized, strong ones is profoundly rewarding. I am honored each time I have the opportunity to touch another in a healing way.

Question: When I first met you at Shannon McCabe’s 2012 Vampire Ball, the first thing in my mind was ‘mystical’. Would you consider yourself ‘mystical’?

Answer: I admit it. That is not an adjective that I would apply to myself as it denotes power- and personal power is not something I relate to in this sense. But I have always walked half in this world, and half in others and I also have a deep appreciation for the mysteries in life. My “sixth” sense sometimes feels stronger and more real than my other senses. My dream life is incredibly rich, and I travel often in my dreams to other places and gain insights about those living, deceased and from other realms. Some are incredible to explore, others are best respected by remaining a mystery. I have been involved in several magical societies and studied many spiritual practices; all to me are different translations of the same thing and I find them all alluring. Yes, mystical.

Question: I hear can bless homes. Is this true, can you explain?

Answer: Yes, this is something I do with great joy. It is not something I advertise, as I believe that the right people come to me who need my help. I approach the blessing (or clearing, in the case of purported hauntings or negative energies) differently depending upon the client involved and their religious or spiritual orientations, the type of energy or spirit, and other variables. Often the process is quite simple, just leading spirits by the hand into the light- they were simply waiting for someone to show them how. Others take a more involved dynamic that takes place on many levels and can be quite intense. I have never left a client with their space in worse energetic condition than when I entered- there is always some, and usually much, improvement in the overall energy of the space and its inhabitants. I do home and business blessings in the name of whichever god, deity or positive energy my client feels a strong kinship with. Our homes and businesses are sanctuaries, and I love to help create this sense of safety, warmth and love.

Question: Please tell me something about your paranormal experiences, the most significant ones. I know by talking with you, that you have had thousands of paranormal experiences and it’s because you have psychic abilities, but please tell the readers the best stories!

Answer: My earliest memory in this life is being five years old, late summer in St. Louis. We were about to move to San Francisco after my parents’ divorce. I was on the back porch of my Nana’s large wooden frame house, and my grandfather was holding me in his arms. He was pointing into the darkness of the backyard, showing me three glowing orbs of blue, red and golden light. He told me that I could move and control them, and I did. He also said that I could take the lights into me and use them for other things that I would learn later. I told my mother about this story a few years later, and she simply chided me, saying that it was impossible as my grandfather had died when I was a baby.

Once I was touring the historic Preston Castle in Ione, California- a former boy’s workhouse that was populated in the late 1800’s. A boy-spirit followed me for over an hour, all through the rooms. He was quite curious and took quite a fondness for me- I believe that I reminded him of his own mother. He had a very fragile and sensitive nature; I know that he had suffered abuses here in Preston. I reached out to him psychically and sent him love and protection. This is the only occasion in which a spirit has followed me off the premises of an investigation; this lovely boy spirit followed me home when I left- and after some gentle TLC and coaxing I sent him into the light. I cried as if I had lost my own son after he left.

When visiting London, I had two paranormal experiences. The first was in the colorful neighborhood of Brixton, on a sunny summer day. I was walking through the neighborhood to the tube and I heard footfalls behind me. I turned, nobody was there. I kept walking, with the inner knowledge that a man was walking with me. He took my hand in a very romantic gesture; his hand was large and warm. I felt immense sadness from him and through listening inwardly I knew his whole story. I helped him to return to the light- he was a suicide who had been heartbroken by his cheating lover. This experience touched me deeply, knowing that love and attachment continue after death.

Also in London, I wandered far to the edge of the city (I love to get lost all alone in new cities) and discovered an old church. Nobody was around, it was extremely quite and still. Inside the church, I saw a priest praying by the altar. I sat in a pew by the back, not wanting to disturb his prayers. He turned and looked at me; his eyes were gone- it looked as if he had been blinded. Reactively, I bowed my head for a moment. I looked up and he was not there. I went back to light a votive candle before leaving- and all of the lights were ablaze when none had been lit when I had first entered.

