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 The Pointy Hand Phantom

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PostSubject: The Pointy Hand Phantom   Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:45 pm

The Pointy Hand Phantom
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner
Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503

Pictures from Investigation:

Jon's Pictures from the Investigation

Shari/s Pictures from the Investigation!cpZZ1QQtppZZ16

Date to be there: Nov 16, 2012 Fri Time to be there: 2000 Hours. Address to be at: Stockton, CA Contact Person: Armida Hernandez Activity: Pictures falling from wall, hitting the ground hard enough to break but they don't. People seeing a little boy run from the last room to my room on the right hand side. Pointy hand prints above my bed and on my bathroom mirror. A scary face image on the TV stand after I cleaned it. A guitar in a cloth, padded case falling on the ground but hitting the floor like if someone was slamming it to break it. I woke up to a growling like sound over my head. My head was under the covers and I woke up because I felt someone getting on my bed, then I felt something over me and as I was about to move the blanket off my head I heard a growl. It only lasted for about 10 seconds then I got up enough nerve to move my blanket and it was gone. My daughter and I have seen a plant move like if someone brushed against it. Noises in the living room loud enough to wake me up. Doors open after I close them. Closet slider door open after I close it, my dog looking down the hall and growling and barking like crazy. BLESSING REQUIRED. CASE CREDIT: Jon Koyasako - Case Manager. Pick up 7pm: Lizzy Silva - Psychic - Stockton, CA

HPI Investigators/Stockton Entity Regulators Present: Deanna Bailey/Lead Investigator; Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano/Videographer; Paul Dale Roberts/HPI Owner; Jon Koyasako/Security and Lead Investigator; Kara Koyasako/Sensitive/Counselor; Nicole Stowe; Shari Aresta/Lead Investigator; Lizzy Silva/Psychic; Paul Meads, Richard Rivas.

Occupants: Armida Hernandez; Zeus the Rottweiler. Friends witnessing tonight’s event are: Justine Busse and Sandi Busse.

Tonight there are two areas to cover. The back bedrooms and the living room is Area 1, outside perimeters, living room and kitchen area is Area 2. The two teams are Team Spirit and Paul’s Angels. Lead Investigator for Team Spirit is Jon. On Jon’s team are: Nicole, Paul Meads, Armida. Lead Investigator for Paul’s Angels is Shari, her team consists of Deanna, Kara, Richard and Larry.

Lizzy Silva did a walk through and picked up on strong energy between the bedrooms. Lizzy feels that there is a portal in the back bedroom. Lizzy also feels the energy is negative and picks up on the year 1954.

Karmen Hernandez (daughter of Armida) tells me that when she first moved in, she felt bad vibes. She has witnessed the plant moving on its own. Karmen says that when she was 13 years old she witnessed a 6 foot man, no features, dark figure, top hat and trench coat. This Shadow Person would follow Karmen to house to house. Karmen not knowing what a Shadow Person is, described a Shadow Person to the tee.

Shari our EVP Queen has already picked up on two EVPs in the living room of a man saying ‘water’, then saying ‘Brittany’. Richard has taken a strange shadow picture in the hallway. There has been some flashlight communication that appeared intelligent for a short while, then it stopped as soon as it started. Orb shots are being taken. Jon’s group captured two EVPs, one of a breathy sigh and another that says ‘yes’. Nicole was jabbed twice in her ribs, she said it felt like a skinny needle. Paul Meads felt the energy drained from him and then felt chills. With Paul’s Angels – Deanna captured a strange red light on the wall in her photo. Lizzy’s camera was completely off and turned on by itself. A c candle that was lit, the flame on the candle started growing and moving about and there was no breeze in the room to cause the flame to sway like it did.

Big Al saw an orb fly by with his own eyes. The bathroom light turned on by itself and there were 4 investigating witnesses that observed this. I took 3 pictures of the bedroom and in one picture a large shadow was descending from the ceiling. There have been cold spots and drafts in one particular bedroom. EVPs of breathing has been captured in the living room. Knocking and bangings have been heard on the wall. 32 degrees hit in the living room, the normal room temperature was 75 degrees. Paul Meads felt his body go from warm to cold instantly. Whistling sounds heard. Orbs captured in photos in the backyard.

When the K2 meter went to red, we captured an EVP on the spot, lots of whispering. During the séance, we captured 3 EVPs that sounded like whispering. When Armida asked ‘what is your name?’ The male entity says ‘Michael’. Lizzy captured a misty figure in the backyard. During the séance, most all of the investigators heard a baby voice sound that mumbled and almost sounded like it said ‘Paul’.

Conducted a Catholic blessing of the house. Armida had me bless her St. Michael medallion and the cross over her doorway.

With the EVPs that we captured and the witnesses to the baby type of voice that manifested during the séance, I would have to say that this home is validated as haunted.


November 14, 2012, Wednesday. 1800 Hours. Conducted a Catholic blessing at Gelanaci Zaeslnog’s home in Elk Grove. Gelanaci tells me that it all started on June 1st, 2012, when she moved into the home. She started hearing strange clicks in the bathtub. Then she heard two bottles click together. There were strange beetles in the home. One night the entity went right up to her face and said ‘hello!’ She started hearing scratching noises on the floor. The TV would turn on by itself. She was texting a friend and heard the scratching sound on the floor and text back: ‘here comes the sounds’, when she wrote this text and sent it out, there was a loud cracking noise, then high pitch humming in the kitchen, 3 crackling sounds on the ceiling and then the smoke alarm went off. One night she went to Chilis in Lodi and the glass she was holding exploded for no reason. Gelanaci’s home is right next to Hwy 99. Could it be the ghost of an automobile accident fatality? I can only hope and pray that I sent this mischievous entity into the light once and for all, so says the Demon Warrior.

November 16, 2012 Friday: It was nice to see our HPI IT (Information Technology) Agent - Cedric L. 'cc' Freeman at lunch today - going over HPI website - Jazma Online! website issues. We had lunch at Hooters in Natomas - Cedric had the bacon sandwich, I had the cheeseburger and fries. Cedric is a behind-the-scenes member of HPI and it's great that he does our IT work for us!

Dayal Ajeshwar, Nancy Rembulat!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International for HPI Stories!
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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The Pointy Hand Phantom
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