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 Erin Moriarty, Paranormal Experiencer

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PostSubject: Erin Moriarty, Paranormal Experiencer   Fri Nov 09, 2012 1:41 am

Interview with Erin Moriarty, Paranormal Experiencer
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner

YouTube Video of Erin

November 8, 2012, Thursday 1100 Hours: On this day, I went to Erin Moriarty’s home in Richmond, California and I conducted a Baptist baptism on her and conducted a Catholic blessing of her home. Erin felt threatened by the entities in her home. She will explain in this interview on how these entities came into her life. THIS INTERVIEW IS WRITTEN IN ERIN’S OWN WORDS:

Question: Please tell me something personal about yourself. Your family life? Where you were born and raised? Schools? Movies, TV shows, books you like? Hobbies and recreational activities…heck…even your favorite song?

Answer: I am 34 years old I have lived in the East Bay all of my life. I volunteer at an animal rescue and am just the average 30 something except for the proceeding.

Question: I believe that East Bay Paranormal (Kyle Humburg/Jessica Costa)– were the first paranormal group you contacted and they referred you to me. Can you explain how that all came about?

Answer: I contacted Kyle Humburg in October of 2012 after years of feeling cursed and persecuted by something out of my control and beyond my beliefs as humanly possible. It is hard to know where to begin just because it has been going on most my life but it was like a typhoon that hit around 2006. Growing up I had many strange possibly paranormal experiences but they were normally positive. Not always, but normally. I guess honestly I always took for granted I had a guardian angel or something watching over me. I learned to thank god for that since as well, as seeing it in and through other people.

According to the people involved I know to be involved I guess I have been cursed. That all came about in 1996 after a trauma I experienced where I lost a child I was carrying. I was 18 and stupid like we all are. I had been through a lot growing up. Mental and physical abuse. After losing the baby I broke down and went wild. I was lucky as much as I regret that time in my life now most of it is only because of the curse that came with it.

I had been working at Macys when I got pregnant. It was a really a rough pregnancy and because I was so sick I had to quit. After I lost the baby I was desperate to get back on my feet again and I had bills and a car payment to make. Besides when you are 18 and wounded like that you feel either invincible or you don’t care as much about your life. Either way I ended up trying day labor even but it was still too soon to work such a psychically demanding job.

My friend and I, at the time had been going through a newspaper looking for jobs. We found an ad for waitresses in San Francisco. Just the address and to apply in person. We went… When we arrived it turned out to be a seedy strip club on Broadway. Déjà vu. My friend and I both decided after realizing what it was, who cares it is just waitressing as well as a pay check. She already had a son and was desperate for work as well.

We interviewed on the spot and were hired. I have to give her credit though between common sense and her not having a car she ended up not working there as I did. Everything was fine for awhile. But after a few weeks of my pay check not arriving and hearing it was because of paperwork and the check was in the mail when I was showing up for work performing my job filling soda orders I finally confronted my managers about it.

Two were notorious womanizers and it became obvious they were holding our checks. I confronted Phil and Tex about the situation with my check and I was told they would fix it, but I could move in with Phil until I got on my feet…. Luckily I was 18 I had a home to go to I had friends and family I was not in the position some of the girls were in staying in hostels and such…

After my check didn’t come in the next time I went to the higher up named Steve. Steve was actually a nice guy he had left the strip club to manage the Condor up the street, but was still involved and one of the heads of the clubs I worked for and with. Steve gave myself and another girl or two, $200 and said we would settle the balance when HE got our checks to us. When the checks came in they were extremely short and by that time I had left the club after seeing all the drugs and dirt between clients, co workers and an San Francisco Officer who used to date on of the girls and seeing him trade her for coke and such. No one needs a check that bad but I admit a few of the people there were actually good people. To the point I let one friend stay at my house and would hang out with them socially. Not all of them but a few.