At the Mission of St. Michael the Archangel in Central California, I was exploring the wine-making area where the monks had pressed wine two hundred years ago. Feeling adventurous, I dropped down into the large plastered vat in which they had crushed so many grapes for wine. Instantly I was surrounded by spirits, and by the deep thrumming of their song. The sound of their chanting- chants they had done as they worked to bless the wine and pass the time- filled me with an overwhelming sense of the monks being present. The experience was so powerful, I went to find the docent and ask if there was a recording being played in the wine room or if there were acoustical echoes from music someone was playing. She paused a moment, and then said, “ah, you must have heard them chanting. Nobody has believed me about this.” After further investigation on the premises, I encountered an angry spirit who had hung himself from a tree outside. This fellow was very irate and resistant, but eventually I sent him to the light. The overall feeling at St. Michael was quite oppressive, and this experience haunted me for weeks.

During my energetic healing sessions, I very often feel the presence of my client’ loved ones who have passed, or of their protective ancestors/guides/angels. This happens so frequently that I always forewarn my Reiki clients that this could happen, and ask if they would like me to tell them if something or someone shows up. During these sessions I also intuitively or psychically gather much buried information about my clients and those close to them, information that helps in their healing process. I have facilitated dozens of spirit reunions and aided in healing unresolved emotional wounds between family members in this way. I communicate with the guides of my clients- many clients who have felt out of touch with them otherwise- and help strengthen their bond. Sometimes these bonds reach back lifetimes.

When living in Somerset, California on a very enchanted property full of oaks, ponds and a natural spring, I had a few poignant paranormal encounters. One in particular leaves me chilled even now- it was the darkest, most evil spirit I have met. I was standing out in the backyard beneath my favorite ancient oak tree, stargazing and taking in the night. Out of the darkness stepped a vile creature. It had the shape of a dog, but was made of utter pitch blackness. This horrible creature had no facial features. Its presence turned my blood to ice; I knew that I was in the presence of something from somewhere incredibly dark. This was my first encounter with the Beast, and I panicked. I ran back into the comfort and light of my home and did some heavy protection rituals.

Two days later, the Beast returned. This time it was inside my home. I was prepared this time, and stood the Beast down with great force. Using all of the powers of the mystical that I knew, I did spiritual battle with this horrible thing. And I won, but not without the residual feeling that there are certain entities that we need to be careful to avoid, and that the barrier between this world and theirs can be as thin as the night air.

I have had hundreds of paranormal experiences besides these ones- almost on a daily basis! At present, the place where I live was once a brothel and saloon, and is built atop a sealed up gold mine. When I first moved in over the summer, there were pranksters there who like to play tricks involving putting bones in my food, moving bingo pieces around, flinging objects across my bedroom and generally being a menace. There was one particularly nasty spirit who lived in the crawlspace above my daughter’s closet, growling and exuding a horrible black energy; this negative spirit was keeping other spirits cowering in fear. Along with two friends (I believe that when working with spirits in our own space we need backup from “the outside”) we banished this heinous spirit and then released the cowering spirits into the light. The pranks have stopped….for now.

Question: Tell me about your UFO experience.

Answer: When I was eight years old and visiting my father in rural Michigan, there was a festive BBQ on his property. Many people were there reveling into the night. It was rather late and things were winding down, with my father’s friends playing guitar by the fire ring. I heard a great whirring that was on a sound frequency that rattled my brain. A brilliant light filled the sky, and I heard a whoosh. Overhead was a huge saucer, composed of a streamlined metallic material and glowing all around. It seemed as if the glow was what propelled the craft. It hovered above the party for almost a minute, and then seemingly slipped through a crack in space and was gone. For years after this experience, I had many dreams of alien humanoids- including my experience near Tracy, California.

Question: What happened at Hwy 5 by Tracy?

Answer: I had been having lucid dreams for many months, involving a specific spot alongside Highway 5 by Tracy, California. At the time, I had never been to this spot and did not know it as such. The dreams took place inside a large condominium complex. In each dream a group of very tall, thin humanoids were holding me there captive. They looked very much like regular humans, except that they were around nine feet tall and very, very willowy. They wore all black and their faces were quite pale, and limbs very long and thin. They were keeping me captive there to drink my life-force energy. Each morning after these dreams, I was utterly exhausted for at least two days.

A couple years later, I drove to the area of Tracy and simply followed what felt like a homing instinct. I was brought to a halt by a large condominium complex not far from a rest-stop. A sudden and nearly overwhelming fatigue overtook me. Luckily I was with a friend, and he said that he was feeling “out of his body”. We made it to the rest-stop nearby and there my friend and I saw a small black figure running through the grass- it looked as if it was made of shadows. After seeing this figure, my malaise quickly left. It felt almost like a “Rumplestiltskin” moment- by identifying the source of misery, I was able to regain control of my own senses.

I have had reoccurring dreams even recently involving these vampiric beings; and often I feel as if I have a hole in my memory, that they won’t let me remember specific knowledge of them. I have read that there is a purported vortex right in this area of Tracy, with many UFO sightings and people reporting losing or gaining time. This is a gray area for me that I wish to investigate further.

While living in Santa Cruz, I went on one of my frequent day trips out of town with my boyfriend at the time. It was evening we were driving over Pacheco Pass, a straight and largely deserted stretch of highway that is oft traveled by truckers. It was a foggy night and no other travelers were out. I felt like I was floating ten feet off the ground as my boyfriend drove along. I first attributed the sensation to the fog and the surreal desolation of the highway. Then I heard a voice talking to me in another language- one that I instinctively knew to be a Native American tongue. The man-spirit was intoning a chant in my ear, very low and melodious and repetitive. My boyfriend did not hear the voice, but he did experience the same hovering and floating sensation; and he was my “guinea pig” for any expeditions as he is a much bigger skeptic than I am! We eventually passed through the fog and the road and sky were clear. After checking the clock on the dashboard, we saw that the time was five minutes earlier than the time it was thirty minutes prior! We had gained at least forty minutes of time; this was confirmed by my boyfriend’s wristwatch. Later that week, I researched the area and discovered that Pacheco Pass had been the sight of a horrible massacre of Native Americans by the white man. Just as interestingly, many truckers who regularly drove that stretch of road have reported gaining or losing time.

Question: Wow! You really have a fascinating life! Talking with you, you are a little bit of everything. You are an astrologer, psychic (even though you don’t like to be called psychic), a therapeutic healer, massage therapist, writer, mother, dreamer, someone who was reincarnated, possibly from renaissance England and the land before Egypt was Egypt. You really need to write your have an incredible story to tell. Please tell me about your past life in which you had black wings. I want to know this story and I get the crazy feeling that you were once a fey, but definitely someone I will forever know as the ‘Dark Protector’. Now, quit holding me in suspense..tell me this story!

Answer: During a very deep meditation, a vivid past life recollection came to me. It came to me more strongly than the memories I have of this life. In this vision, I lived in a sandy terrain north of what we now know as Egypt. This was a time long before the pyramids or any other civilization that has been excavated or documented. My desert village was constructed near the side of a sandy hill; there was a large temple structure, a solid but simple palace, and many smaller structures. Some homesteads were built into the side of the hill. By daytime, I was one of the many lesser handmaidens to the female royalty. A female reigned in the land, and she had many husbands. I would sit at the long, white-clothed table along with the other servants and I wore all white, threaded with a brilliant gold. I remember wearing rings on my fingers, with symbols that honored the queen and her goddesses. But at night time I had a secret.

