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 Bed Snatching Jinn of Bell Street

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PostSubject: Bed Snatching Jinn of Bell Street   Sun Dec 16, 2012 9:41 pm

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner
Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503 for advice/investigations.

Big Al Videos from Investigation:

Pictures from Investigation/Deborah Lee's X-Mas Party:

My Name is Malcolm EVP:

EVP Video by Shari Aresta

Date to be there: Dec 15, 2012 Sat Time to be there: 2000 Hours Contact: Lia LaBella - former HPI Paranormal Investigator. Her home is haunted. Address to be at: Bell Street, Sacramento - Activity: Occupant was pulled off the bed; daughter is now being pulled off the bed, a form is seen by the sliding glass door, blinds are pushed in, footsteps heard, scratch noises heard on walls. 7 investigators needed, one psychic. Investigators going: Tracy Lindstrom, Shari Aresta, Deanna Bailey, Alaceo 'Big Al' Rosatano & Jon & Tuesday and the Rubsam Clan // 1500 Hours on this same day be at Deborah Lee's Christmas Party! - Fogle Court, Carmichael - Pick up Gina de la Rosa and her daughter and take them to the party. Attending party are HPI Paranormal Investigators Bob Fulton, Nicole Stowe, HPI Scout Gina de la Rosa, Sally Howard and her family. Special Note: The reason why I am calling this ghost a Jinn from the Islam culture is the fact that some Jinns have been known to pull people from out of their beds.

Before this investigation begins, HPI Paranormal Investigators will conduct a prayer for the families that lost loved ones in the Newton, Connecticut Massacre. Bless their souls.

HPI Black Ops Investigators Present: Shari Aresta – EVP Queen, Lead Investigator; Tuesday Rubsam – Lead Investigator; Wendy Maxam, Researcher; Jessika Davis; Marissa Selby; Patrick Newman, Researcher; Capone Bender, Sketch Artist; Ivy Rubsam; Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano, Videographer; Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner; Jon Rubsam, Empathic Medium – 3rd Generation; Stefanie Belson, Medical Intuitive Psychic and Mediumship-in-Training; Tricia Gibbs; Lia LaBella. Note: Jon tells me he discovered his abilities at the age of 3.

Tonight there will be two teams. Shari is leading Ringing Bell Team and Tuesday is leading The New Rubsams Team. Tuesday has Wendy, Jessika, Marissa on her team. Shari has Patrick, Capone, Ivy, Tricia and Lia. We are covering the back area – 3 bedrooms and the front area – living room and kitchen. Floaters are Big Al, Stefanie and Jon.

Occupant: Lia LaBella. Attending is her friend: Tricia Gibbs. Lia and Tricia will be participating in the investigation. Special Note: Lia is a former HPI Paranormal Investigator and when she discovered an entity followed her home from our Washington investigation, she split from the team. She plans to rejoin the team.

Lia explains: The entities plays with her feet and has grabbed and tugged on her shirt. Lia’s daughter was grabbed by her feet. Lia once had a black mass hold her down on the bed. Stefanie did a walk through and she felt a presence in the empty bedroom. Stefanie saw an ethereal bicycle type of object move towards her; she could see this with her peripheral vision. Stefanie did not feel comfortable when she approached the closet. Stefanie also saw an apparition of a small thin woman. Stefanie picks up on a strong L.

Jon did not feel comfortable in one of the bedrooms, when he did his walk through. Jon sees a tall male figure and this male figure is’s his space. Jon also picks up on a couple of women. Jon sees a woman that appears to be in her early 80s. Jon picks up on the name Ellen. Jon also feels someone was shot in this neighborhood and Lia confirms this. Patrick discovers that the house was built in 1955. Jon says that the middle bedroom, he feels uncomfortable.

Big Al and Stefanie witnessed an orb moving erratically as if it had purpose and direction; it did not settle down like dust, no bugs were detected. Wendy felt an entity next to her that whispered..”ha” in her ear. Big Al took a picture of a strange mist and super bright orb in the back bedroom. Wendy captured a singular light line object in one of the bedrooms. Tuesday captures a tapping sound EVP near the cedar line closet. Jessika and Marissa felt a heavy feeling and something breathing hard on them. Jessika’s vision went black for a couple of seconds and she could not see anything. Jessika felt a pressure on her head and Marissa sees a black mist in her face. I am wondering if Jessika and Marissa are sensitive to the paranormal. Marissa saw something peering through the window and later sees a black figure. Jessika and Marissa felt a presence peering at them from the dresser and feel something is attached to that bedroom dresser. Lia tells us that while living in this home, she has once seen a woman walk into one of her bedrooms. The only EVP captured is the tapping EVP which was lost. The only evidence which to me is unexplainable is how Marissa and Jessika witnessed events that can’t be explained at the same time.

Shari’s group captured the following 4 EVPs: a female voice saying “I’m sorry”. A male voice saying “no” when asked if he could knock on the wall. Shari says: “thank you for answering that.” The male entity says: “you’re welcome” and the group captures another male voice saying “no”. Stefanie states that the closet light turned on by itself. Names picked up by the psychics are Alicia and Moe and one entity seems not to like Moe, perhaps he was a previous owner? More orb photos captured, but unless we can show that the orbs have intelligent movement, we cannot accept it as evidence.

EVP obtained, a deep male voice that methodically says: “My Name is Malcolm”, when asked what his or her name is. Wendy discovered that one block away from this house, a woman was murdered, also one block away from this house, the East Area Rapist raped a woman. I felt a chill, snapped a picture and got a strange shadow anomaly in the bedroom, then the chills were gone and the 2nd picture was normal. Stefanie determines that Moe is actually Mohammed, which would fall into the theory that a Jinn is here, because of Middle Eastern paranormal influences.

Special Note: Thank you Lia for providing my investigators with coffee and cupcakes. On this night, I conducted a Catholic blessing of this home.


12/14/12: Today received a ghost apparition photo. The sender makes claim it was not a smart phone application picture. Took the picture to Mark Greer's apartment and with the assistance of HPI Ghosthunter-in-Training Leslie Robinson Jones - Mark analyzed the photo. It turned out to be a smart phone application picture. Debunked.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International for HPI Stories!
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

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Bed Snatching Jinn of Bell Street
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