Somewhere along the line I met a girl going by Morgan Lefey. She was an older red headed stripper who apparently was into not only the paranormal but voodoo and curses. I never had a problem with her, until after I left the club. When I left I basically told them because my check was shorted I didn’t owe them anything and I refused to return to work.

The manager Phil called me.. Blew up my phone and pager is more like it but when I spoke with him he informed me of the “power grid”. He told me how my child would never have a father, that he would ruin my life my daughter’s life and that when I finally was happy if I ever found real love my husband would kill me. I called him a crack head which he and many more were so why would I listen to a wanna be pimp who was desperate enough to try to sleep with me. I laughed it off.

Years later my brother was sent to Iraq with the US Army. That was when they came back into my life. Phil, Tex and Tabitha G aka ,Morgan Lefay. After my daughter was born her father ended up being a horrible person. I was in school and trying to make it on my own with my daughter. My brother asked me while he was in Iraq to write his friend because he never got any mail and he thought it would be nice. I talked to the guy a few times. David Jason Sieben. He started trying to take it past a friendship but being I didn’t know this guy had never even seen a picture I’d flirt and play but didn’t take it serious. Then we started sending pictures and video calling and I had a crush.

While David and my brother were in Iraq I got a phone call. Several from international numbers. Some turned out to have been David trying to call some weren’t. I received one in which Phil’s threats was reiterated. I called my friend drunk and crying after being told David would die in a car crash that I was told I needed to kill myself and my daughter. I had to do what this thing this for lack of a better term person asked or I would die as well as my friends and family. My friend was a police officer I didn’t know where else to turn or what to do. Everyone told me it would never happen it was someone trying to hurt me… I did I cried and drank it away.

In 2005 it happened. I had gone to a job interview imagine at Macys and was hired. I came home and was checking my Email ecstatic I had moved out my daughter and I had our own home. I had a good job. As soon as the computer booted up I saw an instant message from my ex named David the one I had waited for while he was over seas. It just said David was killed in a car accident. I didn’t believe it I wrote back cussing the person out. I had received scary phone calls and David had a hacker messing with his computer while he was over seas. I thought it was that just someone trying to hurt me and be cruel…

It wasn’t David had been killed very near his home the night before. I had cussed out his mother. She forgave me… I told David about the call, I told Felix my friend I even told my family… Even when it came true no one believed me and NO one understood the pain that came with knowing someone did that on purpose some evil decided to tell you and rub your nose in their death and now you have to suffer the loss and knowing you were told about it.

In the year 2005, I lost David, another man he and my brother were stationed with was killed the same week as David in an on base vehicle rollover, My best friend who had gotten me through so much had always been by my side and my friends no matter what Jesse Pearl was the true definition of a best friend. He was hit head on by an 18 wheeler around Christmas and there were a few more. Everyone I loved was dying.

Imagine my surprise to find out in the department at Macys I was transferred to there was
Morgan Lefay. Tabitha G Phil and Texs toy working…. I never really cared for her but she never really bothered me she was just one of the people you don’t really care about and until she started stalking me and the rest of my world turned upside down I never cared about her or for her…

They had there fun while my friends and loved ones died and they got to see me breakdown to nothing. I quit work and moved back home. I wanted to go back to school and I needed a break from people good bad everything… Just to recuperate and try to live again…

I was never given the chance. I ended up getting a DUI around the anniversary of David’s death. It was my own fault and I was doing my best to get through the DUI class and such when Tabitha G enrolled in it. After more threats about people’s lives I left the class…

I never put much stock in curses and such but finally when I had done everything I could to get away from these people they upped it. It started just odd happenings… Someone saying something that related back to Tabitha, Phil, or Tex. Other people from the club around my home around my daughter everywhere I went.

Then the worst happened my mother started hearing voices. I had been warned she might but again I didn’t believe. She does to this day. It is so similar to a haunting now I didn’t know what else to do where else to turn..

I was always interested in the paranormal. But had never really tried to do EVPs or anything. Since closing myself off from the outside world it has started to take a mental and emotional toll on my sanity.