Under the cover of deep night, I would steal into the temple. There was an inner chamber, which I would pass by, and several smaller ritual rooms. One room was where I did my Night Work. Here I invoked certain powers after putting on a pair of long, shimmering black feathered wings. I would fly over the village as the citizens slept. I used all of my powers to keep The Darkness from intruding upon the village; there was a great, evil energy that regularly threatened the village and I pushed it away each night. I also healed people as they slept, using energetic healing techniques that I now use in this lifetime that I have channeled from this past life and integrate with Reiki.

My past life memory has been confirmed on a few occasions. The first happened a few weeks after my vision; I was doing an energy session with an elderly lady. It was the first time she had ever done anything like it, and so I kept the session very simple, just balancing her charkas and infusing her aura with healing light. I neither wore nor kept any symbols or imagery in my treatment room or anywhere on the premises I was working. My aged client was blissfully enjoying her healing session, when her eyes went wide open and she looked right up at me where I was standing by her head as she lay on the massage table. She looked right into my eyes and said, “Lord, what BEAUTIFUL black wings you have!” I have had other clients witness the vision of these black wings when I am doing healing work. When I am going to do any particularly deep energy work or work on the astral plane, I invoke my wings so that I can continue my mission of “Night Work”, as the Dark Protector for my fellow humans and other living beings.

Question: What magical societies did you belong to?

Answer: Amongst other less known groups, I have been inducted into the Ordo Templis Orientis (OTO), The Golden Dawn, the John Dee Society, and various pagan and experimental magickal groups and esoteric circles. I am no longer affiliated with any groups, but hold onto all of the knowledge that I have gathered and add these experiences to my mystical “toolbox”.

Question: This is one of the most spectacular interviews I have ever conducted! You have so many stories to tell. I am honored to have you as one of my new HPI paranormal investigators and can’t wait to place you into the mix of things. Is there a way for your readers to contact you? Do you have an email address or a website that they can connect with you?

Answer: I would love to hear from your readers and I love to correspond with open-minded people. My private email address is

Question: Do you have any words of wisdom for your readers?

Answer: In the words of H.P. Lovecraft: “Don’t call up what you can’t put down!”

Special Note: In the event that I do a house clearing and a particular object holds the energy of a spirit via psychometrics, that I can’t send into the light I sell these items to people that feel they are care takers to these type of haunted objects (example: dolls, diaries, grandfather clocks, mirrors, etc).


Spirit of Halloween Store: Elk Grove Part 1 Video Courtesy of Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano
Spirit of Halloween Store: Elk Grove Part 2 Video Courtesy of Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano
Spirit of Halloween Store: Elk Grove Part 3 Video Courtesy of Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano
Lori Schulz The Dirt Radio Show – co-hosting is Paul Dale Roberts

Halloween Spirit Store by Shari Aresta

Shannon McCabe's 2012 Vampire Ball

Anna Hill's Blog on the Valentine Construction Company:

Hi, I don't have any scary stories to tell but I can share this:
A few years ago I was with a paranormal group and we were investigating some field in the Niagara-on-the-Lake area in Ontario in Winter. It was pitch black out there and I didn't have my flashlight on and when I somehow "lost" the group I freaked out because for a moment I though I was in a cornfield -- the ground beneath me crunched as I walked and I immediately thought, uh oh, Children of the Corn! I though those creepy kids were going to get me! I love that film even though it's old. Damn the assignments and midterm tests! I don't have time to ghost hunt now. Anyway, have fun and post some frightening spooky moments for us on Facebook.
Melicent Young - Independent Ghost Hunter

Date of Interview: November 5, 2012, Monday
Time of Interview: 18:15pm
Location of Interview: Starbucks/Barnes and Noble - Birdcage Walk - 6111 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA
Present at Interview: Eleanor Marie & Paul Dale Roberts
Special Note: While Eleanor typed out her interview answers, I read: TAPS ParaMagazine Vol VIII #5 Sept/Oct 2012; Atlantis Rising #96 Nov/Dec 2012; Fangoria #318 Nov 2012; HorrorHound #37 Sept/Oct 2012.

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aka The Demon Warrior
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Eleanor Marie, Massage Therapist, Energy Healer
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