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 The Floor Scraping Specter

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PostSubject: The Floor Scraping Specter   Sun Dec 23, 2012 7:51 am

The Floor Scraping Specter
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner
Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503 - 4 Investigations/Advice

Seance 101 - The HPI Way!

Date to be there: Dec 22, 2012 Sat Time to be there: 1900 Hours Contact Person: Angelica - Location to be at: Elk Grove, CA Activity: Lots of tappings, scrapings on the floor sounds, feels like she is being followed and harassed by this entity. She lives by the freeway, it could be a automobile accident fatality ghost. The occupant may be psychic and the entity is trying to convey a message to her. She was recently held down in her bed, perhaps sleep paralysis. Jon Rubsam is working with her and feels she may be 'cursed'.

HPI Black Ops (Operational Paranormal Services) Present are: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner; Shari Aresta, EVP Queen/Lead Investigator; Cayla Beuck; Craig Bowerman; Alaceo 'Big Al' Rosatano, Videographer; Jason Hardi; Wendy Maxam, Researcher; Deanna Bailey, Lead Investigator/Orb Princess; Jon Koyasako, Orb King/Lead Investigator; Kara Koyasako, Spirit Summoning Songstress and Sensitive; Tracy Lindstrom.

There will be two teams tonight. Jon will lead Team Rough n' Ready and Deanna leads Team Midnight Walkers. On Deanna's team is Cayla, Jason, Kara & Shari. On Jon's team is Craig, Wendy & Tracy.

Wendy Maxim, Researcher says that Sierra Hills Memorial Park and East Lawn Mortuary is near the property. Because the cemeteries are so close to the house, this may have some influence on the possible haunting activity. The Plains Miwok, a linguistically-related Native group had settlements in this area of Elk Grove. The Oregon-California Trail which ran from Portland, Oregon to a site known as French Camp, had their main trail run right through Elk Grove. There was a Malaria epidemic in 1833 that occurred in Elk Grove, that killed twenty-thousand Native Americans in the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys. There was retributive expeditions by the Mexican military of stolen livestock and horses by settlers and capturing of Plains Miwok Indians who have ran away from the missions. Retributions that could have lead to deaths.

Angelica states that after I conducted my 2nd Catholic blessing of the house, things quieted down for 17 days, then the activity picked back up. Randomly several snapping sounds on the ceiling started, the snaps occurred in the same spot in the ceiling over and over. The next day she saged the entire home. During the saging, she stood under an attic opening in her hall bathroom. She focused on this opening and made sure to blow the sage up to the attic. She spoke directly to the attic stating that she felt something was up there and told it over and over to get out. The next evening around 8pm, there was a snap above the sofa, same spot that she hears the snapping sound.

Some of the investigators heard voices coming from the bedroom. I caught a very bright orb, that I call a headlight orb, because of its brightness moved from the lower corner of the house to the roof area of the house, it did not settle down like a common dust orb. Tracy and Craig experienced fuzzy electricity feeling and heard moan and groans coming from one of the back bedrooms. Orb photos and a cloud like light anomaly was captured. In some photos we captured lingering dark shadows in the room and in the next photo would be normal, no shadows. Craig felt one part of his body go cold and the other half went warm. Possible EVPs of a 'ha ha' and a breath sound. Another EVP was a slight whistle. Jon saw a strange fast moving shadow go across the doorway. So far, everything is inconclusive.

Jon felt half cold on his body and felt heat on the other side of his body, similar to what Craig felt. Craig experienced this in the laundry room, while Jon experienced this in the master bedroom. Received some K2 hits, nothing significant. Possible EVP of a breathy sound. Again, inconclusive.

This time we conducted a sťance, but not your average sťance per se. With K2 meters, digital recorders, EMF readers, light grid, 2 night vision goggles at the ready, investigators (not holding hands) tried to get some quick and dirty EVPs. Provoking was conducted by Spirit Summoning Songstress Kara Koyasako, in which she is singing spiritual songs to either aggravate the entity(s) or pleasing the entities with her siren voiced songs, such as Amazing Grace. No EVPs were recorded. Wendy, myself and Jon did witness the large ball in the middle of the floor move about 3 inches on its own. Craig with night vision goggles detected that the angel figurine started glowing. Big Al with his IR camera detected a sudden movement over the fireplace. Tapping sounds were heard in the bathroom area. Even with all of the circumstantial evidence we obtained, I will still conclude this investigation as inconclusive. Further investigation is warranted, if my Catholic blessing does not work tonight. Onto the next case....


Shari Aresta's Mayan Prophesy Apocalyptic Christmas Potluck:

Video of Shari Aresta's 2012 Potluck:

The Secret Service and Paul Dale Roberts
When I was 12 years old, I wrote a letter to the President of the United States. I was watching a news report and I saw the White House on TV. I was living in Monterey, CA at the time and as I was looking at the White House, I kept thinking to myself, how nice it would be if the White House lawn had a big Monterey Cypress tree growing there. So, when I wrote my letter to the President, I enclosed some Monterey cypress tree seeds in the letter. The next thing I knew was my mother received a call from the Secret Service and they wanted to know why I sent seeds to the President. My mother explained and the Secret Service still could not understand why I sent the seeds. My mother yells at the Secret Service Agent..."he's only 12 years old!" The Secret Service finally backed off and hung up. Two weeks later I received a white card in the mail, it was the signature of Pat Nixon (President Richard Nixon's wife).

Dear Shannon and Paul,
Hope all is going great and 2012 has treated you well! I am the Segment Producer from the Haunted Highway TV series who communicated with you both this past summer about potential investigation sites and cryptids. Unfortunately, due to scheduling issues and network approval on cases, we never ended up working together.
However, our series has just begun pre-production on a second season. I immediately thought of you two, especially as I still receive and read Paul's newsletter. I would love to make something happen and work with you guys this time around!
One of the locations I am currently looking into is the Donner Party Memorial Park just outside of Truckee, California. I know this is not too far away from your home base. I was wondering if your team had ever investigated the site, or if you have ever heard of anything paranormal occurring there? I have read some various tidbits online but thought you would be the best source of information.
Thank you for your time and happy holidays!
Segment Producer
Haunted Highway

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International for HPI Stories!
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

Special Note: Thank you Angelica for the coffee and thank you to Tracy Lindstrom, our new HPI Investigator for the Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato Sparkling Champagne you gave me for my Christmas present!

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The Floor Scraping Specter
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