I try to ignore everything and stay focused on living my life and accepting my fate. Praying for God and Karma that cosmic justice… The more I try to separate from it and ignore it the worse it gets.

I used to love watching shows on the computer listening to music. I get reverb now from the speakers that actually end up being words and phrases. I actually did record and save some to post online to ask other peoples opinions rather or not I was mentally insane. I kept telling myself I can’t be seeing what I am seeing I can’t be hearing what I am hearing but after awhile and when others may not hear the exact thing but something or just acknowledge it is happening at some point you have to give up blaming mental illness.

I did actually even go to counseling try anti depressants seek medical help thinking a pill would cure it this is all in my head. No one can be that sad sick and pathetic to stalk you for that many years, to take pleasure in the pain you feel because of your loss and suffering I never believed any human could be so cold and cruel let alone be able to curse you and send demons or what ever they are.

24 hours a day 365 days a week I have at least one evil entity trying to get my attention now. Listening to music or watching TV can sometimes be a battle trying to listen to the show or music and getting what is the equivalent of an EVP at you. Every once in awhile I will see a shadow often it is a ball of light. I have been in the middle of a conversation with someone and you can almost see something change in them and they aren’t who you knew or thought.

I have thought of moving I have tried so much looking for help and I have no where else to turn but thanks to you guys I know I am not alone.

Question: When was the first time you had a paranormal experience? How do you think it came about?

Answer: That is a hard question.. I have had odd occurrences all of my life. Part of what gets me through this is knowing someone something is watching over me. I can’t believe it is all negative but I think maybe my interest in it and being open minded makes me more prone and vulnerable to attacks.

Question: Tell us about all of the experiences that you had with these entities. It appears that they follow you around, am I correct about this?

Answer: Yes, They are with me everywhere. That is why I was referred here. It isn’t attached to the house but me. I have been out of the city even and had peoples appliances start acting up one that sounds insane but is so true is a sound from my stomach… Like your stomach growling but it seems to answer you or try to get your attention. When the voices started I tried ear plugs thinking that would end that I never thought about the ability to use your own body against you… I have had it done through others too I had to go to the dentist a few weeks back and it is scary enough after all this to trust anyone but when you are stuck in a chair with a drill in your mouth and all of a sudden you realize the equipment isn’t buzzing the same it is broken up almost like a Morse code when the dentist stomach starts sounding like it is speaking to you do not want to be worried about her being possessed or influenced.

I get times where I am happy as can be and it is almost like being possessed. You know you are happy or whatever emotion you are experiencing when all of a sudden a wave of another comes over you. I am lucky to be able to know I am happy who or what is or wants me to cry but it is like being possessed because you are sharing your body at the time.

Question: Do you feel threatened by these entities? If so, please elaborate.

Answer: Yes and no… I believe we are all given free will morals and a soul. We all have a positive being on one shoulder and a negative on the other. God gave us free will to decide which path to take what to listen to what to ignore… But that doesn’t mean we all use it. The entity can’t hurt me, they can frustrate me, upset me, but unless I give them the power they can’t hurt me. It has threatened to kill my child and me even through other people. Some people know they are dealing with something evil I have heard it in their voice some it is just the angels on there shoulders and I just pray people listen to the good and let go of the negative and hate which is what it feeds on… I know I am threatened by this but I have honestly come to terms if this is my life maybe we would be better off dead it couldn’t hurt us anymore. Scientists even have sympathy for lab animals after awhile and will put them to sleep. I have come to terms with my past with my life and with God… I don’t want to die but it would be a release from the pain of knowing some people are truly that hateful and evil. So there is nothing to fear but my daughter and friends people I love being hurt.

Question: Erin, how can your readers contact you?


SPECIAL NOTE: Erin Moriarty will be joining the HPI family as a paranormal investigator. Erin will also become a student for: - Berkeley Psychic Institute.

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Erin Moriarty, Paranormal Experiencer
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