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 Macie Hart, Sensitive

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PostSubject: Macie Hart, Sensitive   Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:28 am

Interview with Macie Hart, Sensitive
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner
Paranormal Hotline 4 Investigations: 916 203 7503

YouTube Interview with Macie & Rebecca

To See More Pictures of Macie, Stop by Here:

Interview Date: December 1, 2012 Saturday
Time of Interview: 1330 Hours.
Location: Home of Macie Hart – Pilot Hill, CA

Question: Macie, before we get this interview started, can you tell me something personal about yourself? Your family life? Schools? Recreational activities and hobbies? Your favorite song? What TV shows, movies and books do you like?

Answer: Well, the first thing you should know about me is that I love animals and I am a huge pit bull advocate. I have always felt a connection with animals and felt like I could understand their emotions and wants. I was an only child and was primarily raised by my grandparents. My mom died of cancer when I was very young and my dad is estranged. I think that this was part of the driving force behind connecting with animals on a deeper level. I have a rattery which is my hobby. It’s very time consuming but it’s worth it. I love those little critters. #61514; I also paint, draw and practice photography when I feel inspired. Because of my sensitive nature I am inspired but the natural beauty in the country. As far as music I am a huge Dave Matthews Band fan. I feel that his music has a way of reaching in and soothing my soul. I also like the Walking Dead and Once Upon A Time.

Question: My god Macie, driving to your home was like driving through the Burma Wilderness jungles, why in the world would you live in this small town of Pilot Hill?

Answer: I LOVE the country. I would take a commute through the hills over driving a highway any day. Plus, the opportunity presented its self to live up here and I jumped on it. I guess it’s just worth it to me.

Question: Can you tell me about the history of Pilot Hill?

Answer: Pilot Hill was originally called Centerville because it was the “center” of several smaller mining communities. It hasn’t grown that much as our population to date is about 400 residents.

Question: Macie, before we talk about your paranormal misadventures, can you tell me about how you got into raising rats?

Answer: It all started one hot July day when I walked into Petco. I love browsing around in the store and decided to look at the rats. I had heard so many wonderful things about them but had never owned a rat myself. Since I am always looking to learn as much as I can about different animals and animal care I decided that I would adopt one. The associate opened the rat tank and I nervously stuck my hand in. Most the rats ran to their igloo but one little black female casually sauntered up and put her front little paws on my hand and I knew then that she was the one that I wanted.

I took her home and named her Sable. It wasn’t long before I realized that you have to have at least two rats so I adopted Ambrosia from a breeder. I was fascinated by how smart and adventurous they were. It took me a day to teach Sable to come on command and use my hand as an elevator when she wanted to go back to her cage. They both had their own personalities and unique quirks about them. I had so much fun taking pictures and making a fuss over them that I decided that I wanted to adopt another female. It was then, that I was looking to all the other varieties of rats that I realized that California had a need for a rat breeder. Many of the variety such as Platinum and Harley were not readily available. I decided then that I was going to drive several hours out to adopt my first pair and start breeding these wonderful loving creatures. I have been breeding for a little over year now and am very much still learning about the rat breeding hobby.

Question: Rumor has it, that you have a dog care/training shelter, can you tell me about that? Also, tell me what kind of dog do you have and what is her name? Tell us about your beautiful black cat too.

Answer: I had just bought my house in North Highlands when I decided that I wanted to adopt a dog. I had always loved pit bulls and had nothing but wonderful experiences with the breed. I then adopted Charlie Moon a white and brown rambunctious pit bull puppy. I fell for him hard. He drove me crazy but he was my buddy none-the-less. At the time I was working for a bank and felt terrible about leaving Charlie home all day alone so I went part time and opened my home up to care for other peoples pets as well. I wasn’t prepared for how fast it exploded! Within a month I had to turn in my two week and run the dog day care full time. It was wonderful and I loved it. Charlie was such a wonderful ambassador for the pit bull reputation and always proved people’s stereo types wrong. Since I was watching dog and cats at home I took it upon myself to learn about dog training so that I could assist my clients in their dog’s behavior problems as well. I also opened my home up to foster and rescue dogs and cats that were homeless, many of them being brought to me by the community. I was so happy doing what I loved and making a difference in the community.

Question: What made you become interested in the paranormal?

Answer: It’s a bit of a long story of several events that came together at the end. It all started when I was losing my home and my business in 2009, I hit a low point and was dealing with depression. I had no electricity or food and was at rock bottom. I would sit alone in my dark house and meditate. I hadn’t meditated before this time but it was recommended to me by a dear friend who found it very helpful. So there I was meditating alone and depressed when I became aware that I wasn’t alone. The entity wasn’t threatening, it was just watching me. Several months later, and still in the dark, my friend purchased for me a guitar that I would practice playing in the dark. Even though I didn’t know very much I found comfort in hearing the different strings being strummed and listening to the vibrations. That night, as I lay in my bed with my dog at my feet, I heard the guitar being lightly strummed.

A bit frozen in fear and a bit in shock I tried to make sense of what was happening. Then I realized, it must be Boss ( My cat) rubbing his face on the guitar. With that I fell asleep not thinking anything of it. The next night when I went to bed I made sure that my dog AND my cat were in my bedroom with the door shut so I wouldn’t be rudely awakened again. I was wrong, at the same time that night the guitar lightly started to strum again. It would repeat every minute for about 20 minutes. I just laid there in awe, listening to my guitar play. The next day I called a friend of mine who ghost hunts and asked her to investigate my house. I was surprised and excited to learn through EVP that the ghost was a gentleman who was possibly a deceased relative of mine. We received many class A EVP’s. It was from that point that I went on several ghost investigations with my friend and was able to fine tune my sensitive abilities as well.

Question: What makes you think you are a sensitive; can you give us some examples?

Answer: It was a slow moving snowball of experiences basically. It all started knowing that I was a bit different at a young age. I knew, immediately meeting someone, where their intentions laid. If they were a good or bad person and if I could trust them. I could walk into a room and know if an argument had just taken place. I was able to read people very well and know what was going on with them before they said a word. I was actually recognized by an employer and received an award for having outstanding intuition and being the office “caretaker” of people. Most of my life I have been insecure about my abilities and have questions if I even had them. It wasn’t until I was on an investigation with a friend that I felt something stand behind me on a stairway. I asked her quickly to give me the EMF detector and as soon as I turned around it went to red. The house had been vacant for several months and had no electricity going to it. I felt in this experience validated.

Question: What are some of the places that you have investigated?

Answer: Several personal homes including my two cemeteries and a winery with HPI. Alot of my experiences are from ghosts reaching out to me. Note: Macie is referring to the Valentine Construction Company Historical Winery.

Question: What was your best case?

Answer: I stood there looking down and my beloved grandpa as he took his last breath. He had come down with pneumonia and was quickly declining and home on hospice. I leaned over and whispered to him that I loved him and it was okay to do. He passed on moments later. Later that night I lay in my old bedroom at my grandparents house thinking of the day’s events and missing my grandpa. It was cold and I had the blankets pulled up high on my shoulders.

As I laid there trying to go to sleep I felt the covers slowly being pulled off of me. It was as if someone was trying to see who was laying on the bed. I froze in fear then thought to myself, if it was anyone it would be my grandpa saying good bye, making sure that I was okay. I peered out of the corner of my eye and saw a white mist floating at the end of my bed and then vanish. I felt love and warmth and a feeling of peace.

Question: I am honored that you are now with HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations) and so far you worked two cases with us, one in Pioneer and the Valentine Construction Company in Manteca. What do you think of those cases?

Answer: I had a whole new experience at the Winery in Manteca. I wasn’t really picking anything up until I walked into the Machine shop. Something immediately drained my energy. I was dizzy and it was hard for me to stand. A fellow investigator assisted me outside where I started to immediately feel better. This would happen to me on and off during the entire investigation. At one point I had to sit down so I wouldn’t faint. The Valentine winery was very unique in that everyone had different experiences from scratching to EVP’s and energy being drained. Pioneer had a very brooding dark atmosphere. As I stood on the desk I could feel dark energy wafting between the trees. I could feel “things” watching us in the trees as well. Later I learned that this was on par with the home owners experiences.

Question: If your readers want to contact you, how can they reach you?

Answer: At

Question: Fun question, if you have 6 dinner guests, 4 fictional and 3 historical, who would they be?

Answer: Fictional: Eric Northman, Dr. Who, Sweeny Todd and Ace Ventura Historical: James Hart – Founder of Hartsville TN and family ancestor, Amelia Airhart and Shakespeare

Question: Wow! Excellent interview! Thank you for your answers! Are there any words of wisdom for your readers?

Answer: Don’t be afraid of your abilities and no matter how different you may feel they are always people out there that will love and accept you for who you are.


Shari Aresta - EVP Queen captures EVPs at Stockton Case:

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Macie Hart, Sensitive